Hey everyone! I decided I wanted to attempt a sequel to Our Favorite Year, so this is what I came up with. I said I wouldn't work on this until later, but I couldn't stay away. No, I will not put all of my stories on hiatus again, but I will be doing this side-by-side with Bella Swan and the Seven Dogs and Papers, Kegs, and the Holy Air Mattress. So…yeah.

I hope you enjoy!

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Jasper POV

She was standing by the door, staring at me intently. Her tiny brow was puckered into a frown of deep concentration, making her look even more like her mother.

I smiled. "Melody, don't think too hard, your brain will explode."

She giggled. "Mommy told me not to believe what you tell me anymore. She says you like to make things up."

"That woman, always spoiling my fun." I chuckled. "Do you need something, cupcake?"

"I was just wondering how you and mommy met," she said, blushing a little. An endearing trait she had inherited from her mother.

I pulled the tiny girl onto my lap, kissing her forehead. I set my book aside and pushed her long, brown hair out of her face, allowing me to look into her wide, innocent eyes. She curled up against my chest, awaiting an epic tale, in which I save her mother from an evil step-mother's homicidal actions or daringly rescue her from a dragon-guarded tower.

"Well, she and I lived next door to each other growing up, and we were the best friends anyone could imagine." I began my tale slowly, but my little angel listened intently, as if I were telling her the secrets to the world.

"She was beautiful, Melly. She couldn't see it, but she was. I thought she was angel sent down from heaven. And-" I lowered my voice to a whisper, bending my head close to hers. I continued, "I've never told anyone this, but she was the first girl I ever loved."

Her eyes widened, and she giggled. "Were you her Prince Charming?" Of course she would pull in a fairy-tale reference. Melody was truly her mother's daughter.

"No, not really. I was the Hansel to her Gretel. A brother." A sad smile passed across my lips, and I knew Mel saw it. She was nine, not stupid.

"But you loved her," she said, bluntly. Definitely not something her mother had taught her. It was a trait that was probably picked up from one of her aunts. Or Emmett. Definitely Emmett.

"Yes," I whispered. She touched my face with her tiny hand, making me grin. My arms snaked around her waist, pulling her closer.

"But we found our 'Happily Ever After' in the end. All those years of waiting finally paid off. And now I've got you, Melly. My little angel. I'm the happiest man on Earth."

"Tell me more. I want to know everything."

I sighed, then pulled her off of my lap. Taking her tiny hand in mine, I led her up to the attic, where I sat her on an old trunk while I pulled out a box labeled 'College'. The one under it, labeled 'High school', tipped over, spilling pictures, yearbooks, and memories onto the dusty floor-boards of the attic.

Mel picked up a picture and laughed. I looked over her shoulder and saw one of Bella and Emmett, goofing off at First Beach. Rosalie was in the corner, rolling her eyes. Edward and Alice were nowhere to be seen, and I realized that this was taken before we knew them. Funny, I thought. I can't even remember what it was like not having them in our lives, now.

I started scooping everything back into the box, when a picture caught my eye. It was me and Bella, both in wheelchairs and covered in bandages. We both had fallen asleep reading, and Bella's head had fallen onto my shoulder. My head rested on hers, my blond hair mixing with her brown.

I smiled, knowing how confused I had been about my feelings then. I was undoubtedly in love with Bella, but Alice had just fallen into my life, wrenching at my heartstrings with her bubbly personality and knowing, hazel eyes.

But I had my happy ending now. There was no question to who I loved.

"So why are we here? It's dusty and dark and scary." Melody peered around the room nervously, eyeing the dark corners cautiously, as if a vampire or some other dark creature from her mother's book collection would spring out and eat her.

"You said you wanted to know everything. I'm here to begin my tale. It all started when Edward and Alice Cullen moved to the rainy little town of Forks, Washington…"

I know it was short, it was sort of a pilot, to see if people are interested. The entire story will be from Jasper's pov, but it wont all be flashbacks. I mean, it will be mainly flashbacks, but told as if it was in present time. Got it? Just read it, then you'll understand.

Please tell me what you think. I really loved OFY, and I want this story to be just as fun for readers, so, please tell me if it gets boring or stupid, or even if you think this pilot wasn't worth your time.

Thanks a bunch.