The Daily Prophet laid out on the table in front of her. She kept on seeing "Potter" in the headline as she looked over at Hermione, explaining what she can expect at the trial tomorrow. Knowing how important the case was, she would be taking a truth potion before taking the stand. She nodded, trying to take in everything she was saying, but her eye kept straying to the Prophet.

She smiled at the thought that nobody had been surprised when they arrived back holding hands. There was a party set up for "Harry and Ginny" and a collection of articles from the Prophet were hang up around the room. Lots of the pictures were of them kissing on the beach or walking along the beach. They had made a pact to talk to each other after what had happened with the court case. He had explained to her what the process was (He had been many times to give evidence as an auror). She was still scared, not that she'd admit to anybody who asked. Harry seemed to know this, and ignored it, waiting for her to tell him, which was exactly what she wanted. She had shuddered at the thought of the photos. What gave them the right to take photos of them on holiday? Harry had got upset, although he had explained later that getting angry didn't help anything, they would always take pictures no matter what they did. It had calmed down just before the accident when they realized there as nothing exciting or scandalous to photograph. Didn't mean they had gone away completely though. To be honest, the legal parameters were also on her list to speak to Hermione about, although she had a feeling she and Harry had done that before. The beach was a public place, right? She just couldn't remember asking though. Along with the trial tomorrow, her memory was the only thing still holding her back. She noticed Harry leaning on the doorframe and watching them talking, a smile on his lips. Hermione's looked over and stopped talking.

"What are you up to?" she asked, the playfulness in her voice.

"Me? Nothing."

"The smile on your face says otherwise."

He stepped into the room, ruffling her hair.

" Somebody else might be up to something."

Before she could speak she was interrupted by a call from the living room down the hall.

"Uncle Harry we're ready."

They both turned to look at Harry.

"You two coming then?" he said as he turned. Ginny turned to Hermione, who shrugged back at her. They followed him to the living room where Teddy and Victore were waiting in the center of the room. They were guided to the sofa.

" Auntie Ginny, since you can't remember, me and Victorie have a surprise for you. We wanted to show you what happened. We are going to show your life in a play."

Teddy rang back to Victore, looking identical to a young Harry. " Can you help me, I don't know how to get to the platform." She paused for a few moments, and she could see Teddy mouthing her the words. " Yes, it's just through the wall between 9 and 10." Ginny refused to look anywhere else, she was sure all eyes were on her.

" I will save you" said Teddy/Harry as he saved Victore/Ginny from the Basalik. Teddy didn't know the full story, only that she had been saved.

He then jumped to sixth year. " We won quidditch" he shouted, before grabbing Victore and kissing her on the forehead. "But I have to leave" he said, pulling away from her. (It was one of Victore's favorite stories, she figures this was how Teddy knew that story.)

A few years later, Teddy announced.

" Lets get married" said Victore, remembering her words and getting into the play. They held hands and ran off. Everybody started clapping. Teddy and Victore came and took a bow. Teddy had changed back to his normal appearance.

"Thank you Teddy and Victore, that was really nice." she said grabbing and cuddling them. "You could be actors on the wizarding wireless." "In fact, Teddy, you're grandad was a newsreader on muggle television."

"Grandma told me. I want to be an auror, like Uncle Harry ."

"Mummy says I should be a dancer. Teddy wouldn't let me dance in the play." said Victorie.

" Auntie Ginny doesn't dance, she does cool things like quidditch."

" I do dance, and I m sure that everybody would like see once of Victore's dances as well."

She stuck out her tongue and announced her dance. Teddy sat in her lap, as there was no seats left. She felt invincible, for the first time time since the accident she hadn't felt like she was by herself. She glanced over at Harry standing next to Bill but checking on her every few seconds. There was also her family, offering her all the support they could. She wasn't alone, she just had to ask. She could never be alone, there'd always be somebody taking a picture.