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Chapter 15

Dating Disaster

"According to my calculations, we've got the first part of the 3Ds done! There are 2 more to go!" Ino announced to the girls. Sakura was lying on her bed; Hinata was sitting on hers with Ten-Ten, while Hermione was leaning against the one of the bed's pole. They were all up early in the morning before the lessons have started- all courtesy to the long blond haired, blue eyed girl.

"Leona, I got two questions for you- One, why did you ask us to meet you this early in the morning? Next, what's a 3Ds?" Ten-Ten yawned, "Oh! Make it three questions- Do you even do calculations?" "Very funny…" Ino shook her head, clearly being sarcastic with her words. "Does 3Ds mean 3 Dimensional?" Hermione asked. "Nope" Ino replied cheerfully plainly ignoring the sleepy atmosphere, "3Ds are Dates. Dresses. Dance! Dates are checked so now it's the Dresses part! We're all here so we can discuss about what dress we're going to wear!" "I thought you have already brought some dresses to Hogwarts already; It was announced in our letters. You did bring them right?" Hermione asked. "We had," Sakura turned to the questioning girl to reply her question, "We packed it up in another bag that Rachael was supposed to bring" She then stopped her words only to glare at the sweat dropping Ten-Ten. "And let me guess," Hermione threw a knowing glance at the other brown haired girl in the room, "You forgot to bring it with you" "You know how much a scatter-brain I am sometimes!" She threw her hands in the air before folding them with an annoyed huff, "Besides, I don't bother myself with dresses!"

Hinata sighed, "So now we're going to have to order some new dresses- does anyone know how?" "Simple as walking!" Ino replied with a grin. "I thought it was supposed to be 'simple as a dimple' not 'simple as walking'" Sakura lazily commented. "Dimple doesn't sound good" Ino whined and waved it off with her hands, she then pointed to the window showing the view of the Owlery, "Back to the matter in hand- we just need to order our dresses through the owls" "But it takes time to choose dresses! We need to know what type of dress we want!" Ten-Ten interjected. "I've thought about it" Ino told her, "And I've sent a letter to the Madam Malkin- the clothes shop owner, and she said she'll choose our dresses for us! We simply just need to give her our sizes" "So she's going to choose our dresses for us? Are you sure she's going to find the right one?" Sakura asked. "Oh have some faith will you!" Ino laughed and shook her hand, "I've told her almost everything about us, so she should know the right one! And I've sent photos of us to her!" "Without our permission?" Sakura stood up from the bed she had been laying on. "Calm down would you? It's the only way we'll even get our dress because someone forgot ours!" Ino stood up as well. "Hey! I said I was sorry!" Ten-Ten complained. "Okay, stop" Hinata stood between them, "Back to your seats and calm down! Now!" Her white eyes were sharp and veins threatened to appear beside them.

"Leona should have asked permission with them first" Hermione walked towards the three girls, "But I suppose what she did is technically right and helpful; you need those dresses"

Hinata nodded in agreement, "Yeah, especially you Floral, you need to show up in that ball; since you are one of the champions" "One of the champions? Yeah right" Sakura sat down back on her bed and looked away, "I swear I'm going to beat up the one who put my name, along with Harry's in that darn goblet" "What did Madame Malkin say?" Hinata asked. "Well, she said she needed around four days to prepare our dresses, so if we send it today she can have an extra day" Ino replied, "She sounds excited to make our dresses by the way" "Of course she will be" Ten-Ten raised her hands to her head, "Madame Malkin is always keen on the idea on dressing us all up" "I remember that" Sakura laughed, "I do believe she says something about us, that we could be the perfect models for her dresses eh?" "Yes, I know since I was there with you last year when she said that- quite surprising by the way" Hermione smiled, "Does she always say that every time you go to her shop?" "As always, and also that we inspire her or something" Ten-Ten grinned, "Wonder what will happen if we actually end up as her models?" "Not going to happen" Sakura laughed, "But if we do, Holly's going make the cutest one" "Nah, I will be the most perfect model of course!" Ino joked, earning her being hit by several pillows. "Oh yeah, you sure will piggy, you sure will" Sakura grinned.

Hermione sighed in relief at the sight before her, she broke into a smile, "Now, since we've loosened up, let's get start measuring shall we?"


After several moments of struggling and writing along with measuring; they've finally finished and so, they headed downstairs to the common room.

"Snacks we took from the kitchen! Dig in everyone!" Fred and George shouted cheerfully over the crowd.

"What's going on in here?" Sakura asked. "Fred and George brought snacks from the schools kitchen! They've jinxed some of those foods as joke stuff!" Dean replied. "I see, one of their Joke business as usual I presume?" Hermione mumbled. "Well, you have to admit, they invent great stuff sometimes…" Ten-Ten commented, "Come on, let's have a closer look"

When Neville picked up one of the custard creams, Fred shook his head, "Careful of those Neville, We've jinxed that thing!" "Really?" The said boy asked, before placing the food back to its place, which is the plate on the tray. "Are you sure it's the Custard Creams you jinxed?" asked Harry, as he picked up the strawberry mousse on the large tray George had in his hands. "Fred, is it the Custard Creams we have jinxed?" George asked his twin who replied with a mischievous grin, "Oh I don't know George, perhaps it's actually the mousse we've jinxed!" "…" Without a word, Harry hurriedly placed the mousse back to the tray. "Relax it's not the mousse, definitely not those" Fred laughed upon watching Harry's antics, "But come to think of it… I'm not sure if it's the Custard Creams we've jinxed, so I suppose their safe…" Neville picked up the Creams and took a bite upon hearing that they're safe. "I don't know Fred, I think it's really the creams we've jinxed, and I don't reckon it's the jam doughnuts or the treacle tart. And it can't be the mousse…" George said, "Perhaps it's really the-" His words were taken right out of his mouth when Neville choked on his Custard Cream, he suddenly grew feather and his nose turned long and orange like a beak! And to add up, his legs went thin and long!

"Whoops! Sorry Neville! It was the Custard Creams that we've jinxed!" Fred laughed along with the rest who has witnessed the incident. Before not too long, Neville shortly returned to his normal figure, this time with a very red face before he finally grinned himself, and joined in the laughter. "Jinxed Canary Creams! 7 sickles each one!" George shouted merrily. "Where did you get this anyway?" Ron asked his brothers. "Why dearest Ronny! It's from the kitchen of course! And their run by House-elves! Loads of 'em; dead helpful, got me a tray with a tea pot and some cups with sugar if I said my throat itches a bit" Fred ruffled his little brother's hair. "And where would the kitchen might be?" Hermione asked innocently upon hearing the word 'house-elves' mentioned. "Oh that's simple" Fred replied, "You just go down six floors and down the marble staircase" "When you're done, you should see a brightly lit place; there, just simply find a portrait of a giant silver fruit bowl. Tickle the pear, and there you are!" George continued, then he eyed the girl suspiciously, "Why did you ask though?"

"Oh nothing" She replied as innocently as possible, her voice turning high-pitched.

"Trying to get the elves to rebel and fight their rights eh? Not gonna happen, they're way too obedient for their own good" Fred replied. "None of your business!" Hermione grumbled in embarrassment. "Even so, he's right my friend," George chimed in, "They won't rebel at all unless their former masters were the Malfoys that drive 'em till their limit"

-Line Break-

"Ugh… why does it smell like wine in here?" Sakura groaned. "Hagrid must be…ugh…making more brandy for the Beuxbatons' flying horses…" Harry replied groggily he pointed to the pile of pots used for brewing located beside a large pile of sand behind Hagrid's home. "The fumes are being blown by the wind!" Ten-Ten groaned, pulling on the rope she was holding, at the other end, there was an half adult Blasted Ended Skrewt about 6 feet long! "Why are these creatures so…UGH! Wild!" Ino shouted.

"I don't know! I don't even know how they're made!" Ron grumbled, trying his hardest to get a firm grip of his rope without much luck since his skrewt kept tugging and pulling to be free, "Dang! Any more pulling from this lot and I'll be dragged by it!" "At least you're still standing right now!" Neville yelled out, grunting as he was dragged off by his skrewt. Ron gulped, and pulled his rope harder than ever, not wishing to be dragged as well. "Well, at least either one of them hasn't gone off all wild and started killing each other again" Hinata grinned sheepishly.

"THEY'VE STARTED KILLING EACH OTHER! They have!" a student whose name escapes me at the moment, yelled.

