-1As I stood there, both arms caught in the tiny space the window provided on the door of the fucking Titan-Twink Mobile,

I reflected on what a friggen dumbass I was.

There it was- right there in the car, just sitting there!

The mask. My mask.

Of course, the Titans had discovered it from when I had oh-so- nobly lost it, and of course went off to check out the scene. Giving me my chance, of course.

The chance that I screwed over pretty nicely.

So there I stood, going over all of the options of how this could go in my head.

I could yank the windows out, but that would set off the friggen car alarm, which would give me even less time than I already had. If only I could just reach the lock- Well, that wouldn't do any good. Unlocking the damn thing wouldn't get my arms out of here.

I could try pushing the car- wait, huh? Where the fuck would I go?

Dumbass, dumbass, dumbass. Maybe I friggen deserve being caught, for being so stupid and careless. Young and stupid, he recalled the words of his father.

Yup, sounds about right


So, instead of plotting an escape like I should've been, I stood there thinking about something cool and witty I could say for when they showed up. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to talk myself out of this, anyhow. What was I supposed to say? Hey, what's up? I'm dressing up as a non-publicly known criminal for Belated Halloween, and I just couldn't help myself at finishing it off with that fabulous mask that I was just about to jack from your car? Nah, he would rather go to jail than try to pull that dandy of a lie off.

His thoughts were rudely interrupted as he heard a blunt cough coming from right behind him. He twisted over from his current position to look, and of course, as fate would have it.

"Holy shit, Batman! It's the Boy-Friggen-Blunder!"

I couldn't help but grin behind my curtain of hair as I saw his eye twitch in annoyance.

"Red X?"

"No, it's your mom. Dumbass."

Robin twitched once more. He's a very twitchy guy, I concluded. Kinda like a squirrel, or a chipmunk.

Robin smirked slightly after, most likely at me being dumb enough to be caught. "Stuck, huh?"

"Thanks for noticing."

He stood back for a moment, gawking at me, and I could tell what he was thinking? Psh, look at silly Red X, with his mask off. That emo kid. Damnit, I may have a bit of the black-swoopy-hair-eyeliner thing going on, but that was only because I was trying to find my true identity! Ah well, it gave my shocking bright blue eyes the creepy effect, which was fun to use. And of course, everyone knows how gorgeous I am.

A rather vampire-like smile spread across my pierced lip as I looked over at him. "See something you like, sweetheart?" Don't laugh. Don't laugh. It'll only make you look like a lamer if you laugh at your own comment.

"Yeah. I see the coming of justice."

I snorted. Pf. And I was worried about being lame?



"I saw the coming of your mom last night. Oh yeah, let that one sink in!"

Robin did that twitchy thing again, and walked over, starting to saw the window off with some kind of gadget. "Well, you'll be glad to know that I'm not taking you to jail. Yet."

It honestly didn't concern me much. I would be gone by the time any of the others got back, but of course, I didn't voice this aloud.

"I've decided to make you stay at the Titan Tower. I have a feeling that there's more to you than I've figured out."

"It only took me two seconds to figure you out. Gay-In-A-Hand-basket-Of-Justice."

I did consider this, though.

A chance to make all of their lives a living hell, from the safety of their home? Well, that sounded fun, and quite lately, to be honest, I was pretty friggen bored. And quiet honestly, what better way for revenge than slowly peeling away the sanity of the mind?

I grinned manically, and Robin raised an eyebrow at me as he sawed away the last of the window.

This was defiantly going to be fun.