What happens when Chrissy and Tash get slightly hyper. Neither of us really like Elizabeth that much. Since she always gets the guys. So we locked her and Norrington in a room to see what happened. And this is it.

A/N: THE CHARACTERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OOC! Except for Tash and Chrissy because that is how we usually are.


Tash: We decided to lock you two in a room. And we are taking Will and Jack with us. And they are ours not yours.

Will: (tries to get up to save Elizabeth)

Chrissy: No. No way. Will stay here. We won't give you any gold.

Tash: Yes. Stay Will. You must suffer Elizabeth. Mwahaha!

Jack: I don't see what's wrong wiv' this.

Tash: Jack… Elizabeth is a backstabbing jerk. And she deserves it. I will give you a kiss and rum if you stay still.

Elizabeth: PLEASE NO!

Chrissy: Sorry Liz, but it's time for some punishment.

Tash: Exactly (high fives Chrissy)

Jack: Ooh. Wha' do we get t' do t' her?

Elizabeth: (screams like she's dying)

Norrington: (grins dragging Elizabeth with him into the room)

Elizabeth: (faint cries)

Tash: Have fun you two. We will be watching you.

Chrissy: So Will, you don't have a problem with this right?

Will: Uh, well…

Tash: No? Good.

Chrissy: (ties Will up and gags him)

Tash: (laughs)

Chrissy and Tash: (pressing their noses against the windows, looking a Elizabeth suffering)

Jack: (smirks while he throws his arms around the girls)

Norrington: (clears his throat loudly before he starts coughing and hacking) Excuse me if I may be so bold.

Elizabeth: No you may not.

Norrington: Elizabeth… You are a fine woman.

Elizabeth: (sighs and smacks her head against her forehead)

Norrington: And my position requires a marriage to a fine woman. I love you, Elizabeth.


Chrissy and Tash: (laugh manically)

Norrington: You will accept my hand in marriage.

Jack: Do I get t' do anything cool?

Chrissy and Tash: Shh!

Jack: Alright, alright. As long as I get kisses from both of you.

Elizabeth: No! I won't marry you!

Norrington: YOU WILL!

Norrington: If you won't then I might have to do something to your dear Will.

Elizabeth: WILL! I LOVE HIM. (sobs)

Norrington: I don't care.


Norrington: No. Why should I let you? Every time I said I loved you, you would ditch me for something.

Will: (mutters something between his gag)

Elizabeth: NOO!

Jack: Tash. Let Will go, he be kicking me.

Elizabeth: I don't like you, you pompous wig man.

Will: MMPH!

Norrington: You don't like my sexy brown hair? It's cooler than Will's. Mwahaha.

Elizabeth: (looks grossed out)

Tash and Chrissy: (burst into laughter)

Elizabeth: (runs to the window and starts pounding on it)

Jack: RUN!

Chrissy: (shakes her head) No, no. You don't get to come out.

Tash: No running!! She ain't gonna get out. Stay Jack or you won't get that kss.

Elizabeth: (whimpers) NOO!

Norrington: Kiss me!

Elizabeth: HELP MEEE! (runs around the room frantically)

Tash and Chrissy: (laughing more manically than before and fall into Jack's arms)

Jack: (grins as Tash and Chrissy kiss him on the cheek)

Chrissy and Tash: (blush and press their noses up close to the window to watch Elizabeth frantically run in circles)

Norrington: Marry me and kiss me, you know you want meh!

Elizabeth: (screams in horror)


Jack: Tash! Let Will go.

Jack: Oh shut it.

Chrissy: NO.

Tash: Will shut up! We will deal with you later.

Norrington: (throws off his navy jacket and swings it crazily around his head) OH yeah, I;m bringing sexy back.

Elizabeth: (screams like the wicked witch metling)

Tash and Chrissy: OH my goodness!! (rolling on the floor laughing)

Jack: (joins Chrissy and Tash)

Norrington: I know ya love meh! (He grabs Elizabeth and hugs her tightly)

Elizabeth: (screams louder)

Tash: Come on Elizabeth, you know you want him.