Ino glared at her long best friend, "Oh yeah, really haven't started killing each other… you were saying?" Hinata face-palmed, "I gotta stop jinxing myself…"

"Yeah, why don't you stop jinxing yourself and lend a helping hand here!" Ron cried out, trying to round up the skrewts with his other two friends along with Hagrid, running to get something that might help catch the skrewts. "Where are the others?" Hinata asked- more like, yelled out loud. "We're right here!" One of the Slytherin students yelled, "And we're not coming out till those beasts are discarded!" "They are already discarded- discarded out in the wild!" Hinata argued back, dodging a hit from a skrewt. "How come they have big egos but small courage?" Sakura grumbled, "And why does these creatures keep on killing each other? Don't they understand the word 'Peace'?" "I suppose they don't understand that word at all, all they know is their survival instinct!" Hermione grunted as she fell on the ground with a thud before getting up to her feet and dusting away the dirt clinging to her school uniform, "And besides, if the Slytherins aren't cowards then they would be in OUR house that signifies courage" "Nice explanation there Smart girl" Ten-Ten saluted her friend, "Now if only you knew a spell that could just round them up all together" "Nah, even if she knows it, ain't gonna be much of a use" Hagrid suddenly said, "These skrewts ain't going to be affected by any magic spells; they got strong amour to protect 'em from those spells" "Don't they have a weak spot Hagrid?" Harry asked, panting after putting the last of the skrewts in the things that look like thick hard blankets that Hagrid had placed.

"Matter of fact, they do!" The large man replied happily- glad he knew something about the creature that he created, "You just hit 'em on their back of their tummy and they'll be off to beyond the livin'; that's how most of these skrewts kill each other. Good thing there are still around 10 of 'em; will be needing later on"

"Can't we just knock them out?" Neji suggested. "No can do long 'aired boy," Hagrid replied, "They only knock out on wines and brandies" The said boy twitched at the newfound nickname he had. "Long haired boy? Good for you Hyuuga" Sasuke chuckled. "That's what happens when you don't cut your hair" Kiba snickered. "Least you weren't called a girl…" Ten-Ten sweat dropped at her raging team mate who looked like he could blow up any second. Naruto laughed, "Neji as a girl! Imagine that! Though to be honest, you're fit for cross dressing!" "I'm surprised you know the word cross dressing" Sasuke murmured.

"You're dead Uzumaki"

Ten-Ten and Lee held their friend back as he struggled to break free of their grasp and get to his current punching bag. Naruto laughed, "Haha, can't catch me Neji!" "Idiot," Shikamaru murmured, "Are you asking for a death wish Naruto?" "I second the fact that he is an idiot…" Neji growled. "We all do…" Kiba grinned. "You're all ganging up on me!" Naruto complained. "We're not ganging up on you dobe, it's a fact, you are an idiot" Sasuke said.




"Hyuuga, you still up?"

"As always Uchiha"


"Don't you find it hard to believe these are our body guards?" Hermione asked Ron who was laughing at the shinobis' antics. "Least they're funny, not like Percy. I always thought these types of guys would be strict, serious and all- like the ministry. But they aren't; good to see they have a sense of humor!" He laughed, wiping a tear from his eye. "To be honest," Neville piped in, "They are pretty laid back for bodyguards" "Perhaps because they're teenagers like us" Dean Thomas suggested, "Every teen's gotta have some load off of their shoulders and have some fun" "Except Percy," Ron added, "Percy thinks he's far too old for those" "Maybe because he is almost already a mature adult?" Hermione put her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrow. "Man, if that's what you call mature then, no thanks!" Dean grinned.

"Well, well… what do we have here?"

Harry visibly stiffed while his sister sighed.

"I'm adding this to my next newspaper story!"

They both knew whose voice that was.

"What is she doing here?" Ron asked. "Nothing good that's for sure" Hermione whispered as she saw the said woman walk towards them with a frighteningly suspicious smile. "Oh, is it now one of your lessons Harry? One of your favorite subjects Floral?" She asked, glancing from her magic quill to the twins. "Yes" the two of them replied as short as possible, hoping that way, the less gibberish gossip will come from Rita's twisted way to improve her stories. "Ah, may I know who this… uh… teacher is?" She gestured her hand to the visibly beaming Hagrid. "Rubeus Hagrid" He boomed. "Ah yes of course," She stole a glance to the twins before turning to Hagrid questioning several questions, "How have the Potter twins been in the school? Are their grades up? How are their social statuses hmm?"

Sakura couldn't resist the urge to roll her eyes at Rita, wondering what the lady reporter's true intention is for coming here out in the dirt and wind, she couldn't possibly just came here to question about their studies. There were other teachers inside the school where it's much safer and more comfortable, obviously a much better choice for an interview than to go outside in the dirt for someone like Rita Skeeter. 'Besides, if it's dirt and gossip she wants, Professor Snape's got loads of 'em about us' Sakura thought dejectedly. "Guess she goes where gossip takes her to" She mumbled. To distract herself, she looked around herself; her other friends are at the pumpkin patch, while the shinobis are probably near in the woods, fighting as usual- then oh, the Slytherins students are coming out, dusting away the invisible dirt on their clothes and grumbling about how terrible Hagrid's hunt was or about the skrewts being dangerous and some are even talking about how great that Rita Skeeter, the most known Daily Prophet news reporter was here. Typical of them, she supposed.

"Oh boy" Her brother standing beside her had suddenly said. "What is it?" Sakura questioned. "Rita asked Hagrid to meet her later for a longer and no doubt confusing interview at the Three Broomsticks later on, and he said yes!" He replied hurriedly. "Bummer" The girl commented, "I don't want to know what she's going to ask"

"All Right, back to the school everyone!" Hagrid ordered, "That's all for today!"

Hermione turned before leaving, eyeing the reporter, wondering if Rita wa-

"Hermione! Come on!" Hinata waved up on the hill waiting for the girl with their bodyguards and friends. The mentioned teen nodded, stealing one last glance at Rita and Hagrid, and walked away.

"What was she doing in our Care of Magical Creatures lesson?" Ino asked, "I mean, she doesn't look like the type to actually be interested in those kinds of stuffs!" "And the worse part is, she has arranged a near meeting with Hagrid later on… ugh, I don't want know what they're both going to talk about" Harry shook his head, "How does she became one of the most famous news reporter on the Daily Prophet?" "I don't know, mate. And I'm not even sure I want to know" Ron stretched his arms that went sore when he was trying to catch the skrewts. "Calm down both of you, it's no use worrying about that right now" Hermione patted the twins' shoulders. "Yeah, the thing we're supposed to be worrying is how to get dates!" Ron groaned, "Who asked you out Hermione?" "I told you that I'm not telling!" Hermione folded her arms, "And that's final!" "Do you know who she's going with Floral?" Harry turned to his sister, who nodded her head as an answer. "But of course" Sakura faked coughed, "I'm not gonna tell, unless you can magically turn into a girl right now without the use of Poly Juice potion"

For some reason, Naruto felt his ears twitch.

As they went up to the school, Sakura wondered, there was an unusual pile of sand behind Hagrid's hunt…

What was it for?

-Line Breaking-Line Breaking-

He really didn't know how he had gotten himself into the situation he was in. One moment he was walking with his sister then the next he was being dragged off by Hermione!

"Karkaroff gave me 3? Well I suppose that's fine by me but… 10 Madame Maxime? What on earth is wrong with her? I expect that she wants her student to win so she shouldn't have gave me a full score…" Sakura was least to say surprised at the outcomes of her scores. "I don't know, perhaps since you're a girl and you were pretty brave back in then…" Harry shrugged. "What's me being a girl and brave got anything to do with my score from Madame Maxime?" Sakura raised an eyebrow, "Anyway, then an 8 from Professor Dumbledore and a 9 from Ludo Bagman- as expected, I was far too reckless… seems your scores higher than me by around 2 points" She gave him a cheeky grin and patted his back, "That's my brother!" "Don't grin that way at me, you were almost killed remember?" Harry grumbled, "I thought females were supposed to be much more mature than males…" "There you go again," Sakura rolled her eyes, "Dearest brother, what does gender have anything to do with this?" "Never mind that then," Harry shook the topic off, "I'm just glad you're safe" Sakura laughed, "Of course! I can take care of myself!" "Yeah, but I can't help but worry" Harry shook his head, "Add the fact that you are reckless" "Sometimes only when needed" Sakura corrected, "And I deem that situation as in desire need to be reckless"


They both looked at each other.

"Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling?"

"Harry! Floral!"

Sakura grinned and waved at the nearing figure of their friend.

"Hermione! How are yo-oof!"

He barely had any time to catch his breath as he was dragged off by force along with his sister; whose words were cut off by the sound of her grunting; by the brown wavy haired female witch, beside her was his other friend Ron, with a red face.

"You've got to come with me! Quick!"

"Her-Hermione! Could you at least tell us where we're going?"

Right… that's how he got himself in this mess… Harry groaned.

They had gone down six floors, then down the marble staircase leading to the entrance hall. She turned left at the bottom of the staircase and hurried towards a door. Down they went through a flight of stone steps into a brightly lit corridor with food paintings and portraits. There, quite noticeably, hung among the many fruit paintings, was a portrait of a gigantic silver fruit bowl filled with grapes, apples, bananas and not so surprisingly familiar green pear. "Is it just me, or does that picture look really familiar? Like it's been described before?" Sakura asked, scratching her head. "Hermione! You're going to get us in one of your ridiculous spew stuffs again!" "It's not spew Ron! It's S.P.E.W.! And it's not ridiculous! Ridiculous is a spell for boggarts!" She retorted back before walking near the described portrait and tickling the pear, which giggled and laughed.

