So, I was all excited because school just ended, and I thought, "Yay, I can update again!" Then I realized, "Oh, wait. I ended this story." This made me sad. So, while taking my Chem final, these characters popped into my head(let's hope it didn't affect my grade). And so, this little thingie was born. So…enjoy!


I sat on the roof of Henry's truck, doodling on my binder with a sharpie. Unconsciously, my hand began to draw an S, an E, a T, an H…

"Hey, Mel! Watcha doin'?" Seth Black leaned against the back of the truck bed, a goofy grin on his face. His black hair hung freely in his face, partially covering his shining eyes. My heart skipped a couple of beats, and I quickly scratched out his name from my binder.

"Hey, Seth." I said, waving. He pulled himself up next to me, stumbling a little. I suppressed a laugh, having fallen entirely off the car trying to obtain my current position.

"Did you get a haircut? It looks really good on you." He brushed a stray piece of hair from my face, his warm fingers leaving a fiery trail across my cheek. I felt myself blush, and said quickly, "Uh, yeah. Aunt Alice insisted on it. It-it looks good?" Alice had practically tied me to a chair while she cut my bangs, raving about how they "would definitely be 'in'" in a couple of months. Aunt Kate also butt in, insisting that highlights would make me look "hot". I hated those women so much.

"Yeah. It makes you look…" He searched for the right word, eyebrows scrunched up in concentration. "Hot." I blushed even more, laughing, ashamed they had been right. This boy was too sweet. And smart, and good-looking, and friendly, and just…

"Melly! Get the Hell off my car!" Henry barked at me, slinging his bag into the truck bed. His hair was glistening with sweat, and his fresh shirt clung awkwardly to him. The reek from his soccer bag reached me and Seth, causing me to gag.

"Make me, Sweaty!" He jumped into the driver's seat and started the ignition, then revved the engine. Seth and I slid off quickly, climbing into the backseat.

"Hey look! Is that Lily sucking face with Jared Crowley?" Seth exclaimed, tugging on my sleeve. I spun around to look out the window, and, sure enough, saw the most beautiful girl on earth necking with "Crowley the Creeper". Had she gone insane?!

"Henry, don't even think about it." I said, grabbing the boy's shoulder. He was halfway out of the car, fists primed for some action.

"Oh, come on, Mel. Can't I just break his nose? Please…" He whined, pouting out his lower lip. I sighed.

"No, you can't. As stupid as it is, Lily obviously has given him consent to slobber all over her face. You cant hurt him for that." Seth chuckled, staring after Lily again. Her dark, wavy hair was intertwined with Creeper's right hand, and his left was edging farther down her waist. Her glasses lay on the ground next to her book bag, underneath the bench where they sat.

"Well, let me go get her, then." I held him back, seeing the need for a fight in his eyes. He reluctantly sat back, and I slid out of the truck and across the parking lot. Lily was like my sister, but she still scared the shit out of me. At five foot ten, icy-eyed and intellectually superior to almost every person I knew, intimidating was a mild word to describe Lillian Vera Swan.

I walked up slowly to the disgusting couple, coughing loudly. Lily rolled her eyes and turned her head, glaring at me.

"Melody Renee Cullen, I'm busy here. Come back later." She turned back to Creeper, planting her lips on his. I gagged, then coughed again.

"I said, 'Go away'. And read a dictionary while you're at it. You don't seem to know what those words mean." I shivered under her glare, but held my ground.

"We need to go, Lil. Henry threatened to come over here himself. You don't want that, do you?" Her eyes flashed with anger, and I suddenly felt the urge to run away.

"Well he can go fu-"

"Fudge," I interrupted quickly. She rolled her eyes at my inability to cuss, but continued nonetheless.

"-Himself. Jare-bear offered to give me a ride home, later. I told Collin and Sasha to tell you."

"Sasha has band practice and Collin is at tutoring."

"Oh. Well, I'm telling you now. Shoo, shoo. Go along. I'll be home later." I walked away feeling defeated, and a little scared to tell Henry.

He glared at me as I got into the car, hissing, "Why is she not coming?"

Not meeting his eyes, I replied, "She…she said Jare-bear, would give her a ride home."

