"My name is Caleb, I'm a Pokémon trainer," I liked the way that sounded. I was on my way to professor Elm's lab to pickup my first Pokémon. Last night I had no sleep trying to figure which starter I should get. Cyndaquil was my all time favorite. Chickorita was pretty strong and grass are the way to go in the other regions of Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, because they all started with a rock type. The first gym in Johto made me eliminate Chickorita. The second gym made me eliminate water starter even though Elm's grandson wanted it so it would more than likely not be up for grabs. So Cyndaquil was the way to go, well atleast for me. Trees showered around me while I was biking down the road. I stopped to rest. I took a look at a yellowed map with barely any color to it. It was my brothers he gave it to me as a parting gift before he left to Sinnoh. I remember him wearing a short sleeved shirt before he left. I started laughing, Sinnoh was beginning to experience a second Ice age. Though the scientist said it could only last 20 years to 100,000. They said we wouldn't the ice age head on for another 100 years. I wanted to go straight to Sinnoh with my starter to train with my brother then he told me.(flashback)

"After you have gotten all Johto gym badges and attempted the league you cant come." He said. I asked him why and he said that he was going places low leveled Pokémon cant. I sighed I missed him and I had to get my badge fast as possible. I began to peddle harder. Not being cautious I almost ran over four people. I was peddling hard now I was at least hitting 20mph and this downhill up ahead would make me go even faster. This side of town was deserted almost. No one ever came through here for some reason. I looked at a sign couldn't see till I got up close.

"No trespassers," it said. I kept a steady pace trying to get out of here then a downhill came and I went out of control. A car was coming I tried leaning to the left to dodge but I was too late. I hit my breaks got flung off my bike hit the ground. I could feel the road burn on my skin. It hurt really badly, if you've had a burn this fells the same but worse, the gravel on the road would dig into your skin, while burning you. Now I've never had a burn other from a lighter or match I played with ,So I don't know how bad a burn from a flamethrower would be ,but I expected something like this.

"Nash, what do we do with him?" one man said I wept before almost giving in.

"He is perfect for the, uh you know what." The so called Nash said. They picked me up flung me into the back of the car. I finally blacked out.

I could hear but not see, "It worked, It worked," someone said. What worked? I questioned myself I was pretty warm, scratch that I was on fire. It was hot I was hot I had some kind of wall near me I couldn't push.

"Put the egg in the incubator." Someone else said. "I can't believe we did this all in under 7 hours"

"Thank God, we had a test subject to start the process , if it wasn't for him the egg wouldn't be here yet." Someone said. This man had a low voice and seemed to be the shy type. Hours went on about some success which I kept questioning about.

"Darren, lock everything up before you leave" Someone said. This man had a loud voice which seemed to be stern.

"Sure thing boss." He Darren said. I could hear someone walk over to me or where I was picked me up and carried me somewhere. I heard a door open I hit the side of the wall wondering where I was. The walls become unbelievably soft. I was set on the ground. Wondering what is happening.

"Listen, I'm sorry for what I did," Darren said. "You'll find that out later." I heard a truck crank up and I wasn't warm anymore. The motor had a hard time cranking.

"We used a chemical in rare candies to speed up the process to make an egg" Darren said. What egg? Dang I'm lost I said to myself.

"Wha-," I began to say but all that came out were squeaks.

"Don't talk, also don't try to break that egg yet wait till morning, the radiation from the incubator and the needs to settle." Darren said the truck stopped. "The radiation will wear off in an hour and you will be normal kind of your species." My species? What the heck.

A truck door opened then another from the right. "I'll explain to you later on what you need to do, other than that you have been asleep for the last two weeks." I was shocked, what the heck, that was my favorite line other than when I say it when I'm mad.

"Survive, that's all I have to say." Darren said and walked off. I heard a pull in the engine of a truck as it got smaller and smaller into the nights air. I quickly fell to sleep.