Then turned into a door handle

"I was right…" Ron face palmed. Sakura sweat dropped, "Why am I with you lot again?" "Since Hermione dragged only the three of us down here!" Ron grumbled. "Oh shut up Ron!" Hermione glared at him before taking Harry's hand in hers and pulled him inside through the door. "Her-Hermione! Wait!" Harry's voice faded then echoed as he was pulled deeper through the door. Sakura shook her head and followed the two in, behind her, followed a sighing Ron.

-Line Breaking-Line Breaking-

"You requested us?"

"It seems we have upcoming company" Dumbledore muttered, he then turned to the small crowd in front of him, "We're expecting an ambush on our Yule Ball, from who it is unknown and since we worry about the safety of our students we're going to extend our help area" The clock ticked and ticked as tension increased in the golden-brown elegant decorated office, Dumbledore let his gaze wander on the eight young shinobis he had hired for certain reasons and their four teachers. He sighed, "Though this can be taken lightly at usual circumstances, we have the Triwizard Tournament at our hands and I would not like my guests to be alarmed at this… interference. So therefore, I've asked a little help from a nearby village to yours, and I trust you've been acquainted with them…"

Appearing out of nowhere, 3 figures joined the atmosphere.

"Ah! Gaara, Kankuro, Temari!"

- Line Breaking-Line Breaking-

"This is… unexpected…" Sakura commented.

"Amazing isn't it?" Hermione broke into a grin.

They were all standing in a large hall as large as the great hall, complete with its long tables. The walls were orange bricked, and the hall was lit with the flickers of many candles and lights. Scurrying here and there, with their loud squeaky noises vibrating around were house elves. Pots and pans were filled with strange concoctions of spices, foods were roasted and cooked. Desserts were baked and cooled, soups were stirred and drinks were cooled with ices.

"So that's where all the foods come from!" Ron said, "Seems they transported them from here to the floor above us" "And the floor above us must be the Great Hall" Harry added.

"Mr. Potter! Mrs. Potter!" A squeaky voice called out.


"Dobby has been hoping and hoping he'll meet Mr. Potter and Mrs. Potter sir!" The little house elf squeaked excitedly, "And now he has!"

"What on earth are you doing here?" Sakura asked. "Dobby works here now Mrs. Potter!" He replied, "Mr. Dumbledore is very kind to take in Dobby and Winky when they're out of jobs Miss!" "Winky? You mean she's here too?" Hermione walked to the little house elf. "Yes! But Winky has been wailing and wailing since Dobby brought her here!" Dobby told them, "Come! Dobby will show you!" He grabbed Harry's hand and led them in. It was not hard to find Winky, as the house elf has been screeching and wailing of her misery so loudly in front of the fireplace that it was hard not to notice. They walked there as house elves started gathering stools there for them to sit on and trays of tea and crumpets. They sat on the stools provided and drank the tea. "Real nice service here!" Ron complemented, "Great job!" The house elves beamed at the Weasley and bowed before leaving. "That's taking advantage of the situation Ron!" Hermione grumbled. "Might as well right?" Ron drank his tea.

"Winky?" Sakura neared the house elf, "Are you alright?"

"No! Winky is not alright! Winky is ashamed of herself!" The house elf turned with teary eyes and a sniffling red nose, "Winky has been freed! And she is most ashamed! Bad Winky!"

Sakura was least to say, surprised by the outburst.

- Line Breaking-Line Breaking-

"Man, it's chilly outside!" Ino shivered. "Well, it is December and it's supposed to be cold" Ten-Ten sweat-dropped, "Unless you're living in a tropical area" "Could we just hurry up?" Ino asked. "Whatever you say then" Ten-Ten shrugged. "Come on then" Hinata pulled on her coat to cover herself up more in an effort to keep warm. And so, the three girls hiked their way up to the Owlery.

"Hey, by the way, have you all gotten your dates yet?" Ino asked. "As odd and unbelievable it may seem, I'm going with Neji…" Ten-Ten smiled weakly. "As friends or something related to chemistry?" Ino asked. "Honey, you really got to lay off the gossip intention of yours…" Ten-Ten groaned, "It's very noticeable… and no I have absolutely no idea what we're going as" "Not my fault that I'm curious…" Ino pouted. "If you're really curious, why can't you be curious in school subjects?" Ten-Ten grinned. "Aww, enough of that!" Ino grumbled, "I did put effort on my school work alright?" "How about you Holly?" Ten-Ten switched the focus of the conversation, "Who're you going out with?" "More like who survived Neji to go out with her…" Ino commented. "Ah… I'm going out with Naruto-kun" Hinata blushed. "Really? It's a miracle!" Ten-Ten mused, "He seems too insensitive to your feelings Hinata…" "So does that mean he has realized that you like him?" Ino piped in. "Ah… that…" Hinata's head dropped, "I don't think he has…" Ino and Ten-Ten sweat-dropped

"Honestly, you can't expect much from him…"

"I suppose asking her out itself is already a miracle…"

"Makes you wonder how Sakura survived in her team doesn't it?"


- Line Breaking-Line Breaking-

"Achoo!" Sakura sneezed.

"You alright?"

"Ugh, I'm fine Ron… perhaps since its December already…"

Another tray of warm tea and hot chocolate was suddenly pushed at her direction. "Ah… thank you very much" She took the hot chocolate appreciatively from the House Elves. "Yeah, this is real great service" Ron grinned.

"So… how did you end up here Dobby?" Harry asked, "Are they treating you well?" "Dobby has wandered around from house and house looking for a job Mr. Potter!" He replied with his high voice, "But the families slam the door at Dobby sir! Because Dobby now wants to be paid sir and the families don't accept that!" All the rest of the house elves that has been previously listening to the conversation in interest scrunched up their faces and edged away from Dobby as if he was a contagious disease that should be contained. "Good for you Dobby!" Hermione's eyes lit up and she patted the said creature's back, "How much is he paying you?" "He's paying Dobby a quarter per week Miss! He even says…" Dobby's voice turned quiet, "He even says we're allowed to call him 'old cog' if we wanted to!" Dobby then shook his head, "But Dobby doesn't want to sir! Dumbledore is very kind and Dobby is happy to keep his master's secrets and silence!"

"You should be ashamed of yourself Dobby!" Winky scolded, "Wanting to be paid and freed! Winky is a good house elf! She is very ashamed of herself to be freed! Oh, poor Mr. Crouch! No Winky to help him no more!" And with that, she wailed on once more. "Oh come on Winky! Mr. Crouch was horrible to you!" Hermione threw her hands up, "You should be glad that you're away from him! He's a horrible master!" "You do not speak that way of Mr. Crouch young lady!" Winky screeched, "Mr. Crouch is a good master! Only Winky is a bad house elf! Bad house elf!" She slammed her face to her hands and wept.

"Uh…I don't suppose there's any possible way to cheer her up?" Sakura asked. "None that I know of…" Harry shook his head, "So Dobby, since you're now not under the Malfoys anymore, can you tell us something about them?" "Dobby is free sir! But Dobby is too used to keeping the Malfoys secrets sir!" Dobby's large ears dropped down slightly and his eyes lingered on the floor, "All that Dobby can tell Mr. Potter that the Malfoys are… are… very bad people!" He gasped and snatched up a nearby stool, hitting his head repeatedly with it, "Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby!" Harry separated the house elf from the stool it has been hitting himself with, "That's enough Dobby" "Thank you Mr. Potter! Dobby is too used to do that sir!" He squeaked. "You just need practice, that's all" Harry reassured him. "Talking about your master that way! You really must be ashamed of yourself Dobby! What would your master say!" Winky shouted. "The Malfoys are not Dobby's master anymore! Dobby doesn't care what they think!" Dobby declared. "Oh you bad Dobby!" Winky screeched, "Winky is ashamed, Winky is ashamed!" She wailed on and on.

- Line Breaking-Line Breaking-

The cold wind of December entered the Owlery as its door was opened and in came tumbling were three girls we are familiar with.

"Hya… warm" Hinata smiled dreamily. "It's much warmer here than it is outside" Ten-Ten agreed. "Now…" Ino climbed up the stone stairs and glanced at the Owls around her, "Where is he?" Hinata and Ten-Ten followed the girl as she searched for a certain owl. "I'm sure he must be at the upper part of the Owlery" Ten-Ten looked up. "You're right!" Hinata gasped, "Look!" She pointed her hand to a Rough Owl with brown feathers and squinted eyes, looking down at them as if it was glaring with its piercing eyes. "Roux, there you are!" Ino called, "Come here Roux, we have a letter we need you to send!" The said owl with the name Roux turned towards them slowly and lazily flew down to them. He landed on one of the many places to land near the girls and stared. Ino patted its head softly and proceeded to give the letter to him to send. "I always wondered why his name is Roux" Hinata commented. "Roux is a Rough Owl" Ten-Ten smiled, "And Roux is another language for Rough" She patted the owl softly as well before it flew around high above them and out of the window.

