The time for this to happen would be now. A massive theatre in Port Angeles. Massive is an understatement, but at least everyone fits. Everyone… meaning all the parents and families of the kidnapped children. The children that I am talking about are at this moment below; backstage. The theatre has an area below the stage and a pile of the seats where the actors wait; useful.

Camera crews are here too. As much as we don't want anyone to know who we are, this is the only way to get the word across. The word of what we are. Some of the people from school are here, for their families had babies taken. Only two or three, but more joined in the end. The seats where first reserved for all the families and then open for the public. We flew in many families with the money from Itex. They had a lot of money.

The curtains are down, so I can't see anyone out there. The place sits thousands and we only have about three hundred children. Two parents equals six hundred. Two children for each family is one thousand two hundred. Many people from the public, for the place is full. Great… I hate large crowds.

Fang's arm around my waist tightens. Angel is on my other side, hand in hand. Nudge next to her with Ig and Gaz on the other side. All hand in hand, or for the couples, arms around waists. The Cullen's can't be seen so they are staying backstage; something about the leaders of the vampire world killing them. Great.

The lights darken on the other side and a spotlight falls on us. The curtains pull back and I watch as thousands of eyes fall on us. No one thought that children would be saying this, but no one else could. No one else knows what happened.

"Parents and families, you have been called here today for we have found your children." I start off, my voice strong. I let a touch of emotion through, but not much. "But before that I need to tell you what happened and where they went." I hold back a sob and take a deep breath. Fang leans into the microphones lined up. They have one for each of us so that we can all talk.

"My family and I are different from your kind." Fang starts and I can hear the fear even if others cant. "The six of us are products of twenty years of experimentation; the first not to be exterminated at a few years of age. We where created to save this world if said company went over board. We where born to parents all over America. Out of the six of us, two blood siblings and their parents sold them to Itex. One was created for the experiment, two kidnapped and I myself was orphaned. The birth killed my mother."

He stops and lets them take it all in. 'Max, can I go next to fill in questions? Then Nudge wants to go.' Angel sends to me. Giving a nod at her she takes a deep breath. "We are telling you this, for we are one of hundreds who had this happen to us. Children and animals where taken for twenty years and experimented on. Total, who we found in New York, is a dog. He is like us. Different."

Nudge wipes away a stray tear and goes on. Troopers. "We grew up in a place called Death Valley. To survive I have fought since I could walk, been starved and beaten. They picked at me, and injected chemicals into my system. To be alive at about fourteen years old is a miracle in itself."

Looking at my family Ig gives the smallest nod. "I have been blind since I was seven from an experiment gone wrong. Not knowing what is going on was the hardest thing to ever happen to me. But please don't look at me in pity, for I have done more then someone my age should. I can do the every day things like cook, then the things that shouldn't be possible. I can pick any lock we have problem with and build a bomb from anything. This is our life."

"Since I was eight I haven't stayed somewhere longer then a few months, and that was once. We move every week and I haven't every been to a school for longer then the few months when one of us was badly hurt." Gaz starts, his voice strong. "To go to The School, the place where we grew up is worse then death and a place you avoid at all costs. Nothing good ever happens there." He stops and Fang gives my side a slight squeeze. Time to tell them and show them.

"I have kept this secret for seventeen years. My name is experiment one, but call me Maximum Ride" I start.

"Experiment two, but call me Fang." Fang says in a cold voice.

Ig winces but continues. "Experiment three, but call me Iggy."

"My name is experiment five, but my family calls me Nudge." One of the shortest sentences I have every heard her say.

"My name is experiment eleven." Gaz says in a loud voice. "But I was named Gasman."

"My name is experiment thirteen, but call me Angel." Angel says in a loud voice.

"The reason we are different from your kind is because we are not all human. They figured out a way to unravel the human DNA and place animal DNA in it. I am 98% human, 2% bird. This has effected us in ways that many would think impossible." I say and many gasp. All I can do is chuckle darkle.

"We are stronger, faster and fitter then anyone in this room." Fang announces.

"We heal fast enough that bullet wounds are completely fine half a week after." Gaz says and looks at me with relief.

"Our senses are advanced enough that I can tell who someone is by fingerprint, or the way their foot falls." Ig says with a wide grin.

