The Way We Were

An Enchanted fic by Gigi

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Chapter 3: A Tragic Tale

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Thirty minutes later, when Robert's shirt was still quite damp, Nancy finally straightened and wiped her flushed cheeks, looking Robert in the eye.

"Sorry," she whispered, a little hoarse after the sob-fest.

Robert tucked some hair behind her ear. "It's okay," he replied softly. His eyes were filled with concern as he looked at her as if she was so fragile she would break if he was anything more than gentle with her. "You want to talk about it?" He looked around him and spotted a cafe across the street. "We can go to that cafe and talk or not talk," he suggested. "Whatever you want."

"A coffee would actually be great," Nancy said. Robert helped her up and they walked over to the cafe in silence. Nancy never even noticed Robert's arm around her waist, holding her close.

When the two sat down at a table, Nancy's cheeks flushed. "I guess you got your date," she murmured sullenly. "You always have to win, don't you?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Robert joked. Nancy even let out a little chuckle, her lips curving into a small smile. "So..."

The brunette looked at him, her green eyes full of sadness and nostalgia. "The way you kissed me, out of the blue to shut me up. That's how he used to kiss me."

"Who?" Robert moderated his tone, even though he hated the fact that he wasn't the only one who'd kissed her like that. But why should he be jealous that he wasn't the only to kiss her? When you look like thatyou're bound to have everybody drooling over you. He snapped back to the present.

"My ex-fiancé, Edward," Nancy answered. "He was the kindest man you'd ever meet; he always went into everything with his heart instead of his head." Her eyes were no longer focused on Robert, but instead some faraway place down memory lane. "He and I were together for two years before he proposed to me. And then he--," Nancy stopped short as tears threatened to pour out her eyes again. She grabbed hold of Robert's hand, resting on the table, and squeezed it tight. "He disappeared a month before the wedding last year, and I got a call from him a week later saying that he was sorry, but his parents had already arranged for him to get married." She sniffed. "He was calling me from his honeymoon. He said he couldn't have married me knowing his parents did not approve, so he married Giselle." Her cheeks had freshly lain trails of tears down them by the time she finished.

Robert didn't know what to say. He sat across from the most beautiful woman he'd ever met who carried this unbearable sadness around with her wherever she went. He moved his chair so he was sitting next to her and let her resume crying in his shirt. He sung her his lullaby again, rocking her back and forth. She recovered much quicker this time, wiping her cheeks and staring into her coffee.

"Do you remember Katherine Heigl's wedding?" Nancy asked. Robert nodded. "The dress she wore...It was the dress I had designed for my wedding. I couldn't look at it anymore, so I sold it. That was the dress that got me so much publicity." Nancy laughed, a cold, dead laugh. "Probably what got me in that magazine you read."

Robert rubbed her shoulders, trying his hardest to comfort her. "I'm so sorry for what happened to you. I would never have imagined that you would have to live with something like that."

She turned to look at him. "I've never told anybody this before," she confessed. "I just sort of told myself I was over him, but I don't know that I was until now."

"You're over him?" Robert's eyebrows shot up. "Just like that?"

"I'd never cried about it except when he called. I never let myself stop to think about it." Nancy smiled, a genuine, happy smile. "I guess there's only one way to test it, isn't there?"

"What way is that?" the man asked.

In answer, Nancy slowly closed the space between them and kissed him softly. It was nothing like the passionate kiss they'd shared in the cab. This was sweet and comforting. Her hands made their way up to Robert's neck, gently pulling him closer to her, as his rested on her back.

When Nancy pulled away, she had a sweet smile on her face. "I guess that answers my question."


Robert walked Nancy to the door of her penthouse apartment, holding her by the waist again with her head nestled in his shoulder. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected her to warm up to him so quickly, but now that she had, he felt an odd sort of protectiveness over her. He a vow to himself he wasn't going to hurt her like Edward had.

"Thank you, Robert," Nancy whispered as she finally raised her head from his shoulder to unlock her door. "Would you like to come in?"

"Are you sure?" Robert asked. "We're not going too fast?" He couldn't help but think Nancy was putting up a front about being over Edward.

"Well, I would say it was just for coffee, but since we just got coffee, that point is moot," Nancy laughed softly. "So, do you want to come in and just hang out?"

"I'd like that, yeah," Robert replied.

He waited patiently for her to unlock the door to her luxurious Manhattan apartment. After she hung up their coats, she gae him a tour of the place. She showed him the living room, the kitchen she never used, the bay window she fell asleep on sometimes, and the many bedrooms. Each bedroom had something different about them. There were four rooms, and each room had a different season painted on the walls. Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall.

"I can never decide which room I like best," she explained as she got two glasses and a wine bottle, "so I just sleep in whichever one suits my mood at the time." She collapsed on the couch next to Robert and opened the wine.

"So which room will it be tonight?" Robert prompted after taking a sip of Merlowe.

Nancy thought for a second. "I think it will be the Spring Room, tonight," she smiled. Robert just watched her smile for those few seconds before taking both their wine glasses and placing them on the coffee table in front of them. "What are you doing?" Nancy asked. "I was drinking that." As she leaned forward to retrieve her wine once more, Robert took a gentle hold of her face and kissed her.

Maybe it was the emotional rollercoaster ride they had both been through that day, or maybe it was the slight intoxication of the wine that affected them more than it should have, but Nancy soon found herself lying on her back on the suede couch, kissing Robert for all she was worth. Robert was slowly, tantalizingly working on the buttons of her shirt.

And then finally, the shirt hit the floor.

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