"At least, that's what I've heard… about Roux…"

-TIME SKIP - (A.N: Wait a moment, does Time even exist in this story? Saa… who knows…. Ah, who are you by the way and what are you doing inside this story?)

"Ugh…" Ten-Ten groaned as she stared at the dress she was holding. It was quite a lovely dress, but the fact that she would be wearing it where people could see her… then it's not much of a good thing… "It's a lovely dress you know…" Ino smiled. "It's cute, but I'm not wearing that!" Ten-Ten protested, "It's too revealing!" "P.S. If it's much too revealing to you, then there's a scarf also side enough to cover from your head to your waist, light and brown colored, perfect match with the dress" Ino giggled as she read the contents of the letter that came with their packages. "She must have known you have not much of a choice to have but to wear the only dress you have now!" Sakura laughed. "Ugh, I should have brought that dress we were supposed to bring… but no…. I just have to forget to pack it with me!" Ten-Ten groaned. "Least yours is simple…" Sakura showed her dress, "Mine practically looks like a wedding dress!" "Mine comes with a scarf as well" Hinata smiled, "Same as yours Rachael" "You would look beautiful in it" Ten-Ten nodded, "But I probably won't in mine" "Mine seems too purple…" Ino sweat dropped as she held out her dress (A.N. Dresses image can be found in the writer's profile. Please note that Ino's dress in this story is a softer shade of purple)

You might probably be wondering what the fuss is all about… Well, the girls have gotten their dresses and therefore come their comments.

And along with their dresses were some accessories and a letter from Madam Malkin.

Hermione sighed and resisted the urge to giggle out of the blue.

-Somewhere in this story-

"Have you finished?"

"Almost… The effects of the potion will be exactly like the infamous Hinamizawa Syndrome…"

"How long will it last?"

"Enough… to last to your needs…"

"It better be"


Shikamaru grunted as he tried to loosen what was supposedly called a tie tied around his neck.

"It itches…"

"It's tight too…" Chouji frowned. "How come Gaara wears the white one?" Naruto glared at the young red-head, "It must be more comfortable!" "No, it isn't…" Gaara answered nonchalantly. "Stop putting the blame on him Naruto!" Kankuro slapped Naruto's back with a grin. "How come I'm always hit by you all?" Naruto questioned. "You're the one who asked for it baka" Sasuke pulled on the collar of his clothes slightly. "No fair Teme!" Naruto twitched. "Yosh! You look very youthful Neji-san!" Lee grinned. Neji sighed, dusting off some imaginary dust off of his outfit. "Man, this outfit is not comfy" Kiba said, "Where's Akamaru anyway? The last time I've seen him was in the old man's office" "He must still be there," Shino replied, "Least we hope so and still in his own original form" "Yeah…" Kiba nodded, "I can't fight well without him"

"Ah… my youthful students… all dressed up and ready to leave!" Gai burst into the place.

"Gai-sensei! You look stunningly youthful!"

"So do you youthful student Lee!"

"Cut the drama will you?" Neji twitched. "Not bad Sasuke…" Kakashi commented. "I see you're still wearing the mask…" Sasuke sweat dropped. "Ah… you can't expect me to remove it now can you?" Kakashi smiled. "How are you going to drink in the ball anyway?" Naruto asked, "Or even eat Sensei?" "Eh? There will be food?" Chouji asked. "Of course there will be… it's a party…" Shikamaru glanced at his friend, "A big party… with a planned ambush clipped on it…" He murmured the last line of his sentence.

-Moving on-

"I wonder if I can cut this dress…"


"Right… sorry… It's just too darn tight! I can't move my legs freely!"

"I think we could…" Hinata took out her sewing kit, "How about we cut two of the bottom part so it'll look like the bottom part of a Chinese dress?" "I think that'll do…" Ino agreed, "Then we can cut off the extra length of the dress and somehow sew it on like it's a bow to decorate it!" "More frills?" Ten-Ten deadpanned. "Light up girl," Sakura laughed, as she appeared dressed up in her outfit. "Is it just me… or is that dress supposed to be a bit longer?" Ino wondered, "Last time you tried it on… I couldn't see your feet and now… your toes are peeking out" "Ah, it was…" Sakura grinned sheepishly, "I cut it so it was shorter and I won't have to worry about tripping on it. Least it's still long and can be called a dress…" "Hold still Rachael! I'm almost done with your dress!" Hinata ordered as she kept on making changes to the dress. "Right, sorry" Ten-Ten apologized.

A knock on the door interrupted them.

"Girls, are you decent?" Hermione's voice followed the knock.

"Just come in Hermione" Ino replied.

"Hey, is anyone ready for their hair to be done?" Hermione asked as she stepped into the room. "Oh woah…" Sakura smiled, "You look gorgeous!" "Well… I could say the same to you" Hermione blushed, "After I finish doing your hair" "Thanks for helping out Hermione!" Sakura laughed and sat on one of the beds and waited for Hermione to do her hair. "Piece of cake, really" Hermione said as she sat behind Sakura, "Uh… why's Rachael getting her dress changed?" "Too tight" Ten-Ten replied, "Are you done yet Holly?" "Almost, just need another minute…" She replied, her eyebrows furrowing into concentration.


"Temari!" Kankuro laughed, "This must be the most nearest to a girl I've ever seen you as!" "Shut up Kankuro!" She glared at her brother before turning to her other sibling with a sweet smile, "On the other hand, you look adorable Gaara!" She pinched the boy's face. "Temari!" He growled softly, "Stop it!" Though honestly, his growl and stretched cheeks made him cuter than a cat. "Te-Temari…" Kankuro stuttered when he noticed the sand that had started to pile around their feet. "Ah… now, now…" Temari started to sweat, "I'll stop now…" The sand retreated to its respective place as Gaara sighed. "We can't be staying lazing around for too long," Kurenai told them, "Where are the others Kankuro?"

"Over here!" Asuma waved.

"Ready for the plan?"

-Tick, Tock, Tick, tock~-

"You go ahead Hermione, we'll catch up" Sakura assured her, "Tell my brother we'll be down soon…" "Sure…" Hermione smiled, "See you then, hurry up okay? Especially you Floral, we need you to start the ball" "Don't remind me" Sakura groaned, "Uh… being watched by many people… I would rather have another go with the dragon…" "Why does that sound familiar with your brother?" Hermione laughed, and with that, she left the room.

"Weapons ready?" Sakura turned to the 3 girls. "Do you think this dress pretty much covers my other outfit?" Ten-Ten asked. "I'm sure it does, try spinning around" Hinata suggested. And so she did, her outfit was not seen in which she wore beneath the dress was unnoticeable to the naked eye. Ino showed her small bag, "It's a good thing that I have placed a charm in this bag, it practically fit everything in it!" "Weapons ready!" Ten-Ten twirled a kunai in her hand before making it disappear from view. "Not forgetting wand as well" Hinata chirped happily, waving her wand. "You sure this is necessary Sakura?" Ten-Ten asked, "I mean I'm fine with handling weapons everywhere I go but really, it's not like we're expecting an ambush to happen right?" "Well, it never hurts to be prepared," Sakura shrugged, "I have a feeling that something real bad is going to happen and I feel better if we are all prepared for the worst that could happen"

They went down the stair into the common room where a small group awaits them.

"Neji!" Ten-Ten greeted all in the while avoiding a hug from her other teammate. "Ten-Ten-san! You look amazing!" Lee cried. "Uh… thanks" Ten-Ten smiled giving a hand to help the fallen friend get up, "You look fine yourself" Neji coughed, "Come on" "Who's he going out with?" Ten-Ten asked, "We're allowed to go without a date, respectively" Neji replied, "But since it's a tradition and we should honor it, he's going out with another student younger than you" "And uh… so where is she now?" Ten-Ten looked around. "Not here, downstairs in that ball room" Neji sighed, tugging on his collar. "It can't be that bad to wear Neji!" Ten-Ten laughed. "Yosh! We are all ready!" Lee declared. "You are right my student! Let us leave to enjoy this youthful ball!" Gai yelled.

"You look cute Hinata" Kurenai patted her student head, "That dress looks beautiful on you" "Thank you Kurenai-sensei" Hinata smiled shyly. A small blue butterfly suddenly landed on her head, she looked at Shino. "Ano… Shino-san? This…" "Decoration," He mumbled. Hinata smiled to her team mate, "Thank you" Kiba laughed and placed his arm around Shino's neck, "Hehe, looking out for our teammate eh?" He grinned," Oh and by the way, Hinata, you look great!" "Thank you!" Hinata smiled, "Ne, Kurenai-sensei?" "Hm?" Her teacher turned to her. "How did Asuma-sensei react when he saw you in that dress?" This time, it was Kurenai who blushed redder than a rose.

