Mulder stared into the blinding light pouring down from the aircraft. He looked at Scully to make sure she was seeing this too, the proof that he had been right all along, that there were test flights with alien ships here. He realized that something was wrong, he had stepped out from the car on the driver's side, but now he was standing on the right side of the car. He looked to the left and saw himself staring back at him with a shocked expression. He looked down on himself. 'What in the name of ...'. His thoughts were interrupted by Morris Fletcher.

"Well, I realize this is a nice spot, scenic and all, but I'd appreciate it if you got into your car now and got the hell outta here, agents." Fletcher was a little irritated by these F.B.I agents who had just seen one of the aircrafts live and in action and had nothing better to do than stare at each other with their mouths agape. Sure, the thing looked spectacular if you saw it for the first time, but this was a bit over the top.

"I can't help but notice that you're still standing around like a bunch of morons. Let me make it as simple as possible. You vanish from this spot right now and forget you've ever made the unfortunate decision to come here tonight. If you should opt to continue standing around like like the bunch of retards you obviously are, I'll be forced to take you into custody." The agents continued staring at each other in shocked disbelief.

"Now would be a good time." Fletcher began to progress from irritated to angry. Who did these people think they were? He gave the soldiers a sign to raise their weapons again. This, at last, seemed to get a reaction from them. Slowly,the woman started walking towards the driver's side, taking the keys from the man in passing. She seemed to have a real problem walking in her high heels. Fletcher sensed something between the two, but couldn't exactly place it. The guy then went over to the curbside and got into the car. They backed up slowly and drove away the way they had come. Fletcher crossed one problem from his long list.

Mulder didn't give his brain time to think about what had just happened there. At the moment, he was sufficiently occupied with trying to hit the right pedal with the right force to not drive this car into the next ditch with these goddamn shoes. Why would anybody wear these things voluntarily?

"Mulder." Also, he was not thinking about the barely repressed note of panic in his partner's voice. Well, technically, in his own voice. I'm not thinking about this.



"What just happened to us?"

"How the hell should I know?"

"I'm YOU! I shouldn't be you. Usually I'm not you. I remember my past life quite clearly and I don't remember me ever being you!" Scully realized she was babbling and making no sense and closed her mouth. Well, technically, his mouth. Oh, God.

"Do you think it could be an effect from the U.F.O? Maybe some beam hit us and switched our bodies with some alien technology." Mulder looked to his right and thought that Scully's patented eyebrow raise on his own face was the most disturbing thing he had witnessed on this eventful evening.

"Mulder, obviously we haven't really switched bodies. Such a thing is impossible. The neuron configurations alone it would take to transport one mind from..."

"Well, then what's your explanation?"

"This could be some kind of stress induced trauma. Obviously, we haven't really changed bodies. We just think we have changed bodies."

"Both of us? At the same time?"

"Such things have been reported." Again, Scully closed her (his, chipped in the nagging voice of her fleeting sanity) mouth. She didn't really believe what she was saying either. It was just so ... weird. She looked down on her body. Everything felt different. She looked closely at the back of her hand. This is not my hand. Attached to not my arm. With something that is definitely not my head on top. Oh God, help me. She looked over at herself. Herself, acting like somebody else. It was the weirdest thing she had ever seen. And for Agent Scully, who had had her fair share of weird in the last years, thank you very much, this was quite the statement.

"Let's say we have changed bodies. How do we reverse it?".

"I've got no clue."

"Mulder, I think this is the most worrisome situation we ever got ourselves into."

"I'm sure there's something we can do."

"There better be."


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