A/N - While I may not agree with some of the other elements of this film, the interplay between Arthur and Lancelot is fascinating...

Disclaimer - King Arthur, all the canon characters, situations and settings do not belong to me. I'm just playing in their sandbox.


Win him, and you win them all.

Dark, fierce, and mercurial, Lancelot was not the oldest, nor the strongest, nor even the most skilled of the Sarmatian conscripts; nevertheless he was their spokesman, the leader of their wary, mistrusting pack. His hot-blooded passions and fierce loyalties swayed the others; for good or ill, where he led, the others followed.

Arthur recognised it from the start. He had commanded too many men, known too many auxiliaries not to read how the situation stood. He also knew, from the dark, resentful scowl the young Lancelot sent him when they first met, that it would not be easy –

But then nothing worth having was ever easy.