"Not bad Sakura" Sasuke commented, "Though honestly, you would look better it something simpler" "Shut it Uchiha" Sakura grumbled, "Naruto, it itches less if you stop tugging it" she turned to Naruto who had been tugging on his tie, "It doesn't itch!" He groaned, "It's tight!" "Since you keep tugging it baka!" Sasuke sighed. "Here let me give you a hand" Sakura made a move to touch the tie but her steps were stopped when Sasuke placed a hand on her shoulder, "Nah, that won't be necessary. Naruto, pull a bit on this side of the tie" He tugged the collar part of his tie, making it loose. Naruto nodded and tugged, "Ah, better!" "My students look good today ne?" Kakashi piped in. "Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura deadpanned, "Your mask is still on… though hidden by that scarf you're wearing…" "Ah… it is" Kakashi rubbed his head, "And it's not coming off for you to see either" "You should at least put that book away Kakashi-sensei" Naruto stared at the guilty orange-book written by a certain sannin. "But I like it" Kakashi argued, "And I'm getting to the good part too"

"Asuma-sensei! You look great!" Ino smiled, "Did Kurenai-sensei say anything?" "Eh?" Asuma laughed and threw his cigar away, "Why would Kurenai say anything?" He blushed lightly and scratched his head, "It doesn't matter her now does it?" "Mhmm… really" Ino hummed. "Saa, anyway" Asuma nervously laughed, "You look great yourself Ino!" "Thank you" Ino thanked him, "And your effort to change the subject is useless sensei!" "Ah… can we talk this later?" Asuma asked. "Oh well then" Ino pouted, "You're not putting that cigarette away Sensei?" "Eh? I wouldn't be content if I don't have one…" Asume replied, "Or two…" "Saa, what do you think Shikamaru?" Ino asked, twirling in her dress.

Asuma sweat-dropped as he was ignored

"Hmm…"Shikamaru replied without taking a glance, "Fine" "Hmph! Ne, Chouji, Do I look good?" Ino asked. "Ah, you look fine Ino" Chouji replied, "But the pin you're wearing is slightly loose" "Ah, really?" Ino looked at her purple pin she placed on her scarf, "You're right! I'll fix it" She adjusted it quickly but neatly before beaming at him, "Thank you Chouji!"

Shikamaru scowled, "Che, Troublesome"

-~ Music playing… the ball has begun ~-

"Potter!" Mrs. McGonagall's voice pierced through the crowd, "What are you doing here! You're supposed to start the ball with a dance!"

Parvati Patil thanked the teacher for the information given before pulling on her date's hand, more specifically, Harry's hand.

And the music played.

Sakura was stiff as she bit her lip, trying her best to keep up with the music. "You're too stiff Sakura, relax" Sasuke suggested, "Just follow the music" "How is it that you're good at everything?" Sakura grumbled, letting her shoulders drop, "And this is your first time dancing" "Not really," Sasuke shook his head, "Itachi would sometimes dance with me just for fun when I was younger" "Uh… dance as in waltz?" Sakura asked. Sasuke shook his head and shrugged, "Who knows? Just lay back Sakura, I'll lead the way" She sighed, and slowly, laid her head on his chest, content and let herself blend with the music. She closed her eyes and hummed, "Not so bad I guess…" She mumbled. "That's because you have a good partner right?" Sasuke smirked, though it went unseen by his teammate, she knew. "Great way to ruin the moment" She looked up to him, raised her arms and twirled, keeping up with the tempo before going back into his arms once more. She sneaked a peek towards her brother, who seemed to keep his eye on a certain someone, not his own dance date, but to Cho Chang who danced in Cedric's arms with a smile.

Sakura couldn't help but sigh, letting her guard down… and accidentally stepped on her date's foot.

She held back a gasp as Sasuke bit his lower lip.

"Haruno, you're a terrible dancer" He declared.

Sakura's hands twitched.

- Higurashi no naku koro ni -

The wind blew cold against the small group of people who were hiding beneath the shadows.

One of them, a girl with long blue hair cut in hime-style let out a breath and shivered when she felt the cold wind blew against her, she watched the school from afar. Her purple eye turned towards her teammates, who are warming themselves up near the small bonfire they've made. She stood up and walked towards them, taking a seat next to Adeleis; a taller girl with white hair and sharp observing aqua eyes. "It's a cold night isn't it Rika?" Adeleis said while she patted her 'pet' a rather small white tiger called Shiro purring at the touch. Rika nodded and played with her blue bangs silently in response. "Well, it's been a long two years with you all" Ryuuho, their leader pushed up his glasses up his nose, his brown pupils shifted their gaze to each and every one of their little group.

Lox, with thick rather wavy black hair and larger build body than the rest of them- a good man, Ryuuho decided, silent but an understanding person. Arashi gave an awfully uncomfortable devil-like smile and if Ryuuho wasn't used to the blue-eyed male's antics he would have probably shivered. He tapped his bazooka in anticipation as his other hand reached up touch the rather curly/wavy short black hair of his. Maeda who was sitting beside his own pet- a black slim fox-like creature with black chain around its neck- stared at him with dull grey eyes with a lazy smile. Rika, the most important puzzle piece to their group in this mission refueled her guns. Adeleis, smiled a sad mysterious smile and scratched Shiro, her white tiger; her hands lingering on the animal's silver chain with a cross-sign tag. Axel was ruffling his patch of red hair, his weapons lay beside him. Caelum's red eyes looked up to him, dead-panned, but noticeably, he gripped his kantanas tighter. Then finally to the youngest member, Ichi who stopped playing with his bows and arrows and placed his puppets (the function is similar to Kankuro's) near him.

"Not long enough, Ryuu…" Adeleis shook her head.

The others had to agree.

"This is our jobs, our fate," Ryuuho coughed at his nickname, "This might as well be our last mission" "Ryuu, be nicer and change the word 'mission' will you?" Axel laughed, "You make it sound like we're a burden!" "You are…" Ryuuho grumbled, "Do you know how much bill we have for this year for all of your fights you caused in our condo?" Yes, they lived in a large condo house all together, and long story short, they would have an argument which somehow turned into a War where weapons are used along with broken furniture and walls every Thursday, Monday, Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday and occasionally, Wednesday along with rarely, Friday. They would be thankful that their jobs (and part-time jobs) make enough paychecks for them to eat and live comfortably all the while fixing their home.

The group broke into a small round of laughter and giggles.

"Fine, our last activity together" Ryuuho corrected himself, "I will be expecting the best from each one of you" "Even if we tried our best," Rika started, "I do not think it would be enough for us to win" "Lighten up now…!" Axel rushed to the gloomy girl and hugged her, "We're all in this together right?" "We don't need to win, we just need to cause some panic that's all" Ryuuho took the large thermos they had packed along and poured himself a warm drink. Arashi smirked, "It would be like running a suicide while having fun at the same time" "If you can call our job fun" Adeleis glared at him, "its bloody tiring" "Bloody huh?" Lox chuckled beneath his mask, "Bloody indeed…" "We'll need to inject that potion in one of the twins as well" Ryuuho spoke, he turned to Rika, "Can you do that Rika?" "As much as I hate it…" She growled, "Yes…" "I know it's not according to your views Rika…" Ryuuho looked away and patted Mono, his own pet wolf, "But it is our job"

Silence followed his words.

"In return… however… please stay alive…"

- Line Breaking -

Sakura panted, tired from all the dancing she had done. "Haruno- that was only one dance…" Sasuke informed her, "And you're already tired?" "I'm not fond of dancing…" She complained, "And these high hills are killing my feet" "Right…" Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose, "I'm going to get a drink" "And I'll happily sit here" Sakura took her seat, "Watching Naruto dance with Hinata" "I doubt he'll dance with her for long" Sasuke looked to the said boy, who yet again apologized his date for stepping at her feet. "Hinata's very patient…" She laughed nervously. "So I noticed…" Sasuke hummed. "Aren't you going to get a drink?" Sakura asked. "Was going to" He answered, "But I suppose I'll just sit down" He sat beside her and raised his hand; a floating tray neared their table and lowered itself, all the while not spilling the drinks and snacks it carried. Sasuke simply took one of its glasses of juices before watching the tray float away- he drank up his glass that seemed to contain substance called apple juice.

"Magic really easies things up" Sasuke complemented out loud.

Sakura simply laughed lightly.

Meanwhile, Ten-Ten sweat-dropped as she heard the rant she was forced to hear through from Parvati Padma simply because she wasn't asked to dance by her own date- more specifically, Ron. Deciding she has had enough, she spoke up, "Then if he doesn't care for you… then might as well ask someone else to dance with you, right?" "Ah! You're right!" Padma beamed and she hugged the startled girl, "Thank you my friend! Are you not going to dance with your date?" She looked around, "But come to think of it, where is your date anyway?" "Eh?" Ten-Ten stood up from her seat, "I didn't notice! I suppose I should look for him… see you!" She walked off before the other girl could even think of dragging her off on a boy-hunt.

