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"Ugh." I moaned, my face flat on the floor. Who did that?

"Bella..." Jacob asked, running towards me.

I stood up and ran to Edward.

"What's wrong?" He asked, confused.

"You... You..." I tried to think of a way not to hurt his feelings. "Well, to be honest Jake, you stink."

He laughed. "You don't smell like a bouquet of roses yourself. So, they finally changed you huh?"

"Yea, turns out they like me." I said, smiling.

"Hey, um, what was that whole thing about? You disappeared... and Emmett said something about a pogo stick?"

"Oh.... Um..." I looked around at my new family trying to think of an excuse.

"Just tell him." Alice whispered to me.

"Okay, so, my power is invisibility apparently."

He nodded. "Why did it happen when I came in?"

"Actually, it wasn't because you came in, it was what you said."

"Wha-- I said that you looked nice."

"Actually, Alice said, stepping up beside me. What you said was 'Wow, you look... uh, wow'" She quoted him, then giggled.

I looked down at the ground, replaying the whole scene in my head.

"Oh..." Jake said, blushing. I could smell the blood pooling in his cheeks. Warm, musky smelling blood.

"Yea..." I said adkwardly, looking back up at him.

"So it happens whenever someone...compliments you?"

"Uhm, no,"

"It happens whenever she would have blushed as a human!" Alice said giggling.

"Awe Bells," Jake said grinning. "I made you blush."

"Yea whatever Jake."

Jake looked pleased with himself and sat on the sofa.

"What are you doing dog?" Rosalie asked, glaring at him. "Now we'll have to burn that."

"Oh calm down blondie," Jake said, putting his feet on the coffee table. "Lighten up."

Well, it took Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice to hold Rose back from killing Jake.

Jake laughed.

"You're not helping. She's about to tear you limb from limb." I hissed at him

He laughed again and said. "I'd like to see her try."

I decided right then and there that Jake is a complete idiot.

"UGH! YOU STUPID DOG!" Rose yelled, trying to break free from her captors.

"Okay then..." I said, rushing Jake outside. "So, why'd you come here?"

"To see you." He said, smiling. "I went to the hospital when I heard, but you weren't there. So, I thought I'd come here."

"But why?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"Because Im hoping that you'll forget about your Vamp and come to me."

I slapped him. "No."

"Awe, come on Bells, you know that we're so much better for each other than you and Edward."

I laughed. "Yea, Vampires and Werewolves get along great."

"Well, we do." He said grinning.

"No, no, Jake we don't. You're too late. Edward is my fiance, and we're getting married in a month. I cant turn away from all of this."

"Yes you can." He said, taking my hand. "Just say yes, and we can run all the way to Canada."

"How will we get across the boarder? I dont have a passport."

"Come on!" He said laughing. "It's just Canada. They were ranked the #1 easiest North American country to sneak into." (AN: i dont know if thats true.. just something my brother said, and that doesnt happen very often so I thought I'd put it in.... sorry! continue.)

I looked at him confused. "How do you even know that? Wait," I said, changing my mind. "I dont want to know."

"So come on bells," He said, taking my hand in his two. "Please?"

"No Jake. No."

"What will it take for a yes?"

"Nothing. I cant be with you." I said, walking back towards the house.

"But you can!" He pleaded. "Just come with me and it will all be fine."

"Im fine now." I said stubbornly

"Sure you are." He said under his breath.

I stopped. "You idiot. Im not a human anymore. I can hear you." Then stormed off towards the house.

"Bells, come on, dont go back! Let's just run away."

"No. You know what, Im done. Bye." I thought of the most embaressing thing I could to make myself blush. It seemed to work because Jake looked confused.

"Aw, Bells, please dont dissapear on me!" He whined, scanning the clearing for me.

I walked back into the house, leaving Jake outside alone.

"Why'd the front door just slam...?" Alice asked, looking up from the TV

"It's probably just the wind." Esme said, smiling over the rim of her coffee cup.

"Or it's me." I sighed, reappearing.

"Oh!" Rose yelled, falling backwards over the couch and onto the floor. "You've got to stop doing that!"

"Sorry." I said, bluntly, sitting beside Edward.

"You okay, love?" He asked, kissing my forehead.

"Yea..." I suppose I'd just keep the whole 'elop with Jake' option out of discussion.

"Why'd Jake come here?" Alice asked, flipping a gloosy magazing page.

"Uhm..." quick think of a lie.... "He... wanted to wish you a happy birthday!"

"Bella, all of our birthdays -including yours- are either in September, March, or June. It's January." Alice reminded me, looking at me funny.

"Oh, right. hahaha, he must have gotten the dates wrong."

"Mhmmmmm..." Alice replied, unbelieving.

"So...." I said, attempting to change the topic. "Whats up for tomorrow?"

"Well," Esme said, sitting beside me on the sofa. "I was thinking we should go on a little vacation."

"What kind of vacation...?" I asked her, making sure it wasn't going to be too outragous.

She caught my look. "Uhm, how about to Las Vegas?"

"YEA!" Alice and Emmett shouted at the same time.

"They have so many great shops!" Alice started.

"And a chocolate factory!"

"And a GIANT outlet mall!"

"And rollercoasters!"

"And---" Alice tried to continue but was cut off by Edward.

"Sounds like fun. Im in."

"Im in if he's in." I sighed.

"Great! Then it's settled!"Esme smiled, getting of the sofa. "You kids had better hurry up and pack."

Edward and I climbed the stairs towards our room. He pulled out eight suitcases from the closet.

"Uhm... exactly how long are we going for?" I asked, eyeing the suitcases.

Edward looked confused then laughed. "Three weeks."

"And we need eight suitcases? What, is there no laundry place?"

"No, there is... This is how many suitcases I always use."

"God," I said, unzippping the largest suitcase. "I think i could fit inside here."

Edward laughed. "Yea.... good times....."

"What do you mean?" I asked, looking up from the suitcase.

"Uhm, when Alice bought the suitcases, she refused to buy any that she couldn't fit into with a book, portable DVD player and a bottle of pop."

"Huh. Sounds like Alice." I said, stuffing the first clothes I could find into the giant suitcases. Once we were done, Edward and I put the suitcases in his trunk for tomorrow.

"Well," I said, closing the trunk. "Sin city here we come."

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