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There was no war, and maybe that was the hardest part. Instead they surrendered. Didn't even make it official, just scattered and hid behind the faces they'd fought so hard to escape. Max never forgot the day those who had been her family for three years grabbed the things from TC and loaded their transport.

Mole stood in front of her with a cigar hanging out of his mouth and a gun slung lazily over his shoulder. He stood there staring at her tear-stained face, before winking and moving out the door. The only sign of friendship he'd ever shown her.

Dix and Luke were discussing technology Max didn't understand while they loaded equipment into the back of a red pick up. Conspicuous much? She thought with a smile. They felt her stare and turned to smile and wave goodbye before going back to their argument over what was essential for them to take. For all she cared, they could take it all.

Gem walked over holding Eve and wrapped her arms around Max. "We're going to be okay you know?" She'd said nothing and hugged her back, stroking Eve's face and watched them walk out.

Dalton was trying to convince Alec to go with them. Shouldn't have been surprising since Alec was probably the closest thing to a brother Dalton ever had. Alec smiled and ruffled his hair with words not even her transgenic hearing could pick up, before pushing him towards the door.

Alec leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets, people stopping to say goodbye and waving from across the room. Biggs walked up and gripped him in a crushing hug, handed him a piece of paper and walked towards Max with a backpack in hand. He touched her shoulder and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, following the crowd without a word.

It was only her and Alec left in the room and he wouldn't look at her. Casually he reached down and slung his backpack over his shoulder. She felt the tears start fresh as he walked towards her still refusing to meet her gaze. Alec had been there for her, her constant companion through all the hard times. He was there when they went searching for a scientist to work on the cure. He was the one who held off White's men when they came to kidnap Logan to use against her. He was the one they took instead and tortured for days, trying to get information about TC. Now he wasn't even going to say goodbye.

"Alec, wait!" she gripped his arm as he walked past and he turned to face her. She tried to hold back her emotions, but that damned Manticore training never helped in situations like this. She felt like a child. "You…you don't have to go. Logan…"

He held his hand up to silence her and wrapped her in his arms. He held her like that for a few minutes before planting a kiss on her forehead and drawing back. "I'm happy for you Max." He said and walked towards the Bandit. She followed him, leaning in the doorway as the engine roared to life. He turned towards her, flashing a devilish grin before speeding away, leaving Max alone.

Max twisted her wedding band and stepped through the door, giving what had been Terminal City one last look. It seemed so hollow. Not the beacon of hope she'd once thought it was. They could have continued without me. But they hadn't. She shut the door and maneuvered past the debris to her Ninja. Feeling as hollow and cold as the city itself, she turned the key and headed for Logan's.

Logan had held her all night while she cried for her family, her friends and the freedom they didn't win. For Zach and Tinga. For Ben. Logan was gentle and soothing, he kept her grounded, kept her real. She hadn't cried again since.

Max smiled when he entered the room and saw the dinner she'd prepared for them. "What's this?" he asked.

She had planned on putting it off and telling him after dinner or laying in his arms in front of the fire, or something normal like that. But one look at his face and she couldn't help herself. "I'm pregnant!" she squealed and jumped into his arms.

She looked up into the blue eyes she loved, shining with happiness, and pressed her lips to his, savoring the warmth of the kiss. "Max, that's wonderful" he whispered and kissed her again.

She pulled back, breathless and moved towards the kitchen. "If you keep that up Eyes Only, we'll never get around to dinner." He smiled as she disappeared into the kitchen.

When he was sure she couldn't hear him, he pulled out his cell and speed dialed 9. He waited for it to pick up and the deep voice on the other end to prompt him. A clanging of pots and a curse from the kitchen assured him he wouldn't be disturbed. "Fe'nos tol" he said "this is Logan Cale."