His hands gripped tightly on the steering wheel, knuckles white as we zoomed from the parking lot. Seth gave me a "well, that was awkward" look and rubbed my shoulder sympathetically. I sighed, rolling my eyes at the twins' feuding. According to my mother, Henry was not Uncle Emmett's son. He was his clone. A little less bulky and blonde, but other than that, exactly like him in every way: Over-protective, a little violent, and a huge goof-ball most of the time.

"So, who's house today?" Seth asked, relieving the tension in the air. I dug through my mind, biting my lip.

"Uh, Uncle Jazz's, I think. Right, Henry?" He nodded tersely, still very upset about Lily.

"Cool. Oh, do we need to pick the little ones, up? They had activities today, right?"

"Yup. Let's see, dance lessons and boy scouts today. Teo and Caroline are on a field trip." Henry muttered to himself as he calculated the best route home. Seth scooted closer to me as we neared the dance studio, to make room for the others. I felt my heart rate increase, and I had to try my hardest to concentrate on the seat in front of me.

Sure enough, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, two tiny girls jumped into the backseat and began abusing the boys.

"Henn-reee! You're laaate. It started raining on us!" Maya whined, her dark locks sticking to her face from the rain. She put away the iWorld* she had been trying to call us on. No doubt Henry forgot to charge his again.

"Sorry, cuz. Lily held us up." She stuck her tongue at him, the joined in with Ezy torturing Seth.

"Seth, do you like like anyone?" Ezy asked, shaking the water from her short, blonde hair. I laughed, remembering the days of when that was a serious question.

"Yep." He answered, smirking. The girls squealed, piling in closer. Henry began to drive, laughing silently. He knew where this was heading…

"WHO? TELL US WHO!!!" Seth winced, suddenly buried under the bodies of the tiny terrors. I clutched my sides, laughing hysterically. Seth battled it out for the entire five minute ride to the community center, where he was able to escape their grasp and jump into the shotgun seat. The duo turned on me, wicked gleams in their eyes.

"So, Melody. Do you like like anyone?"

I calmed down from my laughing fit to answer, "Maybe." They both squealed, causing Brady, who had just climbed into the car, to groan.

"Can't we ever have a quiet car ride?" The third grader asked, pretending to be so much more mature than his younger cousins of sorts.

"Come join the men in the front seat, Brady. Let the ladies have their chat." Henry joked, eyeing me wickedly. Damn him. Seth scooted over to let his younger "cousin" have some room.

"So, who is it?" They asked excitedly. I shook my head, miming zipping up my lips. They pouted, the pounced on top of me.

"Tell us!" They started tickling me relentlessly, wrestling me to the floor of the truck.

"Never!" I shouted, trying to push them off. The continued tickling me until Henry said, "Hey girls, think about it. Seth likes someone. Melody likes someone. Think about it…"

The tiny terrors screamed. Then they began to sing. "SETH LO-OVES MELODY! MELLIE LO-OVES SE-ETH!" I blushed, glaring at Henry. When I got my hands on that boy…

We pulled into the driveway, the duo sprinting into the house, still singing. I sighed, jumping out after them. Brady offered to carry my bag, having just learned about manners in boy scouts. I let him, giggling as he stumbled under the load.

I entered the house, sighing. I decided to seek out Uncle Jasper. He was my favorite uncle and the person I was closest to. I could talk to him about anything, even more so than Sasha, my best friend and favorite "cousin".

Instead of shouting or searching, I went straight upstairs to his study, where he was reading, like always. I knocked once, then entered, smiling.

"Hey, Uncle Jazz. Watcha doin'?" I sat down in the chair opposite him, which had been officially dubbed "Mellie's Chair".

"Listening to Mary and Maya. They're quite loud." Uncle Jazz was the only person who still called his daughter Mary. Though it was part of her first name, Rosemary, Henry had started the trend of calling her Ezy, after her middle name, Esabella. Aunt Alice liked it, because it gave her "spunk". Uncle Jasper liked Mary, because it was Alice's real name, and he thought it suited the little girl.

"Oh, God. Those two…" I groaned, slumping back in my chair. Instead of chuckling, like I assumed Uncle Jazz would, he just frowned, staring at the bookshelf behind my head. "What is it, Uncle Jasper?"

"Is what they're singing true?" He had put on his serious face, chilling me to the bone.

