Mada Mada Dane


Stars of Gold


That was all she needed.


Unfortunately, she was falling asleep in class.


No…she couldn't …go…to…sleep…


"Ryuuzaki!" She opened her eyes blearily. "Hai, sensei?" she replied, somehow not at all bothered by the fact that the teacher was about to explode. "Come out here and write the answers to the questions!" the teacher snapped, glaring at her. She narrowed her eyes and squinted at the book on her desk.

"Eto…sensei, which page are we talking about?"

The teacher glared at her murderously. "Ryuuzaki! As you are not able to identify which page the class is discussing, you will write out the answers to these questions!" He handed her a piece of paper, saying, "Go ahead, Ryuuzaki. You have 10 minutes." The teacher cackled evilly, and the whole class sweat-dropped and pitied Sakuno, especially since her English was supposedly terrible.

Sakuno simply stared at the paper.

And stared.

And stared.

The teacher cackled once more and said, "Note, class, that the questions Miss Ryuuzaki will be answering are High School level questions." The class stared at Sakuno's back and pitied her.

"Ryuuzaki, you have five minutes left."

No answer.

"Ryuuzaki, you haven't written anything. What's wrong? Too hard for you?"

Still no answer.

"Ryuuzaki? Ryuuzaki, there are only four minutes left now. Start writing."



Then the girl opened her eyes sleepily and blinked at the teacher. "Huh?" she muttered hazily. The teacher was livid. "Ryuuzaki Sakuno, you have three minutes to give the answers to all forty of the questions on the paper you hold in your hands." The teacher said, his voice soft and dangerous.

Sakuno glanced at the papers, and the person sitting near the front of the class swore he heard her mutter something like, "What? Sensei woke me up from such a nice dream for these easy questions?" before she began to write the answers clearly and quickly.

A couple of minutes later…

"Sensei," Sakuno called, her eyes half closed. "Can I go back to my seat now?" The befuddled teacher could do nothing but gape, so Sakuno took that as a yes, plonked down on her seat, rested her head against the table and promptly went back to sleep.

During break…

"So, Sakuno, how was English class?" Sakuno turned and smiled at her boyfriend. "Oh, it was alright, I guess. I caught quite a bit of sleep."

He raised an eyebrow. "What was your punishment?"

"Oh, sensei had me answering these special questions. They're supposed to be high school level questions, apparently, but I found them quite easy, and finished them in about two minutes or so."

Her boyfriend smirked. "Two minutes? Looks like you haven't been paying attention when I teach you." Sakuno pouted. "Mou, that's only because our lessons always end up being make-out sessions!"

Echizen Ryoma grinned right at her. "Mada mada dane, Sakuno."