Annabeth has two dreams. One about being married to Percy with a normal job and an ok amount of money. The other about have a perfect boy friend, being rich and having her dream job. But in future number two she has made all the wrong choices. Can she correct past mistakes? Yeah this is my first FF, could you tell? LOL. Anyway, I hope it's good XD.

Annabeth Chase's eyes drooped. She was tired as it was after 10:00 PM and she was getting a headache from trying to read 'A Brief History of Architecture' by William Kurtis. The words floated over the page, gibberish to her sleepy, dyslexic mind. Putting down the book and turning of the light Annabeth was asleep within minutes. Then our story really begins.

She woke up with the sun in her eyes. She opened them wide and was greeted by an unfamiliar sight. This wasn't the Athena cabin at all. The medium sized bedroom had a window overlooking... was it Central Park? The spot beside her on the double bed was unmade and after a quick inspection she confrimed it was still warm, as if someone had slept next to her. Ok, this is weird, she thought. She sat up and inspected the room further. It was semi neat, with nice open windows and a pleasent pearl colored paint. In the corner she saw a desk and went over to explore. On it were four letters each adressed to--

"Annabeth Jackson?!" she exclaimed. "What in Hades...?"

She put the letters down, slightly flustered and picked up the next thing. It was a post- it with just one line of text: Thalia's number: (184) 284- 4947. Annabeth scanned the room and saw a phone in the on the night table. She picked in up and dialed. The phone seemed to ring forever and Annabeth tapped her fingers impatiently. Finaly Thalia's voice started to speak:

"Hello, you've reached Thalia and Luke's! Were not here right now. Well, Luke might be, but he's probably watching TV and won't pick up. Leave a message!"

Annabeth nearly dropped the phone. Thalia and Luke's?! But what--

BEEP! The phone signaled for her to start talking.

"Um.. Thalia? Hi, it's Annabeth... I need to ask you some questions... and I'm not hung over! Please call me back!"

Annabeth sighed and hung up the phone. She lay back on the pillows of the bed to wait. Then the door opened a crack.

"Mommy?" a small voice asked as the door swung open to reveal a little girl. Her black curly hair fell just past her shoulders, her bright sea green eyeswere round and adorable. Mommy? Oh my gods! What? That looks like Seaweed Brain's kid! Oh no! No way! That can't be...! she thought but forced her self to answer.

"Yes sweetie?" Annabeth asked.

"Daddy wants to know how many eggs you want." the little girl said. She looked about four or five and had a sweet chubby little face. Annabeth smiled, if this was a dream (which it probably was) she had an awfully cute daughter.

"I'm not really hungry right now." she said, the little girl nodded as if she had an important mission and twirled around, closing the door behind her. As soon as the door slammed to phone rang. She leapt at it and pressed talk.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hi Annabeth, are you ok?" Thalia asked on the other end.

"No! Yesterday I was 15! I don't know what happened! Please tell me?" Annabeth said pleadingly.

"Uh huh, you sure you're not hung over?" the other woman asked.

"Yes!" Annabeth exclaimed.

"Alright, I'll answer your questions, because friends are friends, even if one is a little insane right now. Besides I owe you it from last week." Thalia said.

"Ok, who am I married to? What's my daughter's name? Where do I live? What do I work as? When do I work? Where do I work?And why in the world are you with Luke?" she asked in one breath.

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