"Uh…maybe…" He frowned to himself, staring at the bookshelf again. "Why?"

"I don't like that boy."

"Seth? Why not? He's like a puppy dog. Everyone loves him."

"I don't like him."

"No, you don't like Uncle Jacob. Admit it."

"You know what he did. You see why I'm against this."

"He was high! Seth doesn't do things like that."

"That's what Bella thought about his father too." Uncle Jasper retorted, closing the book in his hand.

"Oh, get real. And besides, Seth probably doesn't even feel the same way. It was Henry who put the idea into the Tiny Terrors' heads." I blushed. I didn't want to talk about liking Seth anymore.

"Why wouldn't he?! If that boy had any sense, he would ask you out immediately!" Uncle Jazz said, throwing his hands into the air.

"Uncle Jazzy, you're confusing me."

"I just want you to be happy."

"As long as you like the guy."


"Then I wont tell you about Lily."

"That's probably a good idea. I'm sure Henry will take care of that boy. I know Emmett would." He laughed, going back to his adolescence. I let him revel for a moment, then decided to ask him a question.

"So…when you and Mom dated, you know, the first time, how…how did you…tell her you liked her?" Blush crept across my face rapidly, much to my uncle's amusement.

"I left her a note in her locker. Very cheesy. Emmett helped me write it. You can use your imagination."

"Let me guess. Something along the lines of 'Your eyes are like deep pools of chocolate. Your skin is like the finest porcelain. Your smile radiates like the glow of a thousand burning suns…"

"Did Emmett tell you?"

"He shouted that at Aunt Tanya once. Across the grocery store parking lot. She chased him down with a salami."

"Oh, yes. I remember that. Emmett still cant eat the stuff without screaming, can he?"

"Nope." I laughed, feeling much better about the whole Seth issue. "Thanks Uncle Jazz, I think I know what I'm going to do."

He smiled. "A letter? Remember, those lines Emmett used are copyrighted. You have to pay me a royalty to use them. I know they're just so good, everyone's demanding them." I laughed, walking out of the room.

"Mel!" Henry came up to me, a SmartPad** in hand.

"How much did you hear?" I asked, still very angry at him for provoking the Tiny Terrors.

"Pretty much all of it. I came to apologize for the musical that's being written about your love for Seth. And to help with that love letter! Dad taught me all his cheesy pick-up lines. 'Is there a mirror in your pants, 'cause I can see myself in the-"

"Please stop talking. And I'm not going to write a letter. I'm going to write a song." Henry gagged, then started laughing.

"Ew. That's so cliché. At least a letter is a funny cliché." I slapped the back of his head, frowning.

"Shut up. A song will be great."

"What song? Are you writing a song? Can I help! Ooh! I wanna help! I like songs!" A cheery voice came from down the hall. Sasha ran up to me, her strawberry-blonde hair damp, her clothes sticking to her from the rain.

"What happened to you? You look like a drowned rat," Henry asked, smirking. Without a reply, Sasha pegged him in the stomach, sending the six-foot-three, muscular giant to the ground.

"So what's this I hear about a song to be written?" She asked again, excitedly. I explained, as quickly as I could while being thorough. By the end of the story she was squealing with excitement.

"Yay! I knew you two would be perfect for each other! But did Collin believe me? No!"

"So, why are you soaking wet, Sash?" I asked, carefully guarding my stomach. She just laughed, and punched a recently-recovered Henry in the stomach again.

"Because someone left me at school today to walk home by myself IN THE RAIN." She glared at Henry, who was whimpering on the floor.

"I thought you had band practice today," I said, eyeing the poor boy sympathetically. She kept her intense stare on him for a second, then said, "It got cancelled. I thought everyone heard the announcement."

"Nope. Just you. Sorry."

"Eh, it's okay. I didn't mind too much."

Henry groaned. "That's not what my stomach says."

"Whatever, pansy. Come on, Mel, let's go write that song!" Sasha looped her arm through mine, dragging me down the stairs, Henry on our heels. We dashed through the kitchen, past a very amused looking aunt.

"Where are you three off to?" She eyed the SmartPad in Henry's hands, and the excited gleam in Sasha's eyes.

"Melody's house. We've got work to do!" She sang, pulling me a little further towards the door. Aunt Alice smiled.