Will: Mmmprphph

Chrissy: Shut up Will!

Jack: Shut it whelp! (conks Will unconscious with the hilt of his sword which was made by Will. Ironcially.)

Elizabeth: (tears out of Norrington's arm and jumps up on top of a table)

Norrington: Come back here my love!

Liz: No! Get away creep!

Norrington: I know you love my stockings.

Elizabeth: No! Go away!

Norrington: They're the latest fashion in London. Love them!

Elizabeth: Will! Will help me!! Tash, Chrissy! I hate you.

Tash: You could never hate us.

Chrissy: We are too cool to be hated.

Norrington: I love my stockings, don't you?

Elizabeth: No! They are like poop! (grows like an animal)

Norrington: More like sexy poop.

Tash and Chrissy: Come on Elizabeth! You know you want him!

Elizabeth: (huffs) This is NOT FUNNY!!

Jack: Yes it is!

Norrington: I know you love my shoes. I'm too sexy for my shirt!

Elizabeth: (cries with agony)

Norrington: OH, darling! Marry me now!

Tash: This is classic…This was a good idea. (high five Chrissy)

Chrissy: (nods her head enthusiastically) That was so funny!

Elizabeth: LET ME OUT NOW!

Norrington: Come back to me baby!

Jack, Chrissy and Tash: Nope. Not a chance.

Elizabeth: NOOOOO!

Norrington: (takes off his shoes and shoves his foot in front of Elizabeth's face) Massage please. Elizabeth dear! Come to me! Come get sexy Norrington.

Elizabeth: NO I won't! And get your foot out of my face.

Norrington: Massage please.

Elizabeth: I SAID NO!

Norrington: (persistently) MASSAGE


Norrington: (wiggles his toes that were visible through his stockings)

Elizabeth: NOOO!! Tash! Chrissy! GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Norrington: Massage, love!


Norrington: My toes need a massage right now!

Elizabeth: Mommy!! Help me!

Norrington: (sits down on the table next to her and smells his foot) Smells good.

Elizabeth: EWW! GROSS!

Norrington: It smells like peppermint. I heard peppermint was your favorite. (smiles seductively at her)


Norrington: (peels off his stockings before he shoves his foot in her face) ASSAGE!!

Elizabeth: No! Your feet smell like butt.

Norrington: Its peppermint!

Elizabeth: Mine smell like peppermint, yours are like butt!

Jack, Tash and Chrissy: (laughing so hard they fall onto the ground)

Norrington: OH, let me smell yours if you insist!

Jack, Tash and Chrissy: (rolling on the floor laughing)

Elizabeth: GET AWAY! NO! I'll smell my own feet!

Norrington: AH, ah, ah, how can I trust you to tell the truth? (snatches her foot and smells it)


Norrington: Smells… (sniffs) GOOD!

Elizabeth: (yanks her foot back and dashes around in circles)

Norrington: COME BACK HERE!

Elizabeth: NO! Help me! Daddy!

Weatherby Swann: Elizabeth, is that you?

Tash: Elizabeth. We all know you like him.

Chrissy: Governor Swann, don't do anything Stay here.

Elizabeth: I DON'T. AND DADDY IT'S ME!

Jack: (grins evilly before he ties the governor up and throws him next to Will)

Tash: Good one Jack.

Chrissy: Yes! (laughing)

Elizabeth: (pounds on the window)

Jack: You will break the window. Stop it!

Norrington: (plays with his wig before he sticks it on Elizabeth's head)


Norrington: (sticks a wedding ring on her finger) TA DA! You are my beautiful wife!

Elizabeth: (tries to pull the ring off but it's stuck on her finger)

Tash: Go Norrington!

Norrington: (lifts her up bridal style)

Elizabeth: Put me down!

Norrington: No. Not until you confess your love for me.

Elizabeth: (sigh) James, I love you. I always have and I could never love anyone more than you. (presses her lips against his)

Tash and Chrissy: (presses a button that makes camcorders pop out and catches it all on video)

Tash, Chrissy and Jack: Yes!!

