Chapter 16

"Amu! Amu wake up!" Amu shot straight up into the air knocking her head against the small chara's lined in front of her face.

"What what!" She all but screeched as her heart raced from the sudden and very unwelcomed awakening.

"Ikuto's gone!" They all cried at once.

Ikuto stood behind Utau as she packed her last bag. He was stared off into space as he waited for her to finish packing. Yoru was nowhere in sight but Ikuto didn't have the strength in him to go looking. He felt his chest constrict when he thought of Amu, but pushed the thoughts aside quickly. He'd had his time with her, now he had more important things to do. More important than love? He asked himself and scolded himself.

"Alright I'm ready." Utau grabbed her bag and tried to hug Ikuto in excitement for their trip but he moved out of her way easily leaving her in a pouting mess on the floor.

"Good lets go." Ikuto's voice was cold and emotionless as he picked up his violin case and walked from the room. Utatu hurried after him.

The arrived at the airport much to quickly for Ikuto's liking. Utau had sober throughout the ride and he wondered if she finally had caught on to his mood. His suspicions was confirmed when he opened the door of the car and she grabbed his arm.

"Why are you coming with me again Ikuto?" She asked her eyes hidden behind a pair of expensive sunglasses. He looked away from her invisible gaze and looked out the open door.

"You are an idiot that's why." He said harshly but pulled his arm from his sister's grasp gently. "Let's go." He ordered her out of the cab.



"What! Where is he?" Amu all but screamed in utter horror. She threw back the blankets over her and rushed out on to the balcony like she could see a trail or something he'd left. She couldn't believe he would simply slip away into the night without saying goodbye to her. He said within the week…..that didn't rule out today as a departure day.

"Oh no!" Amu launched herself through the house calling desperately for Ikuto but he was nowhere to be found. Amu rushed up the stairs again feeling panicked.

"What do I do?" She sobbed into her hands wishing just to hug him goodbye one last time.

"We have to find them!" Miki piped up her face a rosy color, but Amu sensed it wasn't embarrassment that colored her chara's face. And suddenly Amu felt angry herself.

"Yes, lets go find that perverted idiot!" There was a cheer from Miki but the other two looked at each other worriedly. This could end badly.


"Ikuto are you sure you want to come?" Utua was actually whining at him. He couldn't believe it.

"I told you, you're an idiot, I have to go with you." But each word was a lie, except the idiot part, he laughed to himself. He wanted badly to stay in this town, but only for one girl. That was a foolish reason he kept reminding himself over and over again. He loved Amu, but the difference between them was to great nothing could become of it, and nothing would. He would go with Utau and that would be the end of Amu.

"But Ikuto, you look so sad and depressing, well more than usual. What's bothering you?" She demanded loosing the pouty little sister attitude. Ikuto sighed and gave a gentle smile as he put his hand on her head.

"I'll be fine, let's get on the plane, that's our flight they are calling." He picked up his violin and walked away not seeing if she followed. She hesitated hating the way her brother was acting, what worried her most was the look in his eyes. The dead, almost hopeless look. Did he really care for that girl that much? Of course he did, it was in Ikuto's nature to care overly for one person.

"Ikuto!" The tall teen stopped dead in his tracks like his feet had been frozen to the floor. Utau whipped around to see a small pink haired girl rushing through the crowds behind her a group of kids following her, looks like one her friends had pulled through with a ride for her. They all huffed and puffed trying to keep up with her frantic pace. Utau could see the shock and confusion on their faces when she called out for Ikuto.

"Ikuto its Amu!" Utau stood from her seat and ran to Ikuto holding his arm like he might bolt any second.

"Take these, and get on the plane, I'll be there soon." His voice was barely more then a whisper as he shoved the bags and case at his sister. Utau looked worried but he pushed her away and turned to face the onslaught of Amu's anger.

"What are you doing!" She yelled slamming her fists on to his chest as she reached him panting. Ikuto grunted but gripped her wrists and kept her from striking him again. She snatched away her arms and glared at him. He looked so cool, calm as he slid his hands into his pockets and studied the tile under their feet.

"What are you doing!" She screamed again tears welling unwanted in her eyes.

"I'm leaving Amu, I told you this already." His voice was hard and Amu wanted to strike him again, but she resisted and stared at his lowered face.

"Why….why would you leave like this…." Her voice lost all its anger and was filled with pain now. Ikuto's face flinched and he closed his eyes against the sound.

"I did not want to see you." The pause felt like a slap to her face. "I did not want to see you upset, like this." He reached up and tucked a strand of pink hair behind her ear. Amu's tears slicked down against his palm and he pushed them away with slender fingers.

"You had no right, no right to try and leave me like this." She knew the sentence was odd but she blurted it out without thought and let it rest between them. Ikuto sighed and pulled Amu to his chest resting his head on hers.

"I know, I'm sorry little girl." She felt the press of his lips to her hair and curled her arms around his chest crying.

"When will you be back?" She whispered.

"Whenever I feel Utau's learned some sense." He chuckled a little letting Amu take the moment to join in.

"Thank you Amu." He whispered after a moment of silent embracing.

"For what?" She asked pushing back from his arms. He smiled and cupped her face gently kissing her, but lingering longer than he ever had before. Amu's face exploded knowing that her friend were watching them.

"For coming, and giving me that special time with you." He smiled pushing the words out close to her face. A woman who had been standing nearby gasped and Amu's face exploded even more.

"That sounded perverted!" She grumbled punching his shoulder. Ikuto's smirk was irristable and Amu leaned forward peaking his cheek.

"I will be back for you." He said firmly. Amu nodded and closed her eyes with a sigh. She felt his lips press to her forehead and then he was gone.

She kept her eyes closed till she knew for sure he would be gone, she could not stand the sight of him walking away from her.

"Amu!" Her friends called out to her but she ran from them and to the large glass windows. She saw Ikuto's plane and kissed the glass.

"I love you Ikuto, I'll be waiting."


"Are you alright?" Utau asked as Ikuto leaned towards the plane window. A smile suddenly lit his face as he saw a pink head press to the glass of the air port.

"Perfectly, you better learn quick Utau. I have someone to get back to." He smiled leaning back in his seat and closed his eys.

I love you Amu.

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