Chapter Twenty-Nine

Warning: Some adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

Jack woke in the middle of the night with a groan. Dreams had been plaguing him all night; very sensual and intimate dreams involving Lock's mouth. He blushed and sat up, severely pissed at himself, and painfully aroused.

I can't be thinking about this! He scolded himself. It's way too soon. . .there's no way Lock will want to do it again. . .Or is there? NO! Stop thinking! He shouted at himself, throwing his body back to his mattress with a huff.

"Jack?" Lock yawned, rolling over onto his chest. "What's up?"

"Nothin'," he grunted, blushing in the darkness.

"You know that your heart beats faster when you lie?" she asked, poking him gently in the stomach. "Spill, Jackie boy."

"No," he grumbled, batting her away.

"Hey, don't even!" she growled softly, sitting on his hips. "What's the-?" she started but stopped. "OH!" she exhaled, lifting her hips off of his arousal.

"Sorry," he apologized quietly; he was sorry for more than one thing. He was sorry for being so aroused, for having those dreams, and he was most sorry for his hips arching up after hers, unconsciously searching for more lovely friction.

"Jackie," she whined, sliding off of him when his hips refused to stop moving.

"Sorry," he hissed, forcing himself still.

"So, what's causing your issue now?" she asked, propping on her elbows to look at him.

"My own damn mind," he grumbled, rubbing a hand over his face. "Dreams. . ."

"About what?" she murmured, reaching over to outline his navel.

"Tonight!" he yelped, pushing her hand away. "Stop it! You are so not helping right now!" he groaned, sitting up—swinging his legs over the side of his bed.

"Well, I would like to think that I can help you, demon boy," she purred, sitting behind him. "If you want," she added, resting her chin on his shoulder. "Only if you want."

Oh, god! He thought. I so badly want!

"Jack?" she whispered, running a hand down his stomach.

He groaned quietly, letting his head fall back to her shoulder, and gently kissed her neck, nodding. She whispered something about not wanting to get the bed dirty, but before he could ask what she meant, her hand slid past the band of his boxers. He whined, arching his hips, and nuzzled her neck, licking and kissing her flesh.

"Gotta stay quiet," his girlfriend whispered softly. "Everyone's home by now, Jackie."

"Ok," he panted. "Kiss me?" he whimpered. "Please."

She obliged, kissing him over and over, stealing his noises, and a creak in the house made her freeze. He whined in protest at her stopping, telling her that the sound was just the house settling, and ground his hips up into her hand. She nipped him lightly in retaliation, but picked up her actions once more. A soft sound escaped him as she passed a particular pleasure spot, his hands gripped the bedding beneath them, and he clenched his jaw shut to try and be silent.

"Mm!" he whimpered, his body buckling up as he climaxed without warning.

"Shh," she hushed him, her hand still stroking him firmly.

"E-enough," he hitched as the stimulation became somewhat painful, grabbing her wrist.

"Better now?" she purred in his ear, nibbling the lobe.

"Yeah," he panted, sighing contently. "So much better."

"Good," she whispered. "Let's get cleaned up and go back to bed."

"What about you?" he asked softly. "Can I do something for you?"

"Not right now," she yawned, patting his hip. "I'm sleepy. Maybe tomorrow?"

"You sure?" he purred seductively, slipping to his knees in front of her, and he gently tugged her to the edge of the bed via her hips. "Cuz I really wouldn't mind. . ."

"Jackie!" she whined, pushing him back with her feet when he started nibbling on her thighs. "Not tonight. . .I mean it."

"Ok," he whispered with a small pout. "It just doesn't seem fair that you're the one giving all the pleasure lately."

"It's fine," she said, ruffling his hair. "Tomorrow, ok?" she smirked, winking at him.

"Ok," he grinned, the gears in his head were already spinning. "Let's get cleaned up."

He escorted her to the bathroom, where she washed her hands, and he used a damp washcloth to clean himself up. Jack scampered back to his room naked—having forgotten a clean pair of boxers—and dove into bed, curling up under the warm blankets. Lock came back, crawled in beside him, and burrowed into his chest. He kissed her head, wrapping himself around her, and fell asleep quickly. When morning came, he was the first one up, and he yanked on a pair of boxers before rushing to the bathroom. He shuffled back to the bedroom, pleased to see that Lock was still sleeping, and he shut and locked the door before crawling back into bed.

"Mmm," Lock hummed, shifting a little as he slowly shimmied his way down under the covers beside her.

He grinned. He loved waking her up like this. Jack slowly slid his hands under the band of her jammie pants and eased them down her body, growling when he saw her GIR panties. His girlfriend sighed and shifted again as he very lovingly slipped her panties off.

"Jack?" Lock whispered sleepily.

"Mmm hmm," he purred, sliding up her body. "Good morning," he grinned. "Do you mind if I. . .?" he trailed.

"You better do something," she groaned, blushing softly.

