"Had a dream about you" said Ginny, hoping that by moving the nail polish that was on her shelf on the fridge, that food would appear behind it. "We were married, it was an awful nightmare" she laughed, and then realised the other person wasn't laughing. It wasn't Harry that had walked into the kitchen. She closed the fridge door and turned to see Stephanie. She and Stephanie had never been great friends (to put it mildly), but joking that she had dreamt about being married to her fiancée probably wouldn't make Stephanie like her any more than she already did.

"Harry's gone to work" she said, ignoring the comment and walking towards the fridge for some milk. They had never been enamoured towards each other, Ginny remembered the night she had moved in due to the fact it was the first time they had been introduced. It was all due to another blazing row with her mother about how she lived her life, She had been through the property pages, to no avail. She remembered that Harry had mentioned that he had a spare room in passing at lunch and she asked him after the next family lunch if she could rent the room ( No charity, she was a Weasley, and earning quite enough as a quidditch player). He had said yes, and told her she could move in any time, they had agreed on Friday, Harry promptly forgot this. She had arrived and let herself in (with her key) to find Harry and Stephanie (Whom she had only seen once or twice before at christmas gatherings etc.. and never spoken to) almost naked on the sofa (only saved by the nick of time and a well timed cough). Stephanie had given Ginny ,what she considered, a filthy look as she covered herself with a blanket. Ginny assumed, correctly, that she thought of her as uncouth and vulgar and Ginny thought of her as an uptight little miss prissy pants.

" You on different shifts again?" she asked, Stephanie was also a trainee auror along with Harry and they were now doing the practical application of their training, which meant shift work and lots of nights, as the trained aurors palmed the night shifts off onto the trainees.

"Yeah, I've got the late shift" she said, picking up her toast and casting a spell to cut each slice into triangles. Ginny was sure she only did things like that to wind her up. " How's Lucas?" she asked.

Lucas was Ginny's boyfriend, he was a trainer for the Harpies and his flat was where she spent 90 of her spare time, the other time was showering or getting changed here. She had tried to convince him to let her move in, but it never seemed to work. Especially due to Harry and Stephanie's recent engagement and she was back to looking at adverts for flats."Fine" she said. Going to her cupboard in the kitchen, she must have some food somewhere. She was watched by Stephanie, who was sipping the tea she had just made. No food to be found in the cupboards either, She shrugged and looked at her watch, it she went now she could get something to eat before practice.

"Ginny" she said, looking straight at her back. She turned around. " You are Ok with this aren't you?" she knew exactly was she talking about, twirling the band around around her finger. She hated that ring. " I know you and Harry have a history" she said, looking nervous.

Ginny laughed, " We were 15 and 16. It was a long time ago. I had a stupid childhood crush and his hormones were everywhere. Trust me, it was nothing." She supposed it did seem a bit weird to let you ex move in, but Ginny was more than that, the Weasleys had always been his surrogate family, and after the war, Ginny his sister, which had quickly stopped any hope of them getting together again. She had never told anyone but they had tried again, a couple of months after the war, just before she went back for seventh year, they kissed in the broomshed at the burrow. But it wasn't the same, it was like kissing a brother, and they both agreed it was stupid to keep trying.

" I'm very happy for both of you" she said with her sincere face, which for some reason made her look insincere. " Honestly, I am" she said smiling.

"Harry thought you might want to be involved, there are loads of bridesmaids but we'd like you to be an usher, if you want to that is"

"Thank you, that's really nice, I really appreciate it"

"Also, would you mind if I asked you a few things about the wedding, Harry's not worried about the details and all my girlfriends have gone mad with with me bugging them" When she said that, it occurred to Ginny that she'd never seen Stephanie with any friends, it had always been her and Harry. The thought crossed her mind that maybe she was asking her because she had nobody else. It couldn't be true. She was actually feeling sorry for her. But it had been her that had started their feud, but then she wasn't 5 and if she's willing to turn a new leaf then Ginny was willing to give it a try.

" I'll see what time i've got free, but I really need to get to practice before Gwenog comes to hunt me down and kidnap me. We'll discuss it later, yeah?"

"Yeah, thanks" she said as Ginny headed towards the front door, ready for apparation. She arrived at the field after everybody else, and got changed in the otherwise empty changing room, in the quickest possible time. She grabbed her broom and ran across the field to meet the team. As she did, everything went black. The sound of gasps and broomsticks swopping low was the last piece of information her senses gave her.