"We have to eat three thousand calories a day, or in other words… our weight in food." Nudge says and I give a small giggle at her stomach rumbling.

"We have photo graphic memories." Angel says with a small laugh.

"But one of the biggest effects, that made our bones hollow, and air sacks line our insides is this." The flock moves away from each other as we said we would. None of us wanted to be in the spot light, so we decided to do it together. Standing at the front and left, with Fang on the other side I nod. Rolling my muscles slightly I let my wings relax and spread out of the hidden holes in the hoddie.

Flashes start going off around us at the six pairs of wings that are attached to us. Each a different size and colour and joint to us like an extra pair of arms. Looking at Nudge I indicate the metal microphones that we need. She nods and at the same time we let one fly to us each. The crowd gasps again and we move the remaining four.

"We have travelled the world trying to help you, and escape the torments that awaited us. We found out the last building three weeks ago, when I was captured for the very last time. With some help we freed roughly three hundred children from dog cages. A doctor has been helping us these past few weeks so that all the children would be healthy again. Sadly enough some did not make it." I announce into the mike.

A few people sob and my eyes tear up. I know how they would feel, for if that happened to anyone in my flock, I would die. The spot lights that are on each of us all aim at me as the flock go back stage. Looking out to the audience I continue. "The reason that none of the children could go straight back is because they are like my flock. For the amount of time your children have been missing, they have been at Itex. You need to understand that they are not normal, but are not freaks. Each has a percentage of animal in them, and this will have consequences. For many this can be seen, and for others it will take a few years.

"They might have a thing my group calls powers. Each person in my flock has at least two. They can be dangerous or harmless, but they don't make your child any different. The flock shall be bringing your children out, and we will call up your name so we don't have a rush. Any questions may be asked, and if there is a worry about your child please say." At this a round of applause breaks through and the whole stage lights up with the flock and a child each in hand.

A few have abnormalities, but none of the children that survived where overly different. Most have a scale or something of the sort. The one toddler who looked slightly like a cat Carlisle was able to laser the hair of her body. She looks normal now, with pale skin and cat slit eyes.

"My baby!" Someone cries out in the crowd and before anyone can do anything a lady races up to the steps beside the stage. She stops when she sees me and all I do is nod. Faster then I have ever seen a human move before she is beside Angel who is holding a little boy with browny grey hair and a touch bigger ears, but otherwise normal. If I remember correctly this child is part mouse and the only differences were his hearing and smell plus love of cheese.

"Thank you." The lady whispers and holds the one year old to her chest. A man races to her, says a small thankyou and takes both in his arms. Six more people walk up to the stage and say a quick thankyou before taking a child into their arms.


Took a few hours but all the babies and toddlers have been returned to their rightful parents. As soon as they had their child they all went back to their seats and family. As I stand on stage with my family, including Total who has had enough of entertaining I can see the tears. The final bit is here.

"Tim, Bethany, Elizabeth, Sarah and John," I call out and a few heads perk up. Five thin eleven and twelve year olds walk out onto the stage with a frantic scared look. Giving each a gentle look I gesture out into the audience. All five nervously walk down the stairs and look into the crowd. Tears start welling up, but I just manage to push them down.






Screams came from the whole area and the tears started falling. The five kids dash into the arms of parents and squeals of delight come from friends. After a few minutes they all go and sit down with their respective parents and all goes quiet again. "Any questions?" I ask; my family crowded around me.

"Is that all of them?" Someone sobs out, breaking my heart. I can't answer as I see the terror on some parent's faces, while others break out sobbing.

"We are dearly sorry, and we know how you would feel. Max, Ig and I have raised the three youngest since they where babies and when Max was taken I was heart broken." Fang says with a strong voice and pulls me tighter with a protective stance. "We have the children's bodies still, of the ones who didn't make it. After this finishes letters will be sent out to all parents to explain the differences in your child or to arrange the funeral. The money recovered from Itex shall pay for them if needed." All goes quiet again as this sinks in.

Suddenly a man and woman stands up with a child in hand. "We would just like to thank you so much. Nothing can possibly explain what it feels like to have one of the twins back, even though Lily didn't make it. You truly are angels."


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