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Summary: The TARDIS brings the Doctor to an individual with the potential to change the Earth, if he could learn not to run away from his fears, but who is the Doctor to teach him this? Crossover with Harry Potter.

Note: The word vergence was taken from Star Wars, where I believe it is used to refer to a point in the Force where all paths lead to and from it. I don't remember if this word was used in Dr Who in reference to The Doctor Donna, but it shoulda been.

Important Note: Seeing as this is a Harry Potter crossover, it would do you well to have read all seven Harry Potter books, or at the least know the gist of them. Also there will be several Torchwood references as well, but since those are a part of the Whoniverse I'm not calling that a crossover. Be warned, if you're not up on your Torchwood, Doctor Who and Harry Potter, there will be some bits might confuse you. That said, please read on and let me know if you understood it anyway :P

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Chapter 1: Running Away

The young man ran as fast as he could through the streets of Cardiff. He knew he shouldn't have fled, but it was far too late to go back now. He ran as if the devil himself was after him. Probably a close enough analogy, he considered. When his legs just would not keep up with his urgency to flee, he ducked into a side street to regain his breath, sinking sharply to the ground, with his back to a brick wall. Why had he chosen to run? He could have stayed, protected those he cared for. Now he had nothing. Nothing to fight for, nothing to hide behind, nothing left.

He was suddenly startled out of his morbid thoughts by the sound of voices nearby.

"This had better be good, Doctor." a female said in a clearly authoritative tone, "If this is just another blip on the rift I'm going to sic Jack on you."

"Oh this is way better than that measly rift of his." a male voice dismissed her concerns, quite cheerfully. What right had anyone to be cheerful, the boy wondered silently, angry that there was any happiness left in the world when he was so utterly ruined. He slowly and quietly stood, warily taking a step closer to watch.

Two people walked down the street, completely alone, there was no one else anywhere in sight on this overcast night, only the streetlights' glow allowed him to see them. The dark-skinned woman wore a short, dark red, fake leather jacket over her rather plain clothes, and boots that made a clicking noise each time the heels struck the pavement. She walked with a purposeful, perhaps even military, stride. The man wore a brown pinstriped suit, and his hair was sticking up in all directions. His movements were much more relaxed than the woman's, as if he was just going on a stroll for the exercise and fun. The boy quickly darted back behind the wall, as the man rather suddenly looked his way.

"There we are." he said, still cheerful. "A vergence." he explained, "A singular entity around which great events focus, kind of like a lesser version of the whole Donna incident."

His tone and expression darkened as he mentioned Donna, but he returned his focus to this time and place, trying to sound like he hadn't been hurt by his own inadvertent mention of her name. She wasn't Rose, but her loss still hurt him. Losing Rose had been like losing a soul mate, losing Donna was like losing a beloved sister.

His expression relaxing again as if he'd never shown pain, he continued, "In this case it seems to be one being in two separate places due to temporal displacement. Probably my job to make it work out right, too."

"So?" his companion asked, unimpressed.

"This is a big one. Planet-altering, maybe even more than that, and the TARDIS spotted it. Him." and very suddenly the young man was dragged out from his hiding place, not roughly, but held firmly by the upper arm. "So... what are you running from?" the Doctor asked, in a slightly distant tone, as if he fully understood the concept of running away.

The boy scowled at each of them in turn, "None of your business." he said, before struggling to free himself.

"Oh but it is my business. You heard what I told my assistant here, temporal displacement, same person in two places at once."

The boy froze, and looked up at the Doctor. Indeed he had taken in all of what the Doctor had said, and he noted rather nervously the parts the Doctor didn't care to repeat to him, as well. "What are you implying?" he asked coldly.

"You're running from something you shouldn't have run away from. You need to go back there... and then."

The boy's scowl deepened, "Why?"

"The fact it'll save lives not a good enough reason?" the Doctor asked in an almost joking tone. