YAY! Last chapter! Anyway, this is my only Percabeth fic, so now I'll have to start another! Any suggestions? Anyway, I need to clear somethings up, cause when I was writing it made sense, but when I re- read it I was like... WTF? Anyway, Thalia and Nico went to kill Luke, but manipulated Thalia into killing Nico. Hey, he's possessed by an evil titan lord, it could happen! So Thalia feels really guilty and killed Luke, so now he's the guy who watches over the people in Tartarus and make sure the punishments are carried out... you follow me? Well, either way, feel free to ask questions. Here's the chapter when she wakes up!!!

Eventually Annabeth slipped back into the waking world. And as soon as she did she sat up, bumping her head painfully on the bunk above her.

"Di immortales." she muttered before looking around. This room was neither the apartment, or the mansion. It was simply a cabin. The Athena cabin. From above she heard movement.

"Annabeth? Are you OK?" Emily asked, leaning over the bed upside down. Annabeth's heart swelled, she wasn't stuck in dream world. She closed her eyes, listening to Malcolm snore from across the room, Robin already awake and watching Bionalces on a portable DVD player, her sister Coraline yelling at Jeremy to get out of the bathroom. She nodded blissfully. Emily regarded her as if she had grown an extra head.

"OK, I'm going to read." she said, and her head disappeared.

"What year is it?" she asked suddenly, in case this was another one. "Am I a mother? Is Thalia still a Huntress? Is Malcolm really alive, or am I imagining that?" Emily gave her the same look but was spared having to answer by Malcolm, who threw a worn left sneaker at her.

"Shut up, it's before nine on a Saturday. Go back to sleep." he said. Annabeth just rubbed her arm where the shoe had hit, making a red mark. Pain. She WAS awake. She threw her legs over the side of the bed and looked down to make sure she was wearing acceptable clothing. Then she decided that shorts and her camp shirt were good enough and ran out the door. After she was done marveling at all the cabins still there, she took off towards the Posideon cabin, prepared to tell Percy everything. Then she hesitated, it would be awkward wouldn't it? She made a snap decision and turned toward the lake. Running silently into the woods she came to a small waterfall, above three feet high and emitting just enough spray for a decent IM. Annabeth thrust her hand into her back pocket and pulled out a drachma. She tossed in into the mist, hoping it would work.

"Goddess Iris, accept my offering." Annabeth said. Then she added, "Thalia Peterson, Hunters Camp, Woods." For a moment nothing happened but then a faint figure figure appeared. Thalia wore no eye make up, her hair was out of her face, hardly long enough to make a braid. She was with two other girls, one with red blond hair and the other with brown. Two were laughing, Thalia just looked annoyed.

"OK, one, Percy's my cousin and two, you guys aren't even allowed to talk about guys." she said. Annabeth blinked. The brown haired one laughed harder.

"It doesn't mean we can't think a guy's cute, as long as the Lady doesn't find out." she said, in a thick southern accent. "He has nice eyes." Blondie one put in.

"Yeah, well, he's already-" Thalia began. The blonde cut in.

"Already taken? Oooh, by who?" she asked. Annabeth felt this was a good time to make herself known. She cleared her throat. The brunette whipped out a dagger and Thalia's bow was in her hands within a second. The other girl looked quite clueless.

"Um... hi?" Annabeth asked. The weapons lowered.

"Annabeth? What the--? Oh, Iris message!" Annabeth waved slightly.

"Um.. Thalia can I talk to you... alone?" she asked, glancing at the other Hunters. Thalia nodded.

"Sara, Michelle, I catch up with you later, OK?" she said.

"Alright. See ya!" the brunette said. She took the other by the wrist and dragged her off. "Come on Michelle!"

When Thalia and Annabeth were alone Thalia relaxed. Then she narrowed her eyes.

"Is everything alright? The camp's not in trouble is it?" she asked. Annabeth shook her head.

"No, I just needed to talk... have you ever had a really weird dream?" she prompted.

"It depends on what weird, like 'flying muffin' weird, or 'I just got a very confusing glimpse of what Kronos is doing' weird? 'Cause I've had both..." Thalia said trailing off.

"No, like dreams about the future." Annabeth said and launched into an explanation. Thalia listened silently, making faces here and laughing there, lapsing into a stunned silence now and then.

"OK, that was stranger then flying muffins, but it was just a dream." Thalia said shaking her head. "I hope most people will still be alive, but I don't think Luke has a chance... I don't know it's a little out there..."

"I know." Annabeth said. "It's just nice to know that maybe there's hope. I've been so pessimistic lately."

"Hormones." Thalia said, grinning.

"Not my fault!" Annabeth exclaimed. Thalia nodded.

"I know, try living with puberty forever, it sucks."

"Thalia? Come on it's time for breakfast!" Sara yelled. Thalia looked annoyed.

"I hate those to, they are too bubbly." she said. Annabeth nodded.

"I'll talk to you, kay?" she asked.

"Uh huh."

"Oh and Thalia, what did you mean by Percy being taken?" Thalia smirked.

"Nothing, it was just to get those to from disturbing me with the whole 'so and so is cute' crap."

"Oh." Annabeth said. They said their good byes and Annabeth cut off the message. She ran back to the cabin, needing to change for her own breakfast.


"Why do you keep looking at me like that?" Percy asked. Annabeth snapped out of it. She had been contemplating if Percy would be a good dad, or one who plops you down on the couch and lets you watch TV until your brain rots...

"What? I'm not looking at you! I'm just.. thinking." she said. Percy bit his lip.

"About Luke?" he asked hesitantly. No about you, her mind replied, but she didn't say it out loud.

"No, about this dream I had last night.

"Yeah? What about?" he said curiously.

"About the future..." she said. "And what I want it to be like."

"Oh yeah? What, Orlando Bloom and mansions?" he said laughed. "A mansion you designed yourself?"

"Not quite." she said, looking him in the eyes. "You were in it."

Percy blinked.

"Oh gods, Percy, can you take a hint?" she said, and leaned in to kiss him.

The end.

Author's note:

Gah, the fluff, it burns! I've never written that stuff so... I hope it was half acceptable. And that conculdes our story. I think i'll write on based of Mean Girls next, or 27 Dresses. Yay for chick flicks! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Oh, and I'll probably write a fluffy one shot, because I need to practise my fluff writing skills. I'm more for the Romeo and Juliet type love. Yup.