A/N: Hey everyone, this is my first story ever... so play nice. Sometimes this might be co-authored by my friend Birdy Point, but its mostly my writing... hope you enjoy it!

I grip the edge of the filthy restroom sink. The anger that always consumes me is building in my head. I glance up at the cracked mirror; hating the man who stares back at me with his sanguineous black eyes. I rake a callous palm over my haunted looking face. Who is this tormented soul staring back at me?

My hands begin to shake on the ceramic basin. I hunch over closer to the mirror, biting on my tongue. I taste blood in my mouth and spit into the ceramic bowl in disgust. Whatever I do, this fury remains in my mind. It is the burden I carry; my dark passenger.

"Fang, get your lightweight, feathery arse outside and use those oversized duck wings to check no ones following us," came the gruff voice of Alpha, the packs leader and my friend.

I growled and pushed back my rage. Now was not the time to morph. I turned the cold tap on full bore and splashed the cold water onto my face. I looked back at the stranger in the mirror for a second, then I turned and moved swiftly out the door.

My name is Fang and I am an avian, lupine hybrid. I soar like a bird, yet I fight like a wolf and always on the outside, I am human. As a mortal, I am a freak with wings. As an angel, I am a vicious monster. The only refuge I ever sort was with a group of fellow outcasts, human lupine hybrids who called themselves the Pack.

I am the Beta of my pack- second in command. But inside, I am a lone wolf. My pack can't fly. They are 'obsolete' Erasers, according to the Whitecoats. But they are my family now. They are my brothers and sisters. Five years ago, there were twelve of us in the pack, now only seven of us remained. Before I found the Pack, they were a team of Erasers created to hunt and destroy other experiments that went rogue.

But when they were labeled 'obsolete', they ran. Just like me.

As I pushed open the bathroom door, I was met by the relentless Australian sun. It was midday, and the sun showed no mercy on this desolate land. I dislike it here in Alice Springs. It is excruciatingly hot and dry, there is not enough cover at night and like in every small town, everyone knows everything about anything that goes on.

But I don't complain. Deserts' probably one of the best places to dump a body.

I glace around and jumped into the sky. Stroking down hard I felt a small breeze lift me into the air. I could see the red soil below me, and the roof of the small shut down petrol station. I could see our black van and Alpha, who was playing with the engine. I smiled softly, my anger sliding away. Up here I was king. Up here my dark passenger couldn't reach me.

Up here I was free.

Sadly for me, that feeling didn't last for long.

"ALPHA!" I roared down at him. "Itex Erasers, coming in fast!"