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Ikuto's POV

I can't believe this. I can't believe he was stupid enough to get lost. I rounded yet another corner in search of Yoru who disappeared after saying he'd be gone only for an hour. It had now been five hours. He's probably in a trash can in some alley. He was in so much trouble when I found him. But I couldn't help but feel my stomach tighten as I pondered his where abouts. I'm sure he was just fine.

I'd looked almost everywhere in the town. I looked in almost all the alleys, looked at the parks and ponds. I looked back home, managing barely to avoid Utau. But I couldn't find him anywhere. He was in so so much trouble.

Sighing as I walked I looked up expecting to see stars but was blinded by a street lamp. Stepping back I looked up again finding myself in front of Amu's house. Maybe she would help me. Wait was I serious. But going to see her did have some ups. Maybe Yoru would be in there, he did like her chara. Miki…yeah I think that was the one. Oh well a few minutes wont hurt. It definitely would improve my mood.

Amu's POV Five hours earlier

"I'm so bored." I groaned walking down the street. My charas were following behind me chatting amongst themselves, and didn't even seem to notice my mood. I hadn't been able to see my friends after school since they all had things that had to do. So I was left bored and alone to wonder the town.

I could have gone home but my parents had taken Ami out to see my grandparents for the week. They'd be back next Tuesday so I was alone for a week. That hadn't seemed to be a problem when they left but I now realized how boring my house life was without them there.

"H-help me!" I whipped my head up when I heard a small little familiar cry of pain.

"Oh my god." I ran across the path towards a tree where I could see Yoru laying on a lower branch.

"Yoru, what happened?" I demanded picking up the small kitten chara carefully. He looked up at me like he didn't know who I was then he passed out.

"Ah! What should I do!" I ran in a circle under the tree in panic.

"Ikuto! Yes I should go find Ikuto!"

"No Amu-chan we need to help Yoru!" Miki cried hovering closer to us. I looked down at Yoru and agreed. He was awfully pale and I could see a hideous purple bruise on the side of his head.

"Alright." We took off towards my house, Yoru cradled in my hands.

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