Elizabeth: PUT ME DOWN NOW!

Norrington: Nope. I want another kiss.


Norrington: You didn't specify when.

Elizabeth: Ahh! One more kiss and YOU MUST PUT ME DOWN!

Norrington: I get to decide how long it lasts though!

Elizabeth: FINE!

Norrington: 10 minutes!

Elizabeth: NEVER

Norrington: You said I could decide! Now kiss me!

Elizabeth: Well that's too LONG! NEVER!

Norrington: I am not putting you down unless you do it! Kiss me love!

Elizabeth: NOO!

Norrington: Elizabeth!!

Norrington: (ties Elizabeth to a bed post and straddles her and makes out with her. Shoves his tongue into her mouth)

Elizabeth: (screams)

Norrington: (playfully rips her dress apart)

Elizabeth: (makes out with Norrington. She is actually enjoying it)

Norrington: Our destiny's are interwined.

Elizabeth: You are a good kisser!!

Norrington: YOU think I'm a good kisser!

Elizabeth: (moans) Yes!! Did I tell you to stop kissing me?

Norrington: Hooray! Yummy! (kisses her again)

Tash, Chrissy and Jack: Oh gosh. I can't watch this anymore.

Chrissy: Is he going to bang her?

Jack: Chrissy love, I think he already is.

Jack: (pulls Chrissy and Tash close to shield their eyes and they all duck under the window)

Will: Mmmmm….

Tash: (unties Will and removes the gag)

Will: He is banging her? And she enjoys it?

Chrissy, Tash and Jack: SHUT IT NOW!

Tash: Or we'll gag you again.

Will: Okay. Okay. (looks at them with terror-strickened eyes)

Norrington: Okay, I'm done.

Elizabeth: What? NO!

Norrington: I want my ring back now.

Elizabeth: You can't do that to me.

Norrington: (yanks the ring off her finger)

Elizabeth: Whaa?

Norrington: Sorry dear but you aren't that great in bed.

Elizabeth: (gasps) You do all that and you just leave me here?

Norrington: I need someone kinky like… Giselle.

Jack: Hey she is mine!

Tash and Chrissy: No. Jack. We are yours.

Jack: I like that better. (grins)

Tash: Norrington you can come out now.

Norrington: (walks out the door and sails off to Tortuga)

Chrissy: Well Elizabeth? How was it?

Elizabeth: (cries) I want him back.

Will: But… but what about me?

Elizabeth: MARRY ME JAMES! FORGET YOU Will. Norrington is a good kisser. He is a better kisser than you!

Will: (looks appalled)

Tash, Jack and Chrissy: (laugh hysterically)

Will: You want to see who's a better kisser?

Elizabeth: NO! I just want James! (eyes widedned with horror)

WIl: (drags her back to the room, locking the door behind them.)

Tash, Jack and Chrissy: (LAUGH)

Elizabeth: (shouts) James!!

Will: Liz! Marry me baby! Stop moving. (ties her to the bed)

Will: Now… scratch my legs.

Elizabeth: No! Never! I want James! He is sexy! And a great kisser and really good in bed!

Will: My stockings are quite itchy.

Elizabeth: Despicable.

Will: I scratch my leg sometimes with my shoe.

Elizabeth: Freak.

Will: Like when I was visiting your house before Norrington's promotion to commodore.

Elizabeth: No.

Will: It feels good! SCRATCH IT NOW!

Elizabeth: Yucky.

Will: Scratch, scratch, scritchy, scratchy.

Elizabeth: GO away! James! JAMSEYY!! HELP ME!

Will: Your fingernails are like the tip of my shoe. Do scratch my legs.

Elizabeth: JAMES! He is trying to… STOP!!

Norrington: (Boozing out in Tortuga with Giselle)

Will: Scratch! If you don't like using your nails, you can always use my shoes.

Elizabeth: Tash, Chrissy, why do you do this to me?

Chrissy: Because we can.

Tash: And we WILL and its fun.

