Chapter 1:

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Chapter 1: Konouchis? Witch? Wizards? What the hell is going on?!

The boys were walking down the road. They had just come back from eating lunch.

"That was a good lunch" Shikamaru said "Totally! I'm now all full. "Naruto said while holding his stomach. "Now what are we going to do after we have finished eating lunch?" Neji asked.

"We still have training with Kakashi Sensei." muttered Shikamaru. "WHAT?! With that prevent? Why should w-"Naruto said but was cut off because Sasuke hit him on the head. "Shut up Dobe"

"Don't hit me! At least I'm not like you Teme".







"You know, for once I agree with the dobe" Neji said while smirking.

"HAH! 2 AGAINTS 1- Wait- HEY I AIN'T A DOBE!!" Naruto shouted.

"Will the both of you please shut up? This is too troublesome" Shikamaru said "Don't you have anything better to do than arguing everyday?"

The 3 males didn't reply but they kept on arguing. "Troublesome" Shikamaru slapped his forehead. And well they continued fighting all the way to the Training grounds.

Well they did arrive at the training grounds but the perverted sensei was no where to be seen. So the ninjas decided to wait for him.

An hour later…

Naruto complained "Argh! Where in the world is that prevented sensei anyway?! We've been waiting for like hours!"

"Well let's train by our-self then." Neji suggested. "And after all Dobe it's only been an hour since we waited for that perverted-hermit" Sasuke snapped.

"TEME!! I AIN'T A DOBE!!" But Sasuke was not listening; he was too busy in a glaring contest with Neji.


Sakura, Hinata, Ten-Ten, Ino were at Sakura's house. They were baking choco-chip cookies.

"INO-PIG, HINATA-CHAN, TEN-TEN-CHAN!!" Sakura called out. Soon the 3 said females came. "The cookies are done!" She exclaimed. "Really forehead-girl?! Great! Let me taste one!" Ino said as she took a cookie from the tray. Hinata, Sakura and Ten-Ten took one too and began stuffing it into their mouth.

"It tastes delicious!" Ino said happily. "Hey, how about we share them to other people." Hinata suggested. (When Hinata is with her best friends, she doesn't stutter)

"Sounds like a good idea. After all we baked too much cookies." Sakura replied. They began dividing them into 18 medium-sized plastic. They tie it up with red ribbons to decorate it. "They look good!!" Sakura exclaimed when they have finished.

They took 2 hours to finish.

"Okay 4 packages of cookies for us, 4 packages of cookies for our Senseis, 1 package of cookies for Tsunade, 1 package of cookies for Shizune" Sakura said as she wrote it on her note pad from who knows where. "Don't forget 8 packages of cookies for our team mates" Ten-Ten reminded Sakura who was writing the names of the people they'll give the cookies to, on the note pad. "Done! Let's go and share the cookies." Sakura yelled.

First they went to the Hokage's office to give the cookies to Tsunade and Shizune.

"Tsunade-Sama… you've been drinking again!!" Sakura scolded to Tsunade when they got into Tsunade's messy office.

"I told her to stop but she wouldn't" Shizune sighed, rubbing her temples.

"Well she never listens does she…? Oh well Shizune here are some cookies for you" Sakura said as she handed Shizune the cookies.

"Thank you Sakura-Chan" Shizune said. The girls (Ten-Ten, Ino, Sakura and Hinata) went out of the office. They could hear Shizune yelling at the Hokage to stop drinking.

Next they met their senseis at the Icharaku ramen shop. The girls gave the cookies to their senseis which they gladly accept.

"Excuse-me Kurenai-sensei, where is Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked.

"He might be training with your teammates or buying porn books. I swear that guy really is a crazy person and I wonder how you can handle him as you sensei Sakura" Kurenai replied. Sakura sweat dropped.

"Hehehe. Anyway enjoy the cookies Kurenai-Sensei, Thank you for the information" Sakura said as she left with the girls. Next they met Chouji with his bag full of chips.

"Geez Chouji, go on a diet or something" Ino said as she gave the cookies to Chouji who yelled he's not fat but thick-boned. The girls sweat dropped. "It's a miracle how I can survive with him on my team" Ino complained "That Chouji often eat most of our foods my team usually bring for missions"

Next they met Lee.

"Lee-San! Here have some cookies me and the girls baked them" Sakura said as she handed the cookies to Lee, who took it happily.

