A/N: This is my first story. Constructive criticism welcomed. (Also un-betaed. If you would like to beta, let me know.)

She didn't see the blaster bolt coming until it was too late. The short yellow strip of light zoomed towards her knee, tearing through it. She had been battling with a humanoid from the Outer Rim. His skill with his durasteel blade didn't match hers with her lightsaber, and she killed him quickly. As she turned to find another opponent, the bolt hit her knee. She had seen it streaking through the air a split second after it hit her knee. The bolt tore her delicate ligaments, to meet the bone itself. Pain shot through her knee as she staggered, and she dropped her lightsaber, its violet blade still activated, as both of her hands went to her injured joint. She fell, her vision hazy. Anakin and Zekk both saw her as they were dueling, but Anakin's opponent was too strong for him to go and rescue his sister. Zekk, however, saw her and swiftly plunged his orange blade into his enemy's heart. He ran forward and picked up her blade. He deactivated it and hooked it on her belt.

She wanted to scream, Don't worry about my blade! Get me to a medic! But her mind was closing from the intense pain. She could barely see Jacen having trouble fighting, most likely because of her pain radiating through their bond. Zekk slipped his arms under her, and picked her up, bridal style. She rested her pounding head on his chest, content to let the man of her dreams hold her. She could feel his concern wash over her once he opened their bond. He let his head bend a little, so his face was centimeters from hers, though her face was turned in toward Zekk's chest. He was so warm, holding and comforting her, that Jaina's eyes started to close. Or it might just be the pain.

"I love you, Zekk." The words escaped her mouth, pulling at her heavy lips to form them. Having struggled to get him to hear them, she started to close her eyes and draw her legs in, her hand automatically going for her wound. Her last vision was Zekk moving his lips soundlessly as he looked at her with his gorgeous eyes, shock, pleasure, worry, and fear, all blended into one expression, love. Then her vision turned black as she passed out.