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I was supposed to be a trainer when I was ten, but I had a bike crash near a truck, and got knocked out. When I awoke, a man was talking to me, I learned his name was Darren and he had helped with some experiment on me. When I hatched, yeah hatched, I was an eevee, and my former classmate, Kathy took her attempt to catch me failing. Lets skip the boring stuff and say that I'm now Kathy's pokemon along with a Cyndaquil named Cyndy in this point of the story. Cyndy is a overprotective Cyndaquil, she annoys me in many ways, yet cares for me like a mother, which like I said, I like and hate all the same. After traveling to the outskirts of Violet town Kathy Caught a Buizel, eventualy naming it Carly. In violet town we, I win a contest, which was pointless, after this we are training, when a kid named Sam shows is the same age as Kathy and the same mental age as me. Cyndy evolves after fighting me, and beating me. Sam sees my little destress and hands Kathy two stones, a thunder and a water, she presses the two together for no reason, and the thunder shocks her causeing her to throw it in the air hitting me. So i evolve, that night Jirachi, who has been visiting me for a while grants one of Kathy's wishes and after A small hardship I was able to talk. That night she descovered who I was. The next dat on our way toward Azelea town, Sam learns that I am human and Kathy catches a sparky vulpix named Storm. The next day we began thru the ave and become kidnapped. We end up in a lab, and well I believe you know the rest... So lets get back to the story.

Chapter 13

Electricity, at my will, I hit Scum head on with bolts of thunder, his black hair turned even darker. He fell to the ground fast.

"Well what do we do now?" Sam said.

"I'm working on it!" I replied angry. I had only a bit more electricity in my body, since I could harness it with my fur. I generate electricity two ways. I collected the electricity in the air, and I generate it with my body. Since he had been giving me that shot, the electricity I had gotten between them, weren't enough to do damage, so by the time he gave me the shot, he had grounded me. I looked at the locks on each door.

"I hope this works," I said, pulling my paw to the backside of the lock, I pushed electricity into the lock, and manipulated it to unlock the cage. I heard the successful sound of a click. I grinned, as I pushed the cage with my shoulder. It squeaked as it opened. "It worked,"

"OK can you help us?" Sam asked impatiently. I walked over to Scum on the ground, and picked up the key that was latched to his belt. It took a few seconds to get off, but I finally did. I walked over to Sam's cage and tried to stick the key in the lock, it fell out of my mouth. "Here," he picked up the key and unlocked the door. He pushed the door and climbed out.

"You get, Kathy, with the electricity, and I'll get Storm and the others," He said as I rolled my eyes. He walked over to Scum's body and bent down, but I didn't take the time to see what he was doing. I walked over to Kathy's cage.

"I shouldn't be wasting this on you, I'm sure they have a heck lot more deserving pokemon than you," I said. She made a hurtful face.

"Just, get her! And stop acting immature!" Sam yelled, I rolled my eyes again. I put my paw on the lock and pushed the last bit of electricity into it. When I heard a click, I pulled the door open by latching my teeth onto the bar. The door opened as I pulled.

"Come on," I said, she stood up, took two steps and fell. "That's sad,"

"I felt the same way when you were learning to walk," she mumbled, as I picked her up by my teeth. "Don't bear down so hard!" I dropped her.

"That better?" I said, making a faint smile at the joke, and picking her back up. Sam was getting the backpacks.

"Ok, let's go!" he said, motioning us. We followed him, we were about to go out the door. I put Kathy down.

"Pick her up, I don't like the taste of dirt in my mouth," I said, Sam sighed. We opened the door, and two scientists were walking down the hall. Cyndy used ember on one of them and Carly, climbed up the back of the other and bit his neck, like a vampire. They were screaming for help as Carly jumped off the one who got bit.

"Run!" I said, we ran down the hall to the right taking a left. "Where do we go?" Something in my head said left.

"Left," I said answering my own question. We ran down that hall for a second until a scientist walked out the door, let's just say everyone except me and Sam, attacked. Storm bit the shin, Cyndy hit the other, and Carly hit him with water gun. The rest of the way down the hall, we heard more screams, something told me to go right, so we did. We came to a dead end, with a door.

"In the door," I said. Sam opened the door with his left hand holding Kathy in his right.

"Lock the door, and barricade it" Sam said, everyone except me and Kathy did. Sam sat Kathy next to me as he piled chairs in front of the door.

"Why are you so mad at me?" Kathy asked, I rolled my eyes, I really felt like a spoiled brat, but it really didn't matter.

"Nothing, help me find some maps," I said, jumping onto a chair, then onto the desk. I saw a typed letter, and read it allowed in my head. My eyes widened, this can't be right could it? The signature… A alarm sounded, I Ruffled through other papers, but that letter was still on my mind. I found what looked like a map.

"S-sam here!" I yelped.

"What's wrong?" Kathy said, as Sam ran over.

"Yeah," he said, he looked at the map under my paw."Ok, we can go out this other door," he said pointing to the one on the far side of the wall. Banging noise began to fill the room. I picked Kathy up with my mouth.