"Ah!! My youthful Sakura-Chan I'll treasure it always!! It shall be the sign of your youthful love to me!" He shouted happily as he ran off with hearts in his eyes. The girls sweat dropped at his reactions. "After all these years being his teammate I'm still not used to his youthful speech" Ten-Ten slapped her forehead and sighed.

They meet Shino and Kiba and gave them the cookies which they gladly accept. They told them the rest of the boys are training with Kakashi-Sensei. The girls thanked them for the information and sped off to the training grounds.

The girls saw the boys there practicing but relise that the boys were talking about them, the girls, so they lowered their chakra and eavesdropped at their conversation. The girls were shocked at what they heard.

"Bet the girls are already tired after 1 hour of training. They are so weak" Shikamaru said. "Got that right" Sasuke said, joining the conversation. Shikamaru has just finished sparring with Sasuke, who won.

"Ten-ten can only use weapons. Once she has run out of scrolls and weapons, she's hopeless." Neji complained while avoiding Naruto's shuriken.

"Hinata uses Byakugan but she can't use it well. She stutters every time. Stuttering means you're weak." Naruto complained. "True, and to think she's the Hyuuga heiress." Neji said again while throwing kunais at Naruto.

(Naruto and Neji are sparring)

"Wait. How do you know that Hinata can't use Byakugan properly? Were you spying on her?" Neji asked with a growl.

Naruto quickly answered that he didn't spy on Hinata, not wanting to feel the wrath of Hinata's overprotective cousin.

Neji, hearing this finally calmed down.

"Ino can't do much either. All she can do is complaining and ordering each every day" Shikamaru said lazily. "Sakura's the weakest one. All she can do is to cry and cry. What a cry baby. She's also very annoying." Sasuke said the last. The other nodded in agreement. "Geez…. Uchiha I pity you and the Uzumaki for having a burden on your team" Neji smirked.

"It's too troublesome to have a burden in your team I'm glad I'm not you Sasuke" Shikamaru yawned. "Hey, you also have a burden on your team!" Naruto yelled. "They're right though dobe" Sasuke said hitting a straw dummy with kunais.

Sakura who had heard this tried to fight back tears, which she finally succeeded.

Her friends looked at her with worried expressions but soon let it go when she smiled at them.

"Sakura-Chan let's give this cookies to them later ok?" Hinata suggested.

The girls nodded in agreement and left quietly.

Suddenly Kakashi appeared out of no where. "Yo! What's up?" Kakashi asked from his orange book. "Nothing…" The 3 male replied while Naruto shouted "YOU'RE LATE!!" "Where were you? We've been waiting for hours" The Hyugga boy complained.

"We got a mission from Tsunade" Kakashi replied. "Lets go" Shikamaru yawned.


"Hey!" Sakura called. "I forgot to give one package of cookies to Tsunade-Sama" "Forehead girl!! How could you be soo….. Forgetful!! Let's go to her office right now!!" Ino yelled as she dragged her friends to the Hokage's office.


Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Neji are starring at an old man with a really long white beard (Dumbledore), a woman with an impatient look, wearing her square spectacles (McGonagall). And 3 students about the same age as they are (Harry, Ron, Hermione).

"Baa-Chan.. Who are these people?" Naruto asked. "They are our charges. This is a protection mission" Tsunade said in an annoyed tone. "Who are these people?" Harry asked. (The witches and wizards cast a spell on them-selves so they can understand and speak Japanese language)

"Well Harry-San. These are the best ninjas in Konoha that is the same age as you to protect you and your friends like your headmaster says. He says that he needs the best guards" Tsunade explained. The said ninjas smirked (Neji and Sasuke) and smiled (Shikamaru and Naruto). "Ah yes but we don't want these people, not because they're weak. We want the ninjas ……." Dumbledore explained but then stopped. "What was their names again?" He asked McGonagall. Professor McGonagall took out a scroll from who knows where and read it. "Um.. They're names are Haruno Sakura, Hyugga Hinata, Ten-Ten, Yamanaka Ino" She read and put the scroll back to where it belongs.

"D-Did my ears hear right? Sa-Sakura, Hinata, Ten-Ten and Ino?" Tsunade stammered. "Yes. We need them for this job" Dumbledore replied. "B-Bu-But the-they are weak and not strong enough to handle the job! I'm sure of it!! Can't we just give this Job to these ninjas?" Tsunade protested while pointing to Naruto, Neji, Sasuke, Shikamaru.

"No" McGonagall replied shortly and sternly. Suddenly the office door burst open. There stood a murderous looking Sakura, a furious Hinata, a pissed Ten-Ten and an angry Ino.