She walked around, she knew Neji didn't like parties, but he knew his job and wouldn't leave the area he was needed…

Something was up…

From the corner of eye, she noticed the brooding atmosphere caused by a certain blond in purple dress.

"Leona!" Ten-Ten shouted over the band music that has started to play, (A.N. When did that started to happen anyway? Time is a mysterious thing ne?)

"What?" Ino snapped at her. She saw her friend's expression and shook her head, "I'm sorry Rachael, and it's just…" "What? Your date didn't ask you to dance?" Ten-Ten joked lamely as she sat near her friend, "What's wrong?" "Ugh… I'll rather not tell…" Ino grunted, slumping in her seat. Ten-Ten looked around, and soon realized the near presence of a familiar couple, Shikamaru with an flushed expression along with a laughing Temari, poking at his red face. She nodded, understanding he situation and gave a sad gesture. "I see…" Ten-Ten whispered, "Is that why you went out with Cormac? Just to make him feel jealous?" Ino looked up to her, "I thought you didn't understand this kind of relationship…" She laughed, wiping off the tears that had formed, "It's a good thing the make-up's water proof right?" "Ino…" Ten-Ten patted her head, "I'm a girl right? I know this situation even if I don't want to dip into it" "Anyway, let's just go okay?" Ino stood up and smiled, "It's a party and I want to have fun!" She made a move to leave but stopped when her hand was gripped tight.

"Ino… stop running away…"

"I'm not! I just…" Ino looked down and closed her eyes, her fist went to her forehead, hitting it softly, "I'm such a baka…" Ten-Ten gripped her shoulders, "Hey… do you want to go up to the dorm?" She asked softly, "Perhaps it would be better if…" "No," Ino shook her head, "I…" She stopped short when she saw the cause of her problems and frustrations walk towards her.


- Line Breaking -

Adelies looked up into the sky, then to her wrist watch- a gift from Ryuuho, respectively.


Quite a while till the time comes if she was to voice her opinion… they could have split up later time, but the leader insisted on doing so earlier… Darn Ryuuho, he knew that there was hardly any chance of them getting out of this alive and he had to split them up so soon! He knew that the rest of the team hated being split up! They were pretty much glued like a family, whether they want to admit it or not. Each had terrible pasts… including herself…

Suddenly, she laughed at her own life.

She had worked as a prostitute all her life, earning money from the rich males she has relationship with, getting her fighting skills from defeating and suffering through the times she was captured by rented men by the angry suspicious wives. It can't be helped really, the key to survival. The world doesn't have the lovely fairytale in which you're the princess and have a loyal prince. Nothing lasts forever; this world was harsh and cruel; cruel to her- cruel to her disabled 7 year old brother, and to their dead parents who burnt to ashes along with their home and lives. She had to find a way to earn money and she had good looks, good body, so why not? She was too tainted to accept any other jobs anyway… It was on that night, she finally found herself unable to avoid her death, as the men hired to kill her by jealous wives are more superior compared to those she had face before.

'And costs more money…' She thought bitterly, 'Money seems to be everything now days…'

"So this is what we're supposed to kill?" One of the men clad in black said, "Pathetic"

"Nii-chan!" Her little brother, Dailies cried. "Stop! DAILIES GET BACK!" She screamed, "GO! RUN! GET OUT OF HERE!" "Dailies won't run!" He cried stubbornly, "Let go of Nii-chan!" He ran towards one of the man, screaming and crying. "Shut up you brat!" They kicked him away, only for him to get up and run at them again. "Boss, what should we do to this brat?" They asked.

The oldest man glared at her and smiled in the most disgusting way, making her want to puke.

"Kill him in front of her"

"STOP! NO!" She struggled against the vice grip and shrieked, "Run DAILIES! RUN! DON'T TOUCH HIM! DAILIES!"

"Shut up you worthless b***h!"

She groaned at the wound where she had been slapped.


Aqua eyes widened in horror as the blade cut the little boy in half, blood splattering everywhere.


She kicked her capturers with the strength she had never knew she had and rushed towards the corpse, holding it like a lifeline. "Dailies! Dailies!" She cried, "Oh god… Dailies…" She wept, gripping the corpse tighter to herself; her clothes washed themselves in his blood. She grunted when her hair was pulled back by force, and heard laughter; she felt the blade near her aching throat. She whimpered- this was the end…

However, their laughter was replaced by screams of horror, the blade replaced with warmth of a hand…

"It would be a waste if you are to die right now…" A voice told her, "You have such potential…" "Just waste me…" She whispered, shutting her eyes tighter, "Please just kill me…" "Now why would I do that?" The voice asked, "I find no profit in it if I already have wasted my time trying to safe you…"


Adeleis shook her head, she changed her name since then… in memory of her sibling, and her name was now… Adeleis…

Shiro nudged at her side, mewling softly. Adeleis smiled and patted the creature softly, "If anything happens to me, I want you to run as fast as you can go, alright?" She received a soft sad purr, "I'm sorry Shiro… but this seems like a 'lose-lose' situation if we both die right? I'm not dragging you with me to hell" Shiro growled and shook his head, refusing to agree. She smiled, "Well then… may we both survive"

- Line Break -

Ino sighed, sitting on the couch near the fire place. It was a lovely night indeed and yet here she was… sulking and well, spilling tears. She bit on the chocolateballs full of strawberry mousse and clotted cream and finished the Custard Creams she had taken from the ball. Ten-Ten had returned downstairs, saying that she was suspicious on the occasion and decided to check out the area. She hummed to herself, the flickers of the fire became blurrier to her again, but she was just simply too tired to wipe the liquid responsible. She was starting to doze off when…


She cursed underneath her breath when she heard the familiar voice, shaking off the tears in her eyes and sitting up right, "Aren't you supposed to be downstairs in the ball?" "Too troublesome…" He replied, "Aren't you the one who should be there? Since you are a student here? Along with your date waiting for you?" "It's not required that I should right?" Ino stood up, "Anyway, I'm off to sleep, it's been tiring dancing…" "Ino, you haven't even danced a bit" Shikamaru deadpanned. "Oh really? And how would you know that?" She turned towards him, her hands on her hips with glaring, teary eyes. Shikamaru however, stood unaffected, "I noticed, you were talking with your date then you stood brooding in the corner till Ten-Ten came over to you and you both left" He walked towards her, "What's wrong Ino?" "Nothing's wrong!" Ino turned away stubbornly, "Why would you think that something's wrong?" "Right…" Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "As if I would believe that Ino, tell me what's wrong"

"Nothing is wrong! Why are you here interrogating me anyway when you should be downstairs?" Ino retorted.

"Why are you here when you should be having fun?" Shikamaru asked, "Your… date's waiting for you" He clenched his fist at the last sentence.

'Damn troublesome woman…'

"Will you cut about the 'my date' part?" Ino glared, "He has a name! Cormac, and you're talking about him as if you're jealous of both of us!"

'I wish you were jealous…'

"Why would I be jealous of you and him? I'm your teammate and friend Ino! I care about you!" "Just a friend Shikamaru?" Ino turned and faced the fire place. "What?" "Just go back to that ball and to that Temari!" She retorted, "For a genius, you're a pathetic stupid fellow!" "I came here because I was worried and this is the thanks I get? You've got to be kidding me! Ino! Tell me what's wrong!" Shikamaru demanded. "Nothing is happening!" She replied stubbornly. "Oh yeah, I can clearly tell something not right!" Shikamaru snorted. Ino sighed, "It's just-"


The walls of the tower smashed before their eyes.

It was Hermione who screamed, fell kneeling to the ground as Ron who appeared and steadied her.

Sand instantly rose, supporting the tower as quick as gravity starting to defy the laws of magic.


- Line Break -

From the corner of his eye, he noticed the Headmaster excused himself, and left the hall as more students poured into the said hall as the another band called the Weird Sisters played their newest song. He smirked, 'That guy sure knows how to make a distraction…'

And with that, Sasuke walked up to Naruto.

Hinata nodded and waved as she saw her date walk away; when they were out of sight- she turned to fetch Sakura. She found her, conversing with Harry with a serious expression.

"I suppose being a half-giant does make sense for him…but for her… big boned? Yeah right, the half-giant sounds more convincing…"

"Mind if I snatch Floral for a moment?" Hinata smiled.

"Sure, I'll have to talk to Ludo Bagman…" Harry nodded, "I'm going to talk to Ludo Bagman first… see you sis"

"Mhmm… I can't really say 'Have a good time' right?" Sakura giggled, earning a solemn nod.

She waited until he was out of view before talking to Hinata.

"They've moved haven't they?"

