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17 Sentences + 5 paragraphs on what happens after Yuuri and Wolfram's marriage.

By bachiari


Yuuri jumping between worlds had caused a big strain on their relationship; sometimes Wolfram thinks that their love is slipping away through the thin strands that kept it in.


They argued many times before their marriage, but now, it seems like when they argue, it's about stupid stuff and they stay mad at each other for a longer time.


Wolfram develops a habit of crying himself to sleep – though he tries his best to hide it whenever Yuuri's around.


Sometimes Wolfram thinks back to the earlier days, when Yuuri would cuddle with him to sleep and Wolfram would be overfilled with a cozy feeling.


When Yuuri had given him a video camera from his world, Wolfram had went overboard with it, recording simple things like their interactions; but now when he goes over it again, he realizes that it's these simple things that he misses.


Yuuri had taught him how to use a keyboard before, the tinkling of the notes driving Wolfram to a over cheerful smile, but it's really the brushing of their shoulders and the shy kisses Yuuri steals that keeps the smile there long after he falls sleep.


Wolfram doesn't hate Conrad for telling him to be positive, but really, his brother just didn't know how hard it was to even try.


"I won't see you for a while," Yuuri tells him one clear morning and Wolfram could barely keep the tears from falling as he wishes Yuuri a safe journey.


He hit an all-time low that day when Yuuri left, but Greta comes and plays with him – though that doesn't give him enough cheer to smile.


Wolfram wants to revert back to those earlier days, when just being together was enough to make both of their days; and while it still makes Wolfram's, when he catches Yuuri sighing and staring off into the distance, a painful feeling starts at his gut and he knows it only makes his.


Wolfram finds himself fingering his shirt out of shyness when Yuuri comes back, but Yuuri doesn't comment on it nor does he spare a glance at the dejected blonde.


Wolfram bets that his nightmare came true – that back on Earth, Yuuri was cheating on him, that Yuuri found someone better than him.


Sometimes, at random, Wolfram would catch Yuuri gazing at him across the dinner table, and although Wolfram stares at Yuuri afterward, Yuuri never looks back to meet his eyes.


Sometimes, Wolfram regrets falling in love with Yuuri; he had been in so much pain ever since he did.


But, when he really sat and thought about it, Wolfram wouldn't have had it any other way – life without Yuuri was no life at all.


When Yuuri faints one day, Wolfram is one of the people crowding around, though Yuuri is too pained to notice and Wolfram's heart wrenches painfully; what if Yuuri died before Wolfram is ready to let him go?


It all comes out when Gisela examines it and she explains that there's this illness that Yuuri has that he didn't want Wolfram to know; and at the words, Wolfram becomes faint at the knees, though he doesn't deny the sudden bittersweet relief that suddenly flowed in him; not because he was glad that Yuuri was sick, but because he was relieved that Yuuri hadn't been avoiding him because he had fallen out of love.


"There's this thing called cancer in my world, Wolf," and though Yuuri is managing a soft smile at him, Wolfram knows that the man he loves must be in great pain, for Yuuri is clutching onto his hand with great strength. "It's, it's not something that can be cured, er, well, some could but the one I have can't. I have brain tumor."
The tears are at the corners of his eyes, and Wolfram finds himself choking on his own spit, "B-b-b-brain tumor?" he finds himself stammering out and at his tears, Yuuri gently, with his other hand, wipes it away, the smile never leaving his face.
"It's fatal. I'm going to die in a few years."
"No!" Yuuri's startled at his sudden outburst, but Wolfram can't stop the words from coming, "You can't die! You can't leave me behind." He buries his head into Yuuri's chest, his tears now freely flowing.
And Yuuri pats him until he calms down and even though Wolfram knows he's being selfish, knows that really Yuuri is in the greatest pain of all, he knows that he can't stop the tears – because he was crying for love.


There's silence in the air for awhile after Wolfram's done sobbing and Yuuri hesitantly breaks it.
"I thought it was better to just leave and never come back. To go to Earth and just die peacefully on there and let you forget about me. I thought love fades with time – that I would learn how to live without you and learn how to unlove you. But that's not possible, is it? I figured out the hard way. That's why I took so many trips to Earth. Every time I would go, I would miss you so much."
Wolfram startles at the words and finds himself bitter – though the tears had taken away his energy and any anger he would have experienced. But he forces himself to look at Yuuri and understand the pain that his love is going through, to understand that while he had been through so much pain the last week, that Yuuri's going through much, much more.
"Do you know how stupid I was?" asks Yuuri with a trembling voice after a while and the maou is bringing up his other hand to try and hide his tears from the blonde. "I was being a wimp – I didn't even think of your feelings."
"Wimp," murmurs Wolfram, but the word's not an insult.
Yuuri smiles through his tears at the blonde, and Wolfram sees his lips tremble. "I know, I'm a wimp."
And Wolfram leans forward, hesitantly, using one hand to take away the maou's hand away from his eyes, and pecks a small kiss onto the Maou's lips. "But you're my wimp. And even if you're going to die, I'll still love you. You said it yourself after all, that love doesn't fade with time. Even when you're dead," his voice breaks and there's fresh tears, "I'll still love you. And the last memories we have before that moment will be my treasure."
Yuuri chokes and leans forward to capture Wolfram's lips once more.


"You know," Wolfram starts up with a small smile, "my tears taste sweet."
Yuuri laughs and then pecks Wolfram on the nose, "It's because you're crying for love."
"Wimp, that's the lamest reason I ever heard," chuckles Wolfram, but deep down inside, he wonders how Yuuri knew that he was thinking the same exact thing while he was crying.
"It's true," protests Yuuri, but when Wolfram leans up to kiss him, he gives up explaining.


"It's like I'm experiencing freedom all over again," Yuuri comments one day after the incident and Wolfram finds himself cocking his head in confusion. Yuuri smiles at it and nods, "After I decided to stop avoiding you, I feel free again."
"Free enough to kiss me?" Wolfram can't hide the trembling in his voice and he closes his eyes, leaning his face forward and puckering his lips, letting his actions do most of the talking.
There's a light sound of a husky chuckle and then Yuuri's soft lips are upon his.
Yes, Wolfram comments somewhere in his mind, this is a little bit like freedom. Then thoughts are blown away because Yuuri's biting on his lower lip and Wolfram is lost in the sensation and the happiness that is overriding any coherent thought.


Yuuri will die. Wolfram knows that, understands that. But for now, Yuuri is here, with him, spending his last days with the man he says he loves. And for now, Wolfram concludes, this is more than enough.

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