Warnings: Shounen-ai (boy on boy love), major fluff, naughty words

Pairing: Akito/Ikki

Timeline: I'd say not long after Agito/Akito started living with Ikki and the girls. I haven't gotten all that far into the story, but this was just begging to be written.

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Kisses Under Covers


Ikki sighed to himself as he lay in bed. He was having trouble sleeping due to a small annoyance that shared his room. That small annoyance had been shifting and shuffling; sighing and whimpering for a good twenty minutes now. He pulled the blankets over his head and tried to ignore the pitiful sounds. It was no use.

He called out from under his covers. "Agito!"

A whimper was his only response.

"Dammit. Akito!" There was a resounding squeal, more shuffling, and a sudden weight on the bed beside him.

"Lemme under, Ikki." The weight, Akito, tugged at Ikki's covers.

"No. Go to sleep."

"But I can't! There's some weird noises and I can't! I just...can't, Ikki." Akito sounded so terribly childlike. It was one of the reasons why Ikki tried so hard to ignore him. If you gave in even a little, Akito took so much more. "Please, Ikki?" He tugged a little more on the covers. "Please." The bed shook lightly with Akito's sobs.

Ikki sighed in defeat. Anyone who could resist that deserves a cookie, Ikki mused to himself. "Fine. Just...try not to touch me so--"

Akito squealed in delight and, before Ikki could even get the rest of the words out, darted under the covers and latched onto Ikki. Too late. Dammit.

Akito snuggled in against Ikki's warmth. He buried his small face into Ikki's broad chest making small, delighted noises as he did so. Ikki struggled to figure out where he should put his hands. He finally settled for putting his left hand on Akito's right shoulder. His right arm rested up in between them. Just as he did this, Akito proudly proclaimed, "I know Ikki will protect me. I never have anything to worry about when I'm with Ikki."

Ikki sighed once again. Why does he always do this to me? "That's all fine and dandy, Akito, but why are you talking about me in the third person?"

Ikki could imagine the confused look on Akito's pretty face. ...Did I really just think of this guy's face as pretty?

"What's that mean?"Ikki barely heard Akito's response. Well there's nothing bad about admiring another guy's looks, right? I mean, guys do that kind of stuff just like girls, right? It was almost as if Ikki were trying to convince himself of something.

"Ikki? What are you thinking about? You didn't answer me." Ikki was shaken from his thoughts.

"Sorry. I um, I must've dozed there," he laughed out nervously.

"Oh. I see." Akito sounded very disappointed.

"Hey, now! I'm letting you share my bed and blankets. Isn't that enough?"

"You don't have to yell," Akito meekly responded.

Ikki sighed for what felt like the hundredth time today. "Sorry." He looked away from the outline of Akito's face. "Look, I have a lot on my mind, okay? What are you so scared of, anyway?"

"What's on your mind, Ikki?"

"That's not important!" Ikki snapped. "Now what exactly has you so scared that you can't deal with it on your own?"

"Don't yell at me!" Ikki could hear the tears in Akito's voice. "I told you. The noises are scaring me!" Akito's small frame shook with his crying.

Ikki was quiet after hearing this. If someone passed by the room right now, they would just be able to hear Akito's sobs. Ikki was unsure of what needed to be said. He wasn't sure if he dared to comfort Akito, or if he was even able.

The minutes went by slowly. Ikki found his mind drifting. He found himself remembering the time that he fell from a tree as a child. He remembered someone holding him gently, kissing away his tears. He remembered how warm and safe those arms felt. He remembered how calm and wanted those kisses made him feel.

The scene in his mind's eye changed. A young Ikki stood in front of a young, teary eyed Akito. Ikki reached out his arms to the young boy.

A sudden, violent sob jolted Ikki into the present time. Now I got it. Ikki wrapped his arms around the small boy. He cradled Akito's head in his hands; his arms held him close to his chest. "I-Ikki?"

"Shh." His smoothed his hair; stroking it, caressing it. "I'm sorry. Of course you're afraid." He gently kissed the top of Akito's head. What is this? "I shouldn't have been so hard on you." What is this feeling?

"Ikki..." Akito's sobs had slowed. He snuggled into the larger boy.

"It's okay, Akito," Ikki soothed somewhat awkwardly. "You're okay, now." It feels like...

Akito sighed contently. "Yeah." He had stopped crying. "I'm okay when I'm with you."

Ikki smiled at this response. It feels like...like I'm so happy to be here right now. Like I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Like...like...

"I love you, Akito." Those words had slipped out so easily. Those words that Ikki didn't want anyone to hear. Those words that he suffered many sleepless nights over. Those words that he still didn't quite understand.

Those words had taken both boys by surprise.

"I..." Akito seemed to be at a loss for words.

"Akito I'm--"

"I love you, too!" Ikki was taken aback. "I love you, too, Ikki! We've been waiting so long to hear them...those words. Even if Agito won't admit it to himself!"

Akito pulled back from Ikki's grip so that he could look at him. He could still see the outline of Ikki's face through the darkness. He could imagine the shocked expression on his face. He wanted him to believe. He wanted Ikki to know. "Ikki..." He scooted upwards on the bed so they were face to face. "Ikki..." He slowly, ever so slowly, brought his face closer to Ikki's. His tiny, pink lips hovered over the other boy's, almost indecisively. But, with a sudden bout of courage (and a little pushing from Agito: Quit being a pussy! Fuck! Just do it!), he pressed his lips against Ikki's.

He put all his feelings into that one kiss. His lips moved this way and that; love and happiness. His tongue darted in and battled with Ikki's; courage and a sense of belonging. He nibbled at Ikki's lower lip; finally being safe. When they parted, both boys were panting for air.



"What...what the hell was that?"

Akito was silent in Ikki's arms for a while before he finally answered. "I wanted to prove it to you. I wanted you to believe that I love you."

"Idiot." Ikki lightly tapped Akito's head. "You don't have to prove something like that."

There was a pause and then, quietly, "Oh."

"But Akito?"


"Give a guy some warning next time, okay? Or at least let me grab some looser pants."

"What do you mean, Ikki?" While Akito's innocence was endearing at times, it was also a nuisance at others.

"Akito..." Goddamn this is embarrassing. How the hell do I explain this to him? Ikki sighed once again. Akito seemed to illicit this response from him a lot. "Never mind. Some other time, okay?"

"Okay!" Akito snuggled in against Ikki's warmth once again. They stayed like that for the rest of the night, but not before, "Ikki?"


"I...I love you!"

Still uncomfortable with these words, Ikki hesitated just a moment before replying, "I love you, too."


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