- Line Break -


Professor Dumbledore hid his wand and turned to Asuma, "The voice won't reach them inside, and now I entrust the safety of my students and my school to your students" He walked into the building, "Good Luck" Once inside, the doors slammed shut and he beckoned to Mr. Flint. "Lock all doors and access into the school, put the shield if must"

The school had been layered with sand as spells were cast over windows to show the view of the night, courtesy of Gaara's sand controlling abilities.

The sand had been useful after all.

The teachers from Konoha looked around the school.

"Why do they get to go outside when we're stuck here?" Kurenai asked, "Shouldn't we be helping them?" "Well…" Asuma scratched his head, "I'm not the one making the plans… Shikamaru is… and we'll step in when we're needed… this is a minor attack after all…" "It is… and our job is to make bunshins of our students so as not to be suspicious to the students…" Kakashi casually flipped a page on his orange book.

"They'll be fine…"

- Line Break -

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" Naruto yelled high in the sky; with five clones appearing beside him he jumped down towards the white-haired female. With the flick of her blue blades, she got rid of them. Hearing a whirl of wind she looked up, scowling at the sight of the young male charging at her with blue round ball of energy she closed her eyes and braced the impact… till a roar startled her and the teenage boy was knocked out of her view by Shiro, growling and snaring his teeth at the blue-eyed male. Naruto landed on the ground all right, but not before crashing into the sand-layered wall. He gritted his teeth, refusing to give up and rushed towards them, "Bushin Taitari!" He cried out. The bunshins he made soon were wiped out by a parade of flames. A red head had joined in the fight, holding his double blades and his flames floating around him. They charged forward at him.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

Another fire user had jumped in.

They dodged and jumped, avoiding the balls of fire lunged at them, canceling their intention to attack.

"Show off teme!" Naruto shouted to the Uchiha. He smirked in reply, "Don't push it baka"

"Shiro!" Adeleis, the white-haired female turned to her pet, "Go!" He roared and ran towards him.

Naruto laughed, "This one's easy Teme!"

"Exquaciel…" Adeleis murmured, her right hand on her right eye, she glared to the sky and brought her hand pointing to the running Shiro, "Activatos!" Instantly, the animal turned larger, thrice its size now, he growled, showing his larger teeth.

Or that was he thought a few moments ago…

"Gah! He turned large!" Naruto yelled, "Okay… Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Thousands of clones appeared and charged, ending up clutching its white fur or disappeared with a swish of a tail. Either way, they poof-ed off and soon, Naruto made his trademark attack…


Shiro's yelp was followed by Adelies roar of fury.


"Adeleis…" The red head, Reno, looked at her, "Focus on our duty…" She looked away, her body shivering, knuckles turned white before she nodded. She rushed to the blond boy first, making attacks here and there, only to have them blocked by his own small sword called Kunai. Naruto flinched as he blocked move to move. She slashed and slashed, till Naruto grabbed hold of her right shoulder and used it to lift himself up, jumping over her and flinging his kunai. She barely dodged it blood, coming out of the small wound.

While Sasuke was caught in a fire duel with Reno, flames dancing around them like the sea.

"Katon: Ryuuka no jutsu!"

Dragon of fire swirled from his breath, moving forward to attack his enemy. Reno grinned, fascinated by the flames before sending off his own flames. Flames clashed together, making something similar like fireworks. Reno was about to make a slash to cut the air and the boy, when a punch was delivered to his left side, and he came crashing down to the ground. "Sakura, what the hell are you doing here?" Sasuke yelled. "I'm part of Konoha as well!" She dodged an upcoming kunai like item, only to realize it too late that an exploding tag was tagged to it. She grunted as she was thrown off by the force of explosion, "Baka! You haven't even gotten out your weapon yet and you're this wounded!" Sasuke scolded her. She groaned as she lifted herself up, "This dress does not suit for battle," She decided, pulling out a single kunai and ripped the dress to her knee, "Pity… it was a fine dress…" She took out her gloves and placed them on. Sakura nodded, "Come on!"

"Sakura! We need to get them away from the school!" Sasuke yelled.

"Got it!" She charged up her fist and charged at the red-head, meaning to punch him away but was dodged swiftly, followed by a movement of his blades. Flickers of shuriken managed to distract him however, and with another punch, though this time successfully hitting its target; he flew crashing into the ground. She jumped down, meaning to clobber him with her foot, however was avoided by the enemy and instead, made a large dent on the brick tiled ground.

'Mr. Flint is going to be so mad… burnt and cracked damages…'

- Line Break -


Maeda couldn't help but snicker when the enemy and his dog he called Akamaru came at him like wild dogs hunting for their prey; he swung his red kantanas, frequently making cross signs with them to block the attack. He turned around swiftly, and with his right hand he placed his kantana in front of his chest, blocking an attack from a female dressed in a torn blue dress. Hinata narrowed her white eyes, "Juken!" She pulled her left hand back and pushed it forward, beneath the kantana which blocked her right hand attack, hitting the stomach. Maeda winced at the impact, a gesture and Hinata noticed immediately and made a move to attack further but stopped half way and moved back from him. Avoiding an incoming attack from a black fox, Maeda's pet- Kuro

He smirked, "Good boy!" He patted the creature, "Exquaciel…" He whispered as he shut his eyes, "Activatos!" At the shout of the last word, he turned around and cut the attack he had been expecting, cutting through a mass of flying insects, he widened his eyes. "Insects?" His eyes caught a silent figure with black spectacles, he growled at turned to his pet, "Burn 'em boy!" The fox jumped up, heading towards the bugs, and soon eliminated the later creatures, while his owner dealt with the other two. He looked like he was dancing, throwing one of his kantanas in the air and using the other one to slightly turn the direction Kiba or his dog he couldn't really tell, was heading so instead of hitting him directly in the chest, he whizzed past his right side. Then he jumped up to catch the weapon he had thrown up before making a cross sign with them, blocking a chakra fueled hand belonging to Hinata.

He flickered his weapons right and left, low and high, focusing hard to block the attack that seemed to be using more force by the next impact it made with his blades.

Too much focus however, was used to fight the white eyed girl till he forgot to check his back.


- Line Break -

Lox lashed his hands with claw like weapons at his opponent, managing to ruin his outfit. Lee jumped and delivered a kick towards his face, making him fly crashing to the ground. He growled and rushed up, blades on his hands sharp and ready. Lee moved back, bending low as he avoided one slash to another. Then he slipped underneath and kicked the man up in the face with his right foot; he turned his body around and with his left foot, he kicked Lox's side. He was falling towards a long haired man, Lox brace himself for the impact.

"Hakke Kushou!"

He coughed blood.

Rika's blood boiled as she shot more and more bullets at the long haired male, grumbling when she found her efforts useless when he twirled around in his spot and made a blue shield around himself. She was going to fire more bullets when she was knocked to the side, she gasped when she found it was her teammate, Lox had gotten up. Taking the shuriken strapped to her back, she threw it to the ground in front of the male, making a small shield from the weapons that suddenly went flying out of nowhere. She glared to the source of the various metals, seeing the figure of a female with a scroll. Rika snorted, refueling the guns, and firing off to the other girl in the sky, who blocked the bullets with her nunchaku. Ten-Ten took out her scroll, making markings on them before turning it over and made her jutsu. Rains of weapons rained down to the ground as Rika's eyes turned wide as saucers. She took out the large shuriken strapped to her back, deflecting some weapons falling down, making enough way for her to run.

However, she tripped over the rumble of rocks, and fell.

Lox shielded her from the rest of the weapons.

She gasped, "Lox! You idiot! What…"

"Hurry!" His raspy voice ordered her, "Finish our mission! Find one of them and do it!"

Rika shut her eyes tight, and reluctantly she ran.

The moonlight reflected her fallen tears.

- Line Break -

Temari got hold of her large fan, blowing away another black ball fired at her way; she swished it thrice, attempting to blow the black ball of explosion back to the man who fired it. But it exploded mid way, sending off both of the fighters off of their ground. She crashed into the sand walls; they extended to help her land, she turned to her little brother, sending him a glance of thanks. While Arashi flipped himself around and landed roughly, kneeling and wasting no time to fire yet another small ball of unguided rocket towards the girl. He scowled when the item he had fired hit the sand shield that had formed around his target. Suddenly, he became aware of the shadow looming over him, he turned to face the face of a brown puppet. Arashi grinned despite his situation, made a move to point his bazooka at the doll.

Till he noticed a small blue clay like ball with odd bone like wings landed on the shoulder of the puppet.

He rolled his eyes.

Kankuro moved his finger, however, before he could make an attempt to make his puppets attack, the said item exploded.