Will: Scratch please! My shoe is another option besides your nails.

Jack: I love you Tash and Chrissy.

Tash and Chrissy: ( sigh dreamily) we love you Jack!

Jack: After we humiliate Liz, I want a kiss on the lips from both of ye.


Will: You will kiss me then!

Elizabeth: NEVER! I want James!

Will: Scratchy.

Elizabeth: Are you a dog with fleas?

Will: hmmm….yeah

Tash: Okay. Will get out. You are driving me insane with this scratching.

Elizabeth: THANK YOU TASH!

Chrissy: Stop with the scratching!

Tash: I never said I was actually going to LET you out.

Will: hummm…then I want you to make me some… eggs. Sunny-side up!

Elizabeth: Do you have issues?

Will: Humm.. NO? You married me the other day! See that ring on your finger!

Elizabeth: I think you do! So? I divorced you today.

Will: No you didn't. You are wearing it still.

Elizabeth: Yeah. When I kissed James I divorced you. (pulls ring off)

Will: (gasp, appalled) YOU! WHY! You loved me!

Elizabeth: LoveDDD!

Will: (grabs Elizabeth and chains her to the bed)

Elizabeth: No! I don't want you.


Elizabeth: NOO!

Will: (kisses her and ties her hands down and drools all over her)

Elizabeth: Yuck. I don't want your drool all over me.

Will: (drools more like a rabid dog)

Elizabeth: I will willingly kiss you if you promise to stop drooling on me.

Will: Yummay! Okay!

Elizabeth: Oh crap. I can't believe I said that.

Will: Oh and you used my name twice in your sentence! You love me!

Elizabeth: Oh pshhh..

Will: (kisses her)

Tash: Aw. This is no fun anymore.

Chrissy: We need Norrington to come back.

Jack: AYE.

Will: (persuades Elizabeth to fall for him and gets off Elizabeth, walks out the door leaving her behind)

Elizabeth: Why does everyone leave me here?

Will: Sorry Liz, but I think Scarlett is more entertaining.

Tash, Chrissy and Jack: Haha! Elizabeth got left again.

Elizabeth: You are leaving me for a whore? WILL! COME BACK!

Will: (pauses for a second) yeah (sails to Tortuga and flirts with Scarlett)

Elizabeth: (sobs)

Norrington: Oh. You have come to join me. (high fives Will)

Will: Yes. Elizabeth isn't entertaining anymore.

Norrington: Tell me about it.

Elizabeth: (runs around the room like an animal)

Jack: Now Tash, about those kisses.

Elizabeth: JACK SAVE ME!

Chrissy: Jack come 'ere. (lightly kisses Jack's lips)

Elizabeth: (slams her fist on the door) LET ME OUT NOW!

Tash: No.

Elizabeth: OR I'll eat my… toes!

Chrissy: (pulls away from Jack and smiles)

Tash: I would like to see that.

Elizabeth: JACK! I'll kiss you! Let me out!

Jack: Tash. Come 'ere. It's your turn.

Elizabeth: I'll kiss you Jac!

Jack: No! I want to kiss Tash. (lightly kisses Tash's lips)

Elizabeth: (cries) KISS ME JACK!

Tash: (pulls away from Jack and smiles)

Chrissy: Someone's a bit angry.

Jack; No freaking way. I like Tasha and Chrissy. They are sexy hot!

Tash and Chrissy: (blushes bright red)

Elizabeth: (kicks the door)

Tash: Stop it Liz!

Elizabeth: I'm going to murder you all when I get out!

Chrissy: Good luck trying to find us.

Jack: Sorry, love but you won't be getting out forever.

Tash, Chrissy and Jack: (rush out of the corridor and go sit on a beach with rum and sing: Yo HO Yo Ho. A Pirates life for me! And Partay!)

Elizabeth: (whimpers)

Tash, Chrissy and Jack: (dance around in a circle)

Everyone lived happily ever after except for Elizabeth who got married to Norrington's stockings.

- Captain Tash and CaptainESavvy