"A, you know the answer to that question," here Jaina grinned, "and B, WHY ARE YOU EAVESDROPPING??"

"Sheesh, Jacen, I'm just here with what you wanted."

"How much did you hear, Jai?"

"Don't worry. Not that much."

Anakin nodded at Jacen, because if she had heard the bit about her...

Jaina suddenly walked up to Jacen and flung her arms around her twin. Jacen, looking extremely baffled, hugged her back.

Anakin shuffled over to his siblings and hugged them.

They hugged him back.

For a little while they stayed like that, drinking in the warmth of each other, but then Anakin's leg hit Jaina's.

She pulled away, and left the room, leaving the datapad on top of one of Jacen's cages.

Tahiri was lying on her bed, reading from the datapad that Jaina had given her.

One file said that this info was just to have to know about him, not to manipulate to get Anakin to like Tahiri, considering that he already did.

Tahiri turned the datapad off using the passcode 5379.

Then she went to bed.