"WEAK?! WE'RE NOT WEAK YOU BITCH! HELL EVERYONE THINKS WE'RE WEAK!! EVEN OUR GOD DAMN TEAMMATES!!" They all yelled so loud that I'm sure that the whole world can hear the voice. "URUSAI!! When did you get there?!" Tsunade asked. "Since just now" Ino replied, calming down.

"Oh, well this mission is too dangerous for you" Tsunade explained. The girls' eyebrows were twitching. Professor McGonagall stepped in, "Well if you don't want to give the girls this mission, we'll just won't ask help from you" She said angrily. "She's right" Dumbledore added, "We only want these girls to help us not anyone else"

Tsunade screamed in protest "BUT THIS IS FOR THE BEST!! YOU ARE WRONG OLD MAN AND YOU-" Tsunade stopped when Ron, Hermione and Harry stood in front of her in lightning speed. Tsunade, and the Naruto Boys opened their eyes in surprise and amazement but Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Ten-Ten looked at them with bored eyes as if it was natural or pathetic.

"Don't ever insult our headmaster!" The Hogwarts student hissed. "Now, Now kids… It's all right" Dumbledore assured them, they calmed down, at last. "We'll give you three days to decide" He said as he left with McGonagall, Harry, Ron and Hermione. Tsunade sighed and rubbed her temples.


The next day, Sakura woke up early and arrived at the bridge earlier that usual. No one was there yet, not even Sasuke. So Sakura decided to wait for them.

10 minutes later Sasuke arrived and you can imagine how surprised Sasuke was when he saw Sakura there first. 'She usually isn't this early!!' he thought. "Ohayo Sasuke" Sakura greeted emotionlessly, not looking at Sasuke at all instead she kept gazing to the sky. "Hn" Sasuke replied.

Well they stayed in silence until…

"Oi, Sakura, Do you know why those chargers only want you and the girls to do the mission?" Sasuke asked. "No" Sakura replied still not sparing Sasuke a glance. "You're lying aren't you?" Sasuke asked again. "Nope" Sakura replied, not looking at Sasuke at all. "OHAYO SAKURA-CHAN!!" Naruto shouted.

"Ohayo Naruto" Sakura replied still gazing at the clouds. "Sakura-Chan? Don't you usually hit my head for being noisy in the morning?" Naruto asked. "Yeah but not today" Sakura replied in a monotone. "Ahahaha… Sakura-Chan I'm sorry for calling you weak before Hehehe" Naruto apologized. "Whatever" Sakura replied.

Kakashi arrived later…

"You're 45 minutes late" Sakura replied getting up from her spot while Naruto yelled 'YOU'RE LATE!!' "Well we're gonna train with Kurenai, Asuma and Gai's team on training ground #6" Kakashi informed. "DATTEBAYO!! LET'S GO!!" Naruto yelled. "Shut up and let's go" Sakura said with a voice as poisonous as steel while hitting Naruto's head. Naruto, Kakashi and even Sasuke were taken back with her coldness.

Sakura began walking to the training ground. "Coming guys?" She asked in a cheery voice. "Uh…ok?" Kakashi managed to say before heading to the training grounds. Sasuke and Naruto followed behind. 'Mood swings much?!" the males of team 7 thought.


Team 7 arrived at the training grounds, there stood their friends. "Where were you? You're late" Neji said. "Just shut up and get this goddamn training done already" Ten-Ten complained. "Good idea" Ino commented. "Alright let's get started!" Asuma said.

In the middle of training the air started to turn hazy. "What's going on?" Naruto asked slightly frightened that the air was a bit hazy. After the haze cleared there stood 4 figures wearing black clothing. (Death eaters) "Heh, where's that sister of Potter?! We're sent by the dark lord to eliminate her" One of the figure said in English.

"GET BACK!!" Kurenai ordered to the konouchis. "What the hell is he saying?!" Asuma asked. "Dunno" Shikamaru replied. "Can't believe that Shikamaru doesn't know that language" Ino whispered to the girls. "I know and they are after you Sakura" Hinata whispered. (The girls have formed a huddling circle or a whispering circle)

"I know" Sakura replied back. (Sakura is Harry's twin sister, when Voldemort came to the Potter family, Sakura was on a holiday with Mrs. Potter 's friend , Hikaru and she's a Muggles, So when Sakura's real parents were killed, Hikaru and her husband decided to adopt her. Don't ask how Sakura got pink hair)

Their senseis went first but got badly beaten by Rictusempra and stupefy. Now you can see a heap of the ninjas' badly beaten senseis near a tree. Next was the Shinobis.