He smiled at her, kissing her nose, and slid back down her body. Jack kissed her tummy; her pelvis; that spot where leg connects to body; her thighs; her knees; and then he slowly licked his way back up. Remembering his curiosity about her navel ring, he gently moved, and very lightly nibbled the piercing. A loud yelp and a violent lurch upwards were his reward. A sharp cry of his name was his second reward as he dipped his tongue into her navel and that was when he knew that she was going to be much too loud to try this now.

"Shh," he soothed, kissing her hip. "People are home, babs. Stay quiet."

"I can't if you're gonna use my belly button as a chew toy," she growled softly.

"Then I'll stop," he snickered, slowly kissing his way between her legs.

She gasped and reflexively jerked away, but her hand found his hair and held him still. He hummed, paying extra attention to her more sensitive areas, and grinned like the Cheshire cat when she cried out softly. Any other day, Jack would have taken it really slow and would love to get as many loud noises out of her as humanly possible, but everyone was home and would be getting out of bed at any time. So he sped things up a little; he let his tongue stud graze her just in the right spot and she arched up as she fell over that edge. He kissed her trembling hips as she came down, stroking her sides, and she gently played with his hair. The blankets moved and he blinked as he was exposed to sudden bright sunlight.

"Shower?" she whispered, blushing as she shifted her legs shyly. "Join me?"

"Yeah," he grinned, moving so she could pull on her panties. "But we'll have to be kinda quick. . ."

"No, we won't," she smirked. "Jack, come on!" she laughed when he snorted at her. "Believe me when I say that everyone in the house knows that we shower together."

"Ma doesn't know," he whined, blushing hotly.

"Jackie, baby," Lock giggled, pulling on her panties, "I think your mother knows. Evelyn is as far from stupid as they come. Now, either get your ass in that bathroom with me and take a shower, where I will be willing to scrub your back, or you can get a shower all by yourself," she said, kissing him with each of the last three words. "Your choice."

"Joining you," he groaned. "I need my back scrubbed."

Among other things, he thought, realizing just how much she was affecting him.

"I bet," she giggled, glancing at his groin with a small smirk—a cute blush creeping up her neck. "Come on, moose," she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him up.

They went into the bathroom, where Lock turned on the shower, and he stood there, feeling rather foolish with his boxers tented out. Lock started taking off her clothes, first slipping her panties down her legs, then pulling the jersey over her head, and then she kissed him—deeply and passionately. He whimpered, his hands running up her back, and he growled when he found that her bra was still on and clasped. Jack unfastened it quickly (the fastest he'd ever managed to do it) and slid it off of her.

"God, Lock," he hissed as a hand touched him on top of his boxers.

Jesus. . .I can't believe how far we've come, he thought as she confidently caressed him. I can remember a time when this woulda scared her to death. And now, I don't believe that she even thinks twice about doing it.

"Get in the shower," she murmured, pushing his boxers down. He nodded, stepped out of his boxers, and got into the shower.

"Jack!" Lock squeaked, blushing hotly as she stepped in and caught him touching himself.

"What?" he whined. "It's perfectly natural. . ."

"You. . .couldn't wait two seconds?" she whispered, gently batting his hand away from himself.

"Guess not," he sighed as her hand took over. He put his arms around her neck, resting their foreheads together, and lazily moved with her. When his peak came, he turned around so he wouldn't freak her out by getting her all messy, and slumped back against her happily.

"Ok, we might need to hurry up now," Lock snickered. "That took a bit longer than I guessed it would."

"Ouch," he pouted. "Saying I finish too quickly most of the time?"

"What?" she yelped. "No! I just. . .I mean. . ." she sputtered, blushing deeply when he looked at her.

"You just thought that 'cuz I was so impatient, I wouldn't last long," he said, kissing her cheek. "Hell, I wasn't sure I'd last as long as I did," he chuckled.

"Hey?" Bobby called, pounding on the bathroom door—making Lock jump. "Jack? Stray? Please fuckin' tell me that you're showering together!"

"Uhh. . .Yeah," Jack replied, wondering why his brother sounded so nervous.

"Baby girl?" his brother asked.

"Yeah, Bobby, we're taking a shower," she said, blushing. "Why?"

"Couldn't find either of you and I sorta. . .panicked," he said, sounding relieved. "Sorry! Finish your shower!"

"Geez," Lock whispered, looking to Jack. "He hasn't been that freaked out in a long time. . ."

"Yeah," he murmured, tugging her under the shower spray with him.

They washed each other completely, rinsed, dried each other off, and scurried back to their room, clad in towels. They both pulled on more pajamas and raced each other downstairs for breakfast. Bobby and Ransom were already at the table, both looking very serious with mugs of coffee in front of them, and Jack assumed that they'd had a fight as he made Lock and himself some blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Lock poured them orange juice and the molded to his back while he cooked, nuzzling and kissing his shoulders. His brother and Ransom were uncharacteristically silent, even when Lock and Jack sat down to eat, and he had a sudden bad feeling settle over him when he made eye contact with Bobby.

Ok. . .something's wrong, he realized. And I don't think that they had a fight. . .

"Stray, we need to talk," Bobby said as she went to take care of her plate. Ransom got up, whispered something to Bobby, kissed his cheek, and vanished to another room.

"Don't tell me that you and Rannie are having problems," Lock groaned, sitting at the table once more.

"No, we're fine," he murmured, looking to her. "Baby girl, do you remember Ian?"

"Yeah," she whispered, blushing and staring at the table. "Why?"

Jack slid over to his girlfriend, putting his arm around her, and kissed her temple softly.

"Well," Bobby started, reaching over and holding her hands in his. "Brutal told me that he's been in there with. . .Kett and Zane before. He's friends with them."

"Oh, my fucking god!" Lock yelped, jerking her hands away from his.

"Stray. . .I had Smiths do a background check on Ian," he murmured softly. "Ian is known for. . .dosing girls with GHB and raping them. . .He buys a girl several drinks and doses a random one."

"I'm gonna. . ." she started and then ran upstairs.

Jack dashed after her and held her hair back while she got sick, gently stroking her back. He helped her brush her teeth and then scooped her up at her shy request, carrying her downstairs. He sat on the couch, cuddling her lovingly, and Bobby shuffled in, sitting beside them and hugging Lock.

"He kept offering to buy me drinks," she whimpered into Jack's neck. "And I w-was just about to accept when Jackie came over and got into the fight. . .I can't fuckin' go anywhere without running into them or someone who knows them!" she screamed, then she started sobbing into Jack.

He held her tightly and Bobby slid her arms around her waist, resting his head against her back. Lock cried for a long time, then spent a few long minutes screaming angrily against Jack's shoulder, and finally, she just sagged against him, sniffling.

"I'm so sorry, Lock," Bobby whispered, kissing her cheek. "I wish I could erase all this bad shit that's been happening. . ."

"But you can't," she muttered. "No one can. . ."

"I know," his brother sighed. "But I can still wish, can't I?"

"Yes," she giggled softly, nuzzling Jack's neck. "I wish they'd just fall out of human existence."

"Me too," Jack muttered, kissing her head.

"Jack?" Lock whispered shyly.


"Do you think you can give me a massage?"

"Sure," he purred, slowly moving her from his lap.

"Bobby can rub your feet," Ransom smiled, coming downstairs. "He's wonderful at it."

"Rannie," Bobby groaned, rolling his eyes.

His brother's girlfriend shot Bobby a stern look, hand on her slim waist, and Bobby sighed in clear defeat, putting Lock's feet in his lap. Lock started to protest, but a small noise left her as Bobby began rubbing her feet. After a few minutes, Lock was dozing, and they continued to massage her until she was really asleep. Once she was asleep, Jack gently scooped her up, and carried her upstairs. He tucked her into bed, gave her several soft kisses, and left so that she could nap. He bumped into Bobby in the hallway and was ushered to his brother's room.

"We need to talk," Bobby muttered, blushing as he shut his bedroom door.

"Ok," Jack said, sitting on the bed. "About what?"

"I think that Stray should go on the pill," his brother blurted.

"What?" Jack yelped, blushing furiously. "Where the hell is this coming from?"

"I. . .umm. . ." Bobby spoke softly, still blushing and not making eye contact with Jack. "I sorta. . .accidentally saw you two this morning! I didn't see anything, just your backs. . .But it's clear that you two have gotten very comfortable with each other and I think that it's a good idea to be safe. . ."

"Wait. . .you 'sorta accidentally' saw us!" he demanded. "What the fuck were you doing coming into our room early this morning completely unannounced?"

"I was on my way to take a piss," Bobby whined. "And I heard. . .noises and I thought maybe something was wrong so I went to check."

"Dammit, Bobby," he groaned, blushing. "We weren't like. . .having sex. . ."

"I know that," he said quickly. "But. . .it's better to be safe than sorry."

"You know what?" he started, finally making eye contact with his brother. "It might be an idea, but you are gonna bring this up to Lock. And well, Ma too. . .She'd know more about how to help Lock get on the pill. God, I can't believe that we're even talking about this."

"Try bein' me," Bobby muttered, sitting heavily on his bed.

"From now on there's a knocking rule," Jack growled. "I don't care how early it is. . .Knock before you just barge into our room."

"Deal," Bobby said, extending his hand. "The same goes for my room."

"Gross!" Jack whined, making a disgusted face. "Way too much info, Bobby!"

"Hey, it's only fair that the rule goes both ways," his brother chuckled. "And you should already know or think that you should knock on a closed bedroom door. Seeing as how you barged in on me once or twice when you were younger."

"Yeah," he whispered, blushing and wrinkling his nose. "Umm. . .When are you gonna talk to Lock?"

"After she wakes up," Bobby said. "The sooner, the better."

"Yeah," he sighed. "Do I have to be there for the talk?"

"Yes," he replied seriously. "Of course you have to be there, Jack."

"All right," he said softly. "Hey, do you think I could send Ransom to the mall with some money?"

"For what?"

"A dress for Lock," he murmured. "She knows her size. . .I thought I'd take her out tonight. Get her mind off of things."

"If Ransom agrees to go then I don't mind," he said. "But don't put all your money on Lock agreeing to go out."

"Mmm hmm," he hummed, getting up.

"Fairy, I'm serious!" he said. "If Stray don't wanna go, don't try and force her."

"I won't," he whined, leaving the room hurriedly.

He went to his room, quietly opened the door, and slipped inside. Lock sighed, rolling over, and Jack held his breath watching his girlfriend. When no signs of her waking showed, he exhaled, and went to his closet. Standing on his tiptoes, he felt blindly around the topmost shelf in his closet, cussing quietly when he couldn't find what he was searching for, and just as he was about to give up and get a stool, he felt it. The familiar coolness and smoothness of glass greeted his fingertips; he grit his teeth, reaching farther, and his hand closed around the jar. Grinning, he pulled the jar from his closet, and snuck out of his room. He scampered down the steps, sat on the couch, and opened the jar, pulling out two thick wads of cash.

"Whoa, Jack!" Ransom squeaked when she came into the living room. "Where'd all this cash come from? You moonlight as a stripper?"

"No," he laughed, sticking his tongue out at her. "I put a little money away every time I get paid."

"In a 'Spoil Lock' jar?" she asked, reading the label on the jar. "And it looks as if you put more than just a little money away."

"I put twenty-five to fifty dollars in here every paycheck. . .Sometimes I'll throw in a whole hundred if it's been a good week at work," he replied, counting the money. "Now, I have a question for you."

"Mmm hmm," she hummed, looking at him.

"Would you be willing to go to the mall and buy Lock a nice dress? Something suitable for a nice restaurant as well as dancing? And some good shoes. Maybe some jewelry?" he asked, counting out five hundred dollars.

"Why me?" she whispered.

"You know her dress size and style," he replied. "And she'll get suspicious if I'm gone and she wakes up. . .Plus, I have calls to make."

"Five hundred is a lot of money," she whimpered nervously. "And if you want to get jewelry, you should pick it out."

"Take pictures of the jewelry," he said, handing her the money. "Send them to my phone and I'll tell you what I'd buy. And I won't tell Bobby if you spoil yourself after you get what I want," he smiled, winking.

"But. . ."

"Ransom, please?" he whispered. "I'd do it myself, but I'm sure that I'll have to make quite a few calls to get a reservation. And I might have to get Blaine to pull strings again."

"I won't get anything for myself," she said seriously. "It's money to spoil Lock."

"Fine by me," he smiled, kissing her temple. "Thank you, Ransom. I appreciate it."

"Mmm hmm," she hummed, getting up. "Let me say goodbye to Bobby and I'll head out."

He nodded, getting up to get a phone book, and sat back down, thumbing to the restaurant section. He grabbed the phone and dialed the number to a fancier Chinese restaurant.

"Golden Lotus," a woman said cheerfully. "How may I help you?"

"Hi, my name is Jack Mercer and I'm wondering if you have an opening at. . .seven or even eight this evening?" he asked politely.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Mercer, we don't," she said and hung up.

"Bitch," he grumbled, dialing the next number. Ransom bounded downstairs and was out of the house by the time he was turned down again.

This continued on for an hour before he finally got so pissed off that he threw the phone book across the living room.

"Jack Damien Mercer!" Ma scolded, coming down the stairs. "I know I raised you better than that!"

"I-," he started.

"Don't even," she smiled. "Now, what's the problem?"

"I can't get a reservation at any of the classy Chinese restaurants," he whined. "And I really want to take Lock out tonight."

"He hasn't even mentioned this to baby girl!" Bobby groaned, leaning on the railing of the stairs. "Why try making reservations? What if she tells you to shove the date night up your ass?"

"Then I was gonna let you have my reservation," he growled. "But if you're gonna be a dick about it, then forget it."

"Boys," Ma warned sternly. "Now, Jackie, who do you normally call when you need this sort of help?"

"Blaine," he sighed. "Ma, I am so sick of having to pull strings to get in anywhere nice in this town!"

"I know, baby," she whispered, sitting beside him and stroking his hair. "But I think that if the strings are there, a little tug every once in a while is good for them. Now, call Blaine."

"All right," he exhaled, dialing Blaine's number.

"Hello?" Blaine asked breathlessly, picking up after the fifth ring.

"Hey, it's Jack. . .Are you busy?"

"No," he laughed. "Had to run to get the phone. I was outside, checking on my vegetable garden."

"Oh. . .Well, do you think you can come over here? I'm trying like hell to get a reservation and can't. . ." he muttered.

"Big date?" he chuckled.

"Yeah. . .Well, maybe. Depends on whether or not Lock agrees to go," he said softly. "I still haven't run this by her. . ."

"Could I do her hair and makeup?" he asked sweetly. "If you guys do go out?"

"If we go," he said. "And it's really up to Lock about the hair and makeup."

"We'll be there in a few," he said cheerily.

