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By bachiari


There's a ton of things Wolfram seems to want to tell him, but Yuuri flees before they could spill out.


There's a limit to how much Yuuri can take, and when Wolfram accuses him yet again, he can't help but explode at the blonde prince.


An hour later, Yuuri feels guilty and rushes to apologize before Wolfram could do anything drastic.


He has an advantage over Wolfram, being water and the other being fire, but when the two duel with each other, he finds it hard to believe that there was any advantage to begin with.


There is an important event going on in Earth for Yuuri – something called graduation but Wolfram isn't sure he heard right – but Wolfram isn't invited even though Conrad is.


When Yuuri brings back a device called an umbrella from Earth, Wolfram isn't sure what to make of it; but when it rains one day and Yuuri and him are sharing an umbrella, Wolfram decides he likes it.


Wolfram knows that sometimes the usage of his words makes Yuuri angry, but he can't help it because he knows no matter what he says or does; it would never get through the thick skull of Yuuri's.


Sometimes Wolfram thinks he's misreading Yuuri and the other really likes him, but inside his heart, he knows better.


Wolfram stumbles into their room one night, drunk from champagne, and Yuuri can't help but take care of him all night, and finds something blossoming inside his heart for the blonde prince.


Annisina plots to get the two to realize their feelings for each other, and with the help of Help-Make-Confession-kun, she almost succeeds, but fails because she tests it on Gwendal and he ends up confessing to Gunter – which couldn't be right because Gwednal just couldn't be gay.


Yuuri never had a crush on anyone, be they guy or girl, but at night, when he strokes Wolfram's soft hair, he thinks he might have his first crush.


Sometimes at night, Wolfram thinks he feels Yuuri's touch, but he thinks it's a dream because the touch is too tender.


When Yuuri has to mow the lawn back on Earth and Wolfram comes with him, there's a confession made and the two finally become a couple.


Usually it's Wolfram who takes the initiative, but when it comes to sex, Yuuri takes it.


Its lunchtime and the two couldn't be bothered to stop their activities to eat, but when Greta knocks on the door and calls for them to come; they hurry out before the girl could see what her parents are doing.


Yuuri likes the taste of Wolfram's mouth and he can't help but steal kisses every time he sees his fiancé.


Conrad sees Yuuri's and Wolfram's flaws, but then he sees them together and knows that together, their flaws become insignificant.


When Yuuri learns how to drive, Wolfram is the first one inside his car.


Sometimes Wolfram has to don a mask and pretend it doesn't hurt when he sees Yuuri dancing with other girls; but it turns out okay because at night, it's Yuuri and him dancing on their huge bed.


Yuuri doesn't like being ordered around, but when Wolfram orders him to do something, he gladly stops everything he's doing and rushes to do it.


Whenever Wolfram would paint something, Yuuri would always volunteer to be the subject; the smell was horrible, but he would put up with it just so he could spend time with Wolfram.


He loves the color yellow because it's the color of Wolfram's hair and the color of their gold wedding ring which rests on Wolfram's left ring finger.


Yuuri always thinks about pleasing Wolfram because his fiancé always pays him back later inside their bedroom.


When he sees Wolfram yawn, he smiles and offers to carry him back to the castle, and even though he wasn't serious, the other takes up on the offer and Yuuri's back is sore the next day.


Yuuri is happy now that he's with Wolfram and he wouldn't trade the feeling for anything else in the world.

My first kyou kara maou fanfic! (: i always read it but never wrote it and I'm really happy how this came out. Reviews make me really happy! (: Thanks for reading.