"Bubun Baikai no Jutsu!" Chouji shouted as his body grew large and jumped up to crush the Death eaters but they used Wingardium Leviosa to lift Chouji up then they threw poor Chouji, who landed right on the badly beaten jounins. "Ouch" Kiba commented as he went next however before he could attack, one of the death eaters froze him with Petrificus Totallus.

"Kiba can't move huh? Guess it's my turn" Shino said as he steeped forward. He made his bugs attack the enemy but before the bugs could reach the enemy it was burn into crisp by Incendio. Shino himself got stupefy-ied.

"FOR MY YOUTYHFULL SAKURA-CHAN I'LL GO NEXT!!" the lotus of Konoha yelled. Veins grew on the members of team 7's head. "SHE'S NOT YOURS THICK-BROWS!!" The male members of Team 7 yelled.

Lee moved forward to attack the death eaters but got stupefy-ied just like Shino. Neji went next, He used Eight Trigrams Empty Palm, alas the death eaters just used Protego to protect them-selves. So Neji got Stupefy.

Naruto and Sasuke went next but alas both got frozen by Petrificus Totallus. "Pathetic weaklings" One of the guys said in Japanese. The shinobis and Jounins were angry but they were badly beaten so, they can't attack. "Hehe, you can't blame muggles you know" The other one said in Japanese. (They cast a spell on them so they can speak and understand Japanese)

"Hey don't forget us!" Sakura yelled. "You're girls you're probably weaker than them" one of the death eaters said. "Does your lord Voldemort teach you that girls are weak?!" Hinata shouted. "Ah non-muggles eh?" The death eater said. "Well let's get down to business!" Ten-Ten yelled. "Stupefy!" The death eaters shouted as red electric thunder bolts head towards the girls.

"This" Ino started. "Is very" Ten-Ten continued. "Unbelievably" Sakura added. "Pathetic" Hinata ended it.

"Here we'll fight them with this" Sakura said as she handed the girls a stick (wand) "How the hell can you fight with a stick?!" Shikamaru asked weakly. "For a genius, You're stupid" Ino commented. "Yeah, just shut up watch" Hinata added. "Protego!" Hinata yelled as a green light surrounded her. The red light bounced off. "I'll teach you a lesson!" She yelled "Stupefy!" Red thunder bolt came and attacked the death eaters, who used Protego to protect themselves. However they did not know that Sakura was underground.

Sakura jumped out of the ground and kicked their groins. The stupefy Hinata had cast was only a distraction!

"You bitch!! You'll pay for that!" The death eaters shouted. "Hehe… Like whatever!" Sakura shouted "Expelliarmus!" A white thunder bolt hit them.

"Stupefy!" Ino and Sakura shouted. From the back Ten-Ten and Hinata yelled "Stupefy!" The death eaters were still kneeling because Sakura had kick their…err… groins with her super human strength. (GOD! I feel very uncomfortable typing that! I'm even trembling!)

Few rounds of fighting, then finally the Naruto girls were standing in front of the K.O. Death Eaters, brushing dust of their hands.

"Well that was refreshing" Sakura commented. "Agreed!" Ten-Ten replied. "Y-Yes i-it wa-was" Hinata stuttered. "Hell yeah it did!" Ino exclaimed.

"What the hell is going on?" The boys and their senseis thought.

Note from the Author: "If anyone knows any more magic spells from Harry Potter please tell me by pressing the review button! S.O.S!! I need more spells NOW!! BIG EMERGENCY!!

But if you don't know any you could just press the review button and comment about my fanfic or just give some advice or several words Please!!

Oh and here's some things that I know from Harry Potter:

Death Eaters: He-Who-Must-not-Be-Named / Voldemort's followers

Petrificus Totallus: The spell that makes the victim freeze into stone

Stupefy: The spell that attacks people

Expelliarmus: The spell that makes stuns the opponent

Rictusempra:The spell that tickles the opponent so that they cant do it's spell clearly

Reducto: The spell that destroys things not people

Reparo:The spell that repairs things not people

Accio: The spell that pulls things towards you

Depolso: The spell that pushes things

Incendio: The spell that puts things on fire

Wingardium Leviosa:The spell that lifts things

Crucio (Is the spelling like this?): A curse that kills the victim

Protego: A spell to protect the user from spells that can attack you

Locomotor Mortis: A spell that makes the victim's legs to be entwined together

Expecto Patronum: A spell that protects the user from Dementors

Alohamora: The spell that unlocks locks