"Thanks," he smiled, knowing full well that Hayden had moved in with Blaine and the two of them were inseparable. He jolted when his cell phone went off, dug it out of his pocket on his pajama bottoms, and checked it. It was a text from Ransom. When he opened the message, it showed a picture of Ransom in a black dress with white stars all over it; the dress looked light and possibly a little billowy on the bottom, with a sharp V-neck design, and little sleeves. It was also short, only coming to about mid thigh, but he loved it.

Perfect! He texted her.

Good, was the reply. Now I'll go look at jewelry.

He hummed to himself, setting his cell on his leg, and glanced to his mother. She smiled, touching his hair, and looked at him.

"Bobby tells me that we need to discuss the pill for Lock," she whispered. "Is that true?"

"Ma!" he yelped, blushing.

"Jackie," she sighed, "it's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"We. . .we haven't had sex," he whimpered. "And we're not doing this so we could start. Bobby just wants us to be safe. And we're supposed to be talking to Lock too!"

"I know, but it doesn't hurt to talk to you about some things," she laughed. "Now, if Lock is taking birth control pills, she can still get pregnant. It isn't a failsafe and neither are condoms, or the two combined."

"Oh, my god!" he whined loudly. "Ma, I know that! I had sex-ed in high school and I do watch TV."

"I know you know, Jackie," she chuckled, patting his blushing face. "But as your mother, it is my right to remind you of these things. It also won't protect you against STDs, Jack."

"MOM!" he squeaked, glaring at her. "Stop it!"

"No, Jackie," she whispered, going deadly serious on him all of a sudden. "And speaking of that, you should really get yourself checked well before you guys take that last step." Jack averted his eyes from his mother's light blue ones; pain filled his whole body. Did she really think that he was disease infested? Like a street whore? "Jackie," she breathed, reading him as if he were a favorite book, and she pulled him to her, "I don't mean to make it sound as if I think you 'get around' and you know that. I'm just thinking of Kett and the things that he's done to you. I have never thought of you as a whore."

He sniffled, nodding into her neck, and exhaled shakily. He hated the idea of being tested for STDs. What if he did end up having something? How disgusting would he feel then?

Oh god! What if I do have something! He panicked, feeling ill. Lock could have it too!

"Ma?" he croaked nervously.


"The hospital runs tests, right? After someone's been. . ." he trailed off. "So. . .they'd have one from the last time I was in there?"

"They should," she responded softly. "It's procedure. Call the hospital and ask, ok?"

He nodded, taking the house phone, and he went to the kitchen, his legs feeling wobbly. He sat at the table, dialed the hospital, and exhaled loudly. When someone finally answered, he fumbled for his words, and somehow managed to give his name and ask for the records section. He was quickly transferred and put on hold, annoying classical music playing in his ear. There was a brisk knock on the front door before Blaine just walked right in, pulling Hayden along.

"Jackness!" his friend beamed, waving.

"He's on the phone!" Hayden hissed, blushing.

"Oh, oops," he chuckled, heading to the living room.

Dork, Jack thought, smiling.

When a woman answered the phone, he gave his full name again, and sheepishly asked if she could give him the results of his last STD check. He held his breath, feeling his face and neck flush hotly, and waited.

"Well, Mr. Mercer," the woman said, "you're just fine. Not so much as a bladder infection."

"Ok, thank you," he whispered.

"Mmm hmm," she hummed and hung up.

Jack sighed in relief, putting the phone back in the cradle to charge, and went into the living room. Blaine and Hayden were on the couch, talking with Ma, and Jack sat down in the recliner. Ma gave him a questioning look, silently asking him if he was clean, and he grinned at her. She smiled in return, got up, kissed his forehead lovingly, and went to the kitchen.

"So, you have a reservation at The China Rose for eight," Blaine said. "Under Mercer."

"Blaine!" he whined. "I could have made my own damn reservation! You didn't have to pull fucking strings!"

"Hey, hey," Blaine soothed, giving him a wounded look. "I didn't have to pull any strings. . .The China Rose is a brand new Chinese restaurant in the 'upper class' part of town. I was just hoping that I could reserve you a spot before they got full. Spots go fast even though they're new."

"Oh," he whispered. "Uhh. . .could you tell me a bit about this place?"

"All I'll tell you is that it's a beautiful place, with great food, and you should expect to sit on the floor—on huge plush pillows," he sighed happily. "They are mostly traditional in their design. It's like taking a step back in time. . ."

"Sounds like you've been there," he said, gasping as his phone went off. "Hang on a sec." He opened the text and wrinkled his nose at the picture of Ransom sporting a cheap looking star necklace.

Not expensive looking enough, he texted. And I'd like there to be more stars. . .Maybe something dangly. . .What did you get her for shoes?

"Ok," he said, looking up to his friends. "It's Ransom," he explained when Blaine gave him a confused look. "I sent her to the mall with some money to get Lock all the goodies for tonight."

"Oh! What's on her dress?" Blaine asked, his two tone eyes glowing.

"Stars," he smiled. "Lock's obsessed with them."

"Tell her. . .Can I see your cell?" his friend asked, extending his hand. "I need some things for Lock. I'll pay for them."