"I thought you didn't like dirt in your mouth?" she retorted, I muffled a sorry under her breath, but I really didn't mean it.

We opened the door and took another right. That letter… it was a lie right? Two men, pokeball's in their hands trailed behind us. God, tell me it isn't true please? Could this really be related to him? Sam turned around throwing a Baseball at the one on the right. The man fell to the ground as it made impact with the face. The baseball must've been in his backpack. He pulled out a portable bat, the kind that you pull on the end and pull out, it was fairly new, and expensive, cause they had to use the finest metal so it wouldn't bend on impact, since the inside was hallow. Why same would have one is a mystery to me. Sam turned around and ran toward the man.

"I choose you A-" The man was interrupted by the impact of Sam's bat to his face. He turned around and began to catch up with us.

"Nice, hit," Kathy said, cringing. Then I noticed a was baring down too hard.

'Sorry," I muffled. That letter, though, legitimate signature, yes, I had seen it enough.

"Having fun Kathy?" Storm asked, I squinted annoyed.. Kathy didn't reply because, I had lost energy, from running, and was galloping. Storm noticed and pointed his muzzle to his back. I pulled up my head and laid Kathy on his back.

"Thanks," I panted. We ran down the hall taking another left, then another scientist. I had gotten sick of not having fun. So I used all of my strength to run up to him. I jumped and bit him on the neck, I bit as hard as I could, he deserved it. Blood seeped into my mouth. He feels to the ground grabbing his neck as I let go. Sam, ran over to the body, and pulled out a tazer rod, as I call them. He turned it on, and hit me with it. More and more electricity charged into my body, and fur. I felt better instantly.

"Thanks," I said. He nodded and put the the tazer rod in his pocket. We ran down to the hall. Sam turned to the left, and opened a door. He motioned us through. We were in a Car port. He turned to the left of the door, with a rack of keys. The kind that are all the same, so every truck in the carport must have the same ignition key.

"Perfect," he said picking one up. He isn't going to drive is he? He got into Kathy's backpack and pulled out some pokeballs. He pointed them toward, Cyndy, Carly and Storm. "Return," a red glare returned them to their portable homes. Kathy fell mid-air.

"Ow," she mumbled.

"Which car?" I said, catching onto his plan. They were all white 4x4 trucks, some different brands. Ford, Chevy, Dodge. Now literally every day I ask myself, why in the world they would have identical keys yet different trucks.

"Chevy," he said.

"I like Ford," I mumbled.

"I like Dodge," Kathy mumbled in the same way, almost mockingly. I picked her back up. We ran to the first Chevy we saw, despite my efforts, and Sam opened the door, throwing the backpacks in the back, he held onto the pokeballs though. I hopped in, and he closed the door, and ran around. I put Kathy down in the cup holder, which had dried soda in it. Now these things were high-tech a camera for backing up, a GPS all sorts of idiotic things that would end up not helping us.

"Maybe we can get out of this mess," he said, cranking up the engine.

"Ever, drove?"I asked.

"No," he replied, putting the truck in reverse.

"Don't hit that post!" I said, as he was about 10 inches from one.

"I'm not!"

"Ok then, put it in drive!"

"Maybe you should drive!"

"I'm handless!" I replied, as he pressed on the gas pedal, then engine revved. He made some turns and we found the exit, it had a big garage door, and two guards to the side, both asleep.

"The garage door is down," he said.

"Keep going," I replied scared.

"Getting closer," He said, as the door closed in.

"Go as fast as you can," I said, closing my eyes. I heard a crashing noise , and the sound of bending metal. After it subsided, I slowly opened my eyes. We were in a parking lot of some kind. Another gate.

"Go thru it," I said, it led to the road. He crashed thru this one with ease.

"That was fun," he sighed.

"Stop sign," I said, letting my breath ease. "Screw the sign, we need to ditch the car before a cop sees us in it," he nodded. But we couldn't do anything right now. At least get to the nearest city.

"What were you so dumbfounded about in that room?" Kathy asked.

"I thought I said I wasn't going to talk to you?" I said.

"You didn't," she replied.

"Well I'm not," I said turning to toward the windshield. I looked at a sign Azelea town ten miles.

"This is going to screw up my gym battles," he said, I rolled my eyes.

"We have a really big problem," I said. Looking at the window which had cracks in it. The front hood was dented.

"What the car?" he asked "It should last, and if your talking about the lab, well I kinda knew that two weeks ago,"

"Well, it's more of my problem," I said looking down in the corner of the car.

"Well, let's hear, it," Kathy said interrupting the short silence. I cringed ignoring Kathy's request, how could he of all people, who does that idiot think he is working for them. I swear I'd strangle him, if he wasn't kin.

"What's the problem, idiot, we need to know," Kathy said, interrupting my thoughts.

"I saw an signature in on the desk, in that room we were in," I said, taking a pause. "And since Jirachi let me learn and remember words, and signatures, I know who signed it,"

"Oh really you think we don't know that, tell us the big problem," Kathy said, she must have been stirred up from the previous insults.

"That signature was from someone I know," I said, then getting to the worst part. "That signature is from my only brother."

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