"Is this anything to do with the opera going on in my living room?"

"Maybe!" I groaned. Sasha would end up telling the entire world about this before we even started the song.

"Ooh! How cute! Have fun girls! And…Henry. Why are you helping?" She eyed her nephew curiously, dumbfounded.

"Oh, what's that supposed to mean? Maybe I'm a poet at heart! A secret romantic."

"Oh, please. You're the reason my daughter and niece are torturing Seth, aren't you?"


"Of course. Well, have fun, I guess. Melody, don't listen to any of his pick-up lines! They suck."

"Okay, Aunt Alice." I finally allowed myself to be dragged out the door and down the street. Rain fell all around us, soaking us wet. Henry had to hunch over the SmartPad to keep it dry, while sprinting to keep up with us. It was quite a sight.

We sprinted through the door, shaking the rain from our hair. I could hear mom banging around in the kitchen; it was her turn to cook for the "family". We shouted our hello's dropping off our backpacks at the bottom of the stairs. We ran to my room, to begin on the song.

"Seriously, Henry, I'm not using that."

"Why not?"

"Because it's vulgar and slutty."

"Like you."



"Uh, huh."

"You're a spoil-sport, Mels."

"And you're a freak."

"Never said I wasn't."

"Will you two shut up?!" Sasha exclaimed from my bed, strumming on my guitar. She had been figuring out a decent melody for the past three hours, while Henry and I argued about lyrics. Collin had shown up an hour before, and Lily stopped by before going down to help Mom cook dinner, both directed there by Aunt Alice. Collin was now lounging on the foot of my bed, reading a magazine.

"Oh my gosh, you guys! I'm a Fiery Flirter!"

Sasha laughed at her brother. "What the Hell's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I took this quiz, What Kind of Guy-Getter Are You?, and my result is Fiery Flirter! It says here that I am very upfront with the guys I meet and am not afraid to tell them how I feel."

Henry moved from his place at my desk onto my bed, jumping on top of Collin, saying, "Yup. This one came on to me weeks ago."

Collin laughed. "Mhmm. It was a very Brokeback Mountain*** experience."

"You had me at 'Howdy'."

"WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU?!" The boys laughed and wrestled each other off the bed and to the ground. Sasha and I giggled, going back to our work. The lyrics were almost there, almost perfect, but not quite…

"GOT IT!" I shouted, the perfect ending coming into my head. I typed it down on the SmartPad, smiling. I hoped Seth would love this song.

"Good. I just finished a decent melody. Let's go put them together." We left the boys to wrestle or make out or whatever they were doing to go across the hall. Dad had built a mini recording studio in the spare bedroom, so he could record the songs he wrote for my mom and me.

"Alright, Sash, let's hear it." She nodded, strumming on the guitar. A sad tune unraveled in front of me, bittersweet and…what was the word I was looking for…?

"That's so depressing." Yes, that was it. Henry and Collin walked in, scoffing at Sasha's tune.

"Yeah, Seth isn't dead. She's confessing her love to him." Oh, God, when Collin put it that way…

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea guys…" I said sheepishly, setting down the SmartPad. The room nearly exploded.


"O-okay you guys! I'll do it! I'll do it!" I backed away, terrified.

"Good." Henry said, picking up the drumsticks. "Let's get to work."




I sighed, leaning back in my chair. These weekly dinners were always fun, but hectic as Hell. The younger ones were bouncing off the walls on a sugar rush, and the adults were too tired to care. All they felt like doing was shout, then go back to their conversations. Collin and Sasha were screaming insults at each other as they battled it out in Mortal Kombat. Henry and Lily were hotly arguing her new-found romance with Creeper. Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett were vouching for Henry, using their knowledge of his father to argue. Lily was close to ripping their heads off.

"LEAVE HIS FATHER OUT OF IT!!!" She shrieked, hands in the air. I rubbed my head, a small headache beginning to form. I glanced over at Seth. He had been very quiet through dinner, and now sat alone on the couch, looking contemplative. I got up to give him the song, but chickened out under the gazes of my relatives, opting instead to walk out to the front porch. I shoved the MusicDrive**** into my pocket, and hoisted myself up the banister, onto the roof. I walked over to a small corner, sitting between the two roofs.