"I can pay for it," he said, tossing his cell phone over. "Sent her with five hundred."

"Mmm," he hummed, quickly texting something to the girl before tossing the phone back.

Just as Jack caught it, it buzzed, and he opened another text. This one told him that she'd get whatever Blaine had asked for, she'd bought black flats decorated with white stars, and that the necklace she'd shown him was almost ninety dollars.

It looks cheap! He texted, putting a smiley face. Please look for something dangly, silver, and fancy.

Fine! She replied, putting a face with a tongue sticking out.

"All right, so have you been to the restaurant?" he asked Blaine and Hayden.

"Yup," Blaine grinned, kissing his boyfriend's jaw. "I took Hayden there for the grand opening; perk of having my parents is that I can usually get in just about anywhere."

"It's a really nice place," Hayden said. "With really nice people. Very polite. . .and I hate to sound rude, but they speak English very well."

"Hey, I find that a relief," Jack laughed. "What food would you recommend?"

"Mm. . .Definitely the duck," Hayden said. "It's oven roasted, crispy, with this delicious tangerine and sesame seed sauce on top—I don't know what spices they put on during the cooking, but it has a little spice to it, but the sauce cools it down—and they sprinkle sliced almonds on top."

"It's a whole duck?" he squeaked. "Not just a breast or something?"

"A whole duck," Blaine laughed. "They give you a knife and fork to serve it. And you can take the leftovers home. Hayden forgot to mention that they put little tangerine sections inside the duck while it's roasting and then put some on the plate and give you extra sauce for dipping. I'd really recommend that; the rest of your meal is up to you."

"The duck does sound really yummy," he whispered, licking his lips. "Is this place romantic?"

"Very," Hayden said, smiling. "Can I ask why you are planning this big date?"

"Well," he sighed, "there was this guy, Ian, at the Noose that night we did the show. . .And Lock was. . .you know. And me and him got into that fight. Anyway, we found out that Ian is friends with Kett and Zane and he's known for slipping GHB into a random drink that he buys for a girl, then he. . .rapes them."

"Oh, my god," Blaine growled. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah," Jack muttered. "And I know how Lock feels right now. Like she can't go anywhere without running into someone who knows Kett."

"Huh?" Hayden asked. "What do you mean?"

"When I was with Kett," Jack slowly explained, blushing, "I'd try to leave him after he'd get really abusive. But no matter where I went in town—even the places that I was positive Kett would never go because they were 'beneath him'—there would be someone who knew him and they'd always walk up and say the same thing to me: 'Does Kett know you're here?'"

"Oh," Hayden breathed, shuddering visibly. "That's freaking creepy."

"Yeah," Blaine agreed. "Let's discuss something else. What are your plans after dinner?"

"I was hoping to go dancing," he smirked.

"I thought Lock didn't like dancing," Blaine chuckled.

"She's not fond of it, but I can convince her," he said. "Hopefully. You guys know of any. . .fancy-ish clubs? Not a bar. . ."

"Mmm. . .There's The Crimson Rose," Hayden suggested. "It's a nice place. It does have a bar, but it's mostly a dance club. . .They play really good music and there's practically no drama."

"Hmmm. . .Ok," he said, checking his phone again when it went off. A picture of a necklace was in his text and it was perfect. It was silver, with several stars of different sizes hanging down the front, and would go wonderfully with the dress.

Expensive enough? Was the text accompanying the picture. It better be! It's $150 and that's the marked down price!

It's perfect! He replied. Earrings?

Working on it, she texted. Tell Blaine that I got his stuff. . .

Will do.

"Ransom got your stuff," he said. "Whatever it is that you wanted."

"Cool," he said.

Jack checked his phone when it went off again and smiled. This picture was of a pair of gorgeous dangle earrings; each earring looked similar to a bunch of grapes, but each "grape" was a cute little star.

BUY THEM! He wrote.

Are you sure? She replied with a smiley face. They're only fifteen dollars.

Buy them. . .Pweeeeeaaassseee? he wrote.

All right, she texted. I'll be home soon.

Ok. Thank you!

"Hey, fairy?" Bobby said, coming back to the stair railing. "Lock's starting to stir a bit. . .Might be a good time to talk to her about everything."

"Ok," he said, getting up and heading up the stairs. He made it to the first landing before his shoulder was grabbed and he was spun around.

"She's not. . .pregnant?" Blaine asked, looking positively terrified.

"No!" he squeaked. "We haven't even. . .had sex, Blaine. We're gonna talk to Ma about Lock going on birth control. And not so we can have sex. Just to be safe for whenever that time comes."

"And can I ask why you're having this talk all of a sudden?" he whispered.

"Because Bobby doesn't know how to knock," he sighed. "This is all his idea."

"Oh, I see," he smirked, patting his shoulder. "Carry on," he said, darting back downstairs.

Jack continued up the stairs and went to his room. Lock was lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling, and her hands were behind her head. He crawled onto the bed, curling beside his girlfriend, and started kissing on her neck. She giggled, putting an arm around him, and he grinned, looking up at her.