"The hell? I spent the whole day making and testing that!" Kankuro ranted, he sent another puppet moving at who he concluded to be the cause of the explosion. Arashi dodged and jumped back at the swords slashing at him from the puppet's hand. "You might want to recheck who did that!" He jumped up and fired, successfully making a hole in the item. Another puppet moved behind him, but this time, it was blue. It effectively shielded him from the slashing wind directed at his back. "Thanks Ichi!" Arashi laughed as he landed on one of the walls and with a click, he fires his bazooka once more (miracle ain't it? Not running out of bullets/small rockets to fire) and jumped down before the sand covering the castle could capture him in a binding coffin movement. "Would you mind not to get yourself in trouble?" Ichi yelled in annoyance, sending yet another one of his puppets to fetch the older male to make sure he landed safely on the ground. "And you watch your surroundings!" Arashi shouted back, firing to the brown puppet nearing his teammate.

"So should you"


It was too late for him to jump away when sand started hug him and squeeze the life out of him.

The blue balls made of clays went to help him again, clinging themselves on the sand, and exploded- forcing the sand to part ways and releasing its prisoner. He dropped to the ground on his knees. "Thanks Ichi" He coughed, but smiled widely, "Damn this is fun!" "How the heck can you call this fun you sadistic idiot!" Ichi went over to him and helped him up, "I call this long way suicide!" "And that's why it's fun!" He swung his bazooka, firing it the sand controller. Gaara made no move to avoid the attack, simply using his sand to shield him.

"Suna… bakuryuu!"

Ichi could only gape at the sight of the sand wave looming over them.

"I don't think we'll make it out alive… right?"

Ichi glared at the smiling Arashi who was casually waiting for the impact.

"No shit Sherlock"

- Line Break -

Adeleis coughed, her vision blurred, where was Rika anyway? Their target was here… and dang she's got some tough team.


"Ri-Rika…" Adelies smiled, "Where's Lox?" She coughed, "Is… is he?" Rika looked away, and sighed, "He wanted to finish the mission…" "I'll distract the two boys…" Adelies wobbly stood up, "Then you can go after the girl… ukh!" She grabbed her bleeding left arm. Rika stood up, supporting her, "No… you're wounded… where's Reno?" "Burnt to ashes…" Adelies closed her eyes, feeling water run down her face, "We have to finish this… or it will be all for naught" "Right…" Rika nodded.

"Let's go!"

- Line Break -

"RYUUHO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Caelum shouted, "Someone's controlling my body!" His kantanas slashed the empty air when Ryuuho dodged the attack, "This is why you shouldn't attack my friends that way" Shikamaru drawled, looking at the wounded figure of Chouji, he flinched in pain when Ino moved his arm to bandage him up. "Run! Help Rika!" Caelum tried to coax him, 'You have to go now!" "Hell I'm not leaving you here alone Caelum!" Ryuuho grumbled, "What kind of leader would I be if I do that?" "A good one if I might say so!" Caelum responded as his body flexed themselves against his will and turned to charge at his captain.

Ryuuho turned to his wolf, nodding at the wounded but still capable Mono.

"Exquaciel… Activatos"

The wolf's breaths turned cold and Ice sealed his team mate frozen solid.

Shikamaru tch-ed, finding it useless to keep his shadow jutsu on someone who he couldn't move, he released the technique.

The ice melted as soon as Ryuuho noticed the technique was off of his comrade, he turned to Mono whose body turned larger than before.

"Take him out of here!" He ordered.

The still stiff and cold Caelum screamed, "No! Stop MONO! RYUUHO! GOD DARN IT! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?"

Ryuuho smiled at the retreating figure, "You're the youngest among us"

- Line Break -

Sasuke shifted to the right, avoiding an attack from the girl, her white hair covered in blood. "I suppose you're avenging your red-headed friend?" He taunted. "Shut up!" Adelies retorted. "Sharingan!" He yelled, expecting a scream from the girl for seeing the horrors a genjutsu could do to its victims. There was a scream all right. But it wasn't the girl who he was fighting that had screamed. Naruto's bunshins turned to the source of the voice as well.

Their female teammate, had been struck by another enemy while they had been bust fighting! Sakura gasped, unable to move due to a binding curse placed on her, she looked up into purple orbs of her attacker. She realized that those grape colored eyes were brimming with tears, and then the pain entered her.

Her scream broke through the crowd, and that was all he needed to rush towards her in the speed of lightning.



He grabbed her falling figure and set her on the ground, undoing the binding curse placed upon her. His other teammate jumped down before him, and knelt with a worried face. "Teme! How's Sakura-chan?" "What do you think Baka!" He yelled, "Does she look okay to you?" "It was just a question Teme!" Naruto shouted back at him, "You don't need to get all so-" "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" The girl in his arms screamed without warning. "Sakura! Damn it! Anwser me Sakura! What the hell is wrong with you?" He shook her. "AARRGGHHH!" That was the only answer he got before he was punched in the chest by her, flying meters back. "Damn, what the-!" He saw Naruto being flown far up, crashing on the upper wall of the castle farther beside him, before falling down to the hard ground, breaking the rocks. Sasuke suddenly jerked to the side, his reflex helping him avoid a kunai heading straight for him.

"Who the-" He looked up; his gaze met the wounded figure of his green eyed teammate.

She stood upon the pile of rocks in front of him, her dress now messier than ever, revealing her kunouchi outfit she wore inside originally to prepare herself. The white dress that she had torn previously to her thighs was now short to her waist, torn and dirtied here and there; the edges were black burnt cloth. Her hair, previously tied up, was now down; dirt clung to it and to her body. But what was more needed to be paid attention was to her hands, holding a bloodied knife. Her eyes, used to be glimmering emerald green had turned to a captivating toxic green, as what seemed to be a tint of madness and dull boredom with confusion were reflected dimly in them as her lips formed a soft yet frightening frown.

Sasuke finally regaining his composure, stood up, "Sakura what are you-Ugh!" A kunai sunk into his shoulder- he averted his gaze to his shoulder, eyes turning wide. Did Sakura just throw a kunai at him?

He snapped his head up in time to see the said girl jumping towards him with a full pumped up wit chakra hand, ready to clobber him.


Chakra fueled fists met another pair of chakra fueled ones.

He stared to the back of the Hokage.

"This is what I feared…" Tsunade gripped her student, "Sasuke, knock her out!"

He hurriedly did what she ordered.

Tsunade's eyes wandered around the ruined clearing.

And then there's Naruto, walking towards them.

Then there's… a wounded girl standing?

Then she was gone.


Harry was least to say surprised when he found his sister and her friends back in the hospital wing the next day.

"What the hell did you do yesterday?" Harry asked incredulously, "Fight a bull?" Ino laughed nervously, "No…" "Then please so elaborate as to why you're all wounded and my sister is in the state of shock?" He twitched. "Uh… that…" Hinata scratched her head. Tsunade went up to them, "No, she just got her magic out of control that's all" "Who are you?" Ron asked.

"She's guests," Professor Dumbledore stepped in, "She does healing…"

"Professor Dumbledore!" Harry walked to him, "How's Floral?"

"She's fine…" Dumbledore assured him, "She just needs to rest a bit more that's all"

"I hope so…" Harry glanced to the sleeping form of his sister.

"Now I would like to speak to you Hokage-san… up in my office if you wouldn't mind"

Tsunade nodded.

- line break -

"It's not something I've ever come across…" Tsunade said, "It happens mentally…"

"Ever heard of the Hinamizawa Syndrome?" Dumbledore asked.

Tsunade could hear her own heart pounding at her chest.

"How did you know?" She stared at him, "It was a taboo in our world! Never to be mentioned!"

"I have my resources Hokage-san… so… I deem you've heard of it?"

"…No… It can't be… it's just an old legend!" Tsunade protested, "And even if it is true, it happens only in Hinamizawa!" "True, indeed true…" Dumbledore started, "But that disease was before experimented on people of Hinamizawa-" "And they failed! Therefore, leading to the destruction of that village!" Tsunade cut the man off, "They all killed and burnt each other, those on Level 1 and Level 2 were burnt and killed, and the rest of the survivors were drowned because the dam near the village broke!" "Yes, but did you know they didn't fail at all?" Dumbledore sat on is chair, eyes dropping at the sight of the female's horrified and confused face in front of him. "Wh-What?" "They found a way to make use of the time loop in that village and also a way to spread the virus, found by the group called 'Tokyo' who wishes to use the disease as something to threaten the leaders of the large countries to hand them control of the world…" Dumbledore sighed, "What is it with people and controlling the world?"

Silence entered the office.

"The symptoms are different from Hinamizawa…" Tsunade slowly spoke, "It's not the Hinamizawa… She doesn't have any levels yet, it must simply just be some other substance that acts like the Hinamizawa…" "Pardon me?" Dumbledore asked her.

"The Hinamizawa Syndrome acts on the mind" Tsunade explained, "It comes up when one has too much thoughts such as stress, hatred, and trauma. Therefore, leading up to the feeling of paranoid, feeling suspicious of one's surroundings and the mind quickly whips up its own horror imaginations of the victim's death. The victim's survival instincts go wild along with the feeling of being paranoid then causes them to go on rampage. The process is slow- this one however, goes on rampage almost immediately, so it's not Hinamizawa"

"Then if it isn't Hinamizawa Syndrome then… what is it?"

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