"Wow, the view is great up here. I can see my house. Which isn't that impressive because I live a street away." Seth sat next to me, his typical gigantic grin plastered across his face. "Hey."

"Hey. Don't you want to watch Lily murder half the men in the family?" I asked, rubbing my temples. He scooted behind me, his hands replacing mine as he massaged my head.

"Thanks. My head's been pounding since dinner."

"No problem. My mom makes my dad do this for her all the time. She gets migraines frequently." He placed a knee on either side of my hips, sending a flush across my face. I settled back comfortably, playing with his shoelaces.

"Uh, Mel. I…I need to talk to you." I gulped, biting my lip.

"Me first. Here." I shoved the MusicDrive into his hand, looking away, embarrassed. He stared at it, confused, then pulled out his iWorld, plugging it in. My song started playing, and I had the sudden urge to jump off the roof.

It's happening all the time

When I open my eyes

I'm still taken by surprise.

I hold sunlight, and swallow fireflies

And it makes me want to cry

I love you.

Seth stared at me, mouth open wide. "What is this?"

"A…a song. That I wrote. With some help. For you."

I love you.

"Really?" He listened intently to the song, a smile spreading across his face.

"Yeah…" I buried my head in my hands. "It sucks."

"No, it's great! Do…do you really mean it?"


"That you love me?"




He leaned in, brushing his fingers across my cheek. I wrapped a loose strand of his hair around my finger, closing the space between us. Our lips molded together, burning like fire. He pulled me closer, our bodies fitting together like puzzle pieces. We broke apart, gasping for air, laughing.

I shall never grow up

Make believe is much too fun.

Seth grinned. "Like when we were kids. Playing in the meadow, pretending we were vampires, werewolves, the sorts." I nodded, curling up against his chest. The song was sounding much better to me, almost as if that wasn't me singing.

This place is so lovely

It kind of makes me very happy

Let's go far away to the humming meadow.

The Humming Meadow…

"Humming?" Seth asked, kissing the top of my head. I giggled.

"I always thought the wind in the trees and the brook gurgling sounded like humming. It's a happy thought," I said, snuggling closer to him. He ran his hand through my hair.

"It is." Seth leaned in closer, meeting his lips to mine again. He pulled away slowly and hugged me tightly. "You are amazing, you know that?"

I smiled. "No, why don't you tell me again?"

"You are the most amazing girl I've ever met." Seth kissed my cheek, taking hold of my hand.

"Oh, you guys are so gross!" Collin and Henry peeked up form the edge of the room, balancing on the banister.

"Seriously, we would never have helped if we knew you two would be so disgustingly cute." Sasha and Lily peeked from around the chimney. How they ever got up there without us noticing…

"Hey! Why weren't we part of this plan?!" Teo and Caroline climbed up over Henry and Collin, plopping down in front of us. Ezy, Maya, and Brady followed shortly, singing the new rendition of the "Mellie loves Seth" song.

Seth and I just laughed, ruffling the hair of the kids nearest to us. Our family was loud, obnoxious, and extremely nosy. Our family as rude, crazy, and way too big. But it was our family. And that was all right with me. Especially with Seth by my side.

*The iWorld is a made up Apple product. This is the future we're talking about. It's like the iPhone. Only cooler.

**Also, the SmartPad is not real. Obviously. It's like the screen of a laptop, with a built in touch keyboard for writing.

***Yes, they still reference Brokeback Mountain. No, that's not unrealistic.

**** MusicDrive: like a flash drive and a CD combined.

Also, Henry's truck is big. And though it is illegal, he still manages to transport all of the cousins around. Grandpa Charlie just looks the other way. ^_^

Well, okay, that was it. Maybe I'll do another one later. Or update another story. Or not. I'm not sure. Have a great summer everyone! Oh, and R&R please. ^_^

~Anna Otaku

In case you got confused: The parents, the kids, and their grade.

Alice and Jazz -Ezy-2

Rose and Em- Lily-11, Henry-11

Edward and Bella-Mel-10

Tanya and Mark - Sasha-10, Caroline-7

Kate and Garrett- Collin-9, Brady-3

Carmen and Eli-Maya-2, Teo-7

Jacob and Nessie- Seth-10