"Feel better after your nap?" he whispered.

"I dunno," she muttered. "Feel like I've cried, which I did. Feel kinda. . .vulnerable, almost. . .Buy mostly gross."

"Mmm," he hummed, knowing full well how she felt. "Uhh. . .I really hate to bring this up, but. . .Bobby wants us to talk to Ma about you going on birth control pills. . ."

"Bobby?" she whispered, blushing deeply. "Why him?"

"Because he sorta. . .checked on us this morning. . .when. . .uhh. . .you were. . ." he trailed, blushing.

"Ok," she said. "When are we talking to Evelyn?"

"Oh. . .Uhh. . ." he started, faltering at her calm reaction. "The sooner the better. . .You're taking this well."

"Why shouldn't I?" she giggled. "We're. . .expanding our boundaries more and more. . .And me being on the pill is like you having that box of condoms in your nightstand. It's good to have a precaution."

"You know about the condoms?" he whispered.

"Yes," she smirked. "I have for quite a while now. And. . .just because I'll prolly be going on the pill, it doesn't mean that we're moving toward sex any faster," she said seriously.

"I know," he replied, just as serious.

"Ok, you go and get Evelyn," she said. "I've got to use the bathroom."

"All right," he grinned, waiting until she was out of the room to get up. "Oh! Sorry, Ma!" he squeaked when he bumped into her in the hallway.

She just laughed and ruffled his hair, "I came up to talk to you and Lock about birth control."

"She's in the bathroom right now," he said, gesturing his room. "Umm. . .Talk in my room?"

"That's fine," she said, going into his room and sitting on his bed. "She does know that we're having this conversation, right?"

"Yes," he smiled, sitting beside her and fidgeting nervously. "Ma, can I talk to you about something?"

"Of course," she said softly. "You can talk to me about anything, Jackie."

"Ok," he whispered, getting up to shut his door. Lock was almost to the door and gave him a look. He tugged her inside, figuring that it wouldn't hurt for her to be present for this as well, and shut his door. "I'm asking Ma about some stuff," he explained quietly, going to his nightstand. "Umm. . .Ok, so Bobby bought me this box of. . .condoms," he breathed, pulling the box from his nightstand drawer. "They're. . .assorted sizes. . .but. . .I'm wondering if I need to buy a whole box of the correct size. To be safe for when the time comes; which isn't going to be soon."

"Well," his mother said, taking the box and opening it—pulling out a wrapped condom, "a properly fitting condom is extremely important, Jackie, as you well know. Too loose and they can come off during sex, which is bad. But it's even worse if the condom is too small. Not only is it extremely uncomfortable for you, as the man, but it can break. Which can lead to pregnancy. And I've even had girls in the ER with broken pieces of condom inside them, which caused some very bad yeast infections."

"Oh, my god," Lock whispered, turning a bright red. "Do I have to be here for this?"

"Yes, Lock," Ma said firmly, but with a soothing tone. "It's better that both of you understand the importance of condoms and everything that goes with them." Lock groaned loudly, blushing even more, and stared at her feet. "Now, Jackie, you should use these to find your right size in this brand if it works for you. . .then buy a whole box of your size. Also, be sure that you buy a new box every few months, even if you aren't using them. That way, you'll be relatively sure that the condom won't break due to being weak."

"Ok," he said, blushing a little bit. "Anything else?"

"Well, you do know that there are flavored condoms. Which have never really made sense to me. . .I know that they're for oral sex, but-."

"Ma!" Jack yelped, blushing furiously.

"Jack," she said sternly, "you know that I, of all people, will not lie to you or skimp on the details of sex. It would not be fair of me to do that."

"I know," he whined, "but can we please skip the 'flavored' talk? I have. . .no interest in those."

"You might feel that way now," she smirked, "but I know that young couples like to experiment in the bedroom. Jack, don't you dare interrupt me again," she said firmly, but had a huge smile on her face when he went to say something. "I know this is embarrassing for the both of you, but we are going to have this conversation."

"All right," he grumbled, sitting by his girlfriend.

"Now, I really wouldn't recommend using the flavored condoms for anything other than oral sex," Ma said. "But there are colored condoms and textured condoms, both of which I would recommend. Colors can be fun and textures can make sex more pleasurable for the woman. If you don't already know, simple penetration might not be enough to fully pleasure a woman and textured condoms can help a bit. But do not use them for the first few times because it will be painful enough for Lock without any added friction in the mix. Now, Lock, it's time to talk about your end of birth control. Are you ready?"

"It won't be like the condom talk, right?" she asked, giggling nervously.

"No," Ma laughed, patting her knee. "It's somewhat simpler. First, do you want an implant or the pill?"

"Pill," she said quickly. "I don't want anyone down there. . .So, I would prefer the pill."

"That's fine," Ma said softly. "I can pick up a prescription for you tonight when I go into work. When you start taking the pill you need to take it every day and around the same time every day, all right?"

