A/N, I do want to credit peppermint quartz for offering the suggestion of Grimmjow as secretary of Defense (like there was really any other choice :D). I'm not sure how long this is going to go on since I'm making it up as I go, but I still have a couple of ideas left for it. For today: Aizen announces his economic plan.


Hello, Sousuke Aizen again to talk to you about some of the real issues of this campaign.

Right now America has been stretched thin economically. Those in Washington have responded by more of the same arguing and policies that don't work. Consider however how much money the government could potentially save if I'm elected.

The entire defense budget? No longer necessary, I have my own army. By sending a handful of Arrancar's to any country in the world I'll have in conquered within hours. I'll have Venezuela and Cuba overthrown in just my first hour.

The cost savings on military campaigns alone would shore up government deficits. Also foreign debts will be promptly canceled once secretary of state Tousen has a chance to 'negotiate' with them. After one negotiation, and possibly a lost arm or two, I foresee no further problems.

You may worry about my army getting bogged down in all these overseas conflicts. Let me assure you that secretary of defense Grimmjow stands ready to handle any difficulties that arise and will put down any rebellions quickly. By the time he is finished there will be no resistance left, organized or otherwise.

This November, don't settle for a lessor evil. Vote for real change.

I'm Sousuke Aizen and I approved this message.