"Mmm hmm," Lock hummed. "Umm. . .are there any side effects? Will I. . .not get my period anymore?"

"Oh, honey," she laughed, hugging her. "Your information is way outdated. No, you won't lose your period. You may spot a little bit for the first month, but after that you should be regular."

"Oh," she exhaled, blushing. "Is that all?"

"Well, no," she chuckled. "I'm going to give you the same speech that I gave Jack. Condoms and birth control pills are not a failsafe against pregnancy, but it is a major step in the responsible direction—when that step comes—and they will not protect against STDs, or the pill won't. Condoms might help. Not that I'm really worried about you two somehow getting an STD."

Lock blushed, looking away, and his mother kissed her temple as she stood up. She kissed Jack's cheek and made her way to the door. As she reached the door, she paused, and turned around.

"I'm so proud that the two of you were willing to come to me about this," she said, smiling widely. "I know it was very embarrassing for you, but it was incredibly responsible. Thank you."

"No problem, Ma," Jack said, smiling shyly.

"Mmm," Lock hummed, still blushing brightly.

With that said, his mother left, closing the door behind her, and Jack looked to his girlfriend.

"Hey, gorgeous?" he purred, slipping to his knees in front of her.

"What?" she whispered, immediately playing with his hair.

"Would you feel up to going out tonight?"

"Jack," she groaned loudly.

"If you don't want to, I can just give Bobby and Ransom our reservation and we-," he started.

"You already made a reservation?" she sighed.

"Blaine made the reservation," he chuckled.

"Where at?" she asked softly.

"A place called The China Rose," he said.

"I've never heard of it," she muttered, giving him a questioning look.

"It's a new restaurant in the 'high class' part of town," he said, kissing her knees. "Blaine says that it's amazing. Kinda set up in a bit of a traditional Chinese way. And I thought. . .No, I hoped that you'd be willing to go dancing after dinner. If you decide to go."

"Ok, now you're pushing your luck," she giggled, pushing his forehead playfully.

"We don't have to go out at all if you really don't want to," he said seriously. "We can stay here and order in."

"I. . .kinda wanna go out," she said softly. "But I'm so scared that we'll see Kett or someone who knows him. . ."

"If we go out and someone we don't know comes up and tries to talk to you, I'll tell 'em to fucking get lost," he said, smiling.

"Oh, yeah right," she giggled. "Like you're such a bad ass."

"I can be if I have to," he chuckled, putting his arms around her—letting his hands touch her lower back. "Especially when it comes to you, beautiful."

She sighed, looking at him, and put her hands on his shoulders.

"I don't really have any super fancy clothes," she said.

"Sure you do," he grinned. "And some nice new jewelry and shoes."

"What?" she groaned. "Jack. . .I. . .you need to quit spending all this fucking money on me!"

"It's my money," he laughed. He explained about the money and its purposes.

"You should spend your money on stuff for you," she whispered, blushing cutely. "Stuff you want and enjoy."

"Well, I enjoy seeing you all dressed up and dolled up. . .and having you on my arm in public," he purred, playing with her back.

"What time is our reservation?" she asked very quietly.

"Eight," he smiled. "So, you'll go?"

"Yeah, I'll go," she giggled. "Seeing as how you went through so much trouble and I've really been craving Chinese food lately."

"Good," he grinned. "You just made my and Blaine's day."

"Blaine?" she murmured. "What do you mean?"

"Well, he really wants to do your hair and makeup," he said. "And you did promise him a chance to play with your hair. Plus, he's already here."

"I know I promised him," she laughed. "And I will gladly let him do my hair."

"Yes!" a muffled voice cheered before the door opened.

"I really tried to stop him," Hayden said as Blaine strolled into their room.

"Lock, you need to get a shower," Blaine said, ignoring his boyfriend's embarrassment. "And I'll need to blow dry your hair so I can work with it."

"Like hell you're gonna blow dry my hair," she growled. "That will make it all fluffy and stupid. . ."

"Oh, honey, please," he said, smirking and putting his hand on his hip. "Do you think we're in the dark ages? I've got some smoothing serum for your hair. You put one pump of it in your palm—oh, I'll just do it once you're out of the shower."

"Umm. . .I was wondering if you needed any help picking out clothes or anything," Hayden whispered to Jack.

"Second opinions never hurt," Jack laughed.

"Ok, so where can I get Lock ready if you two are gonna be in here?" Blaine asked. "I need a place with lots of light and space."

"We could ask Bobby if you could use his room. . ." Jack suggested.

"I'll ask him," Blaine said. "Lock, go get in the shower."

"God, you are so pushy," she said, getting up. "Let me know what room we'll be in."

"Will do!" he chirped excitedly as she left the room.

Well, here you go. Another chapter. I am really sorry it took so long. As I said in my Author's Note, I was in the process of moving downstate into a dorm room and taking care of that kinda stuff. I have two super hard classes this semester and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to write, but I will be working on the second half of this chapter as soon as I possibly can. I also don't feel well tonight and I'm hoping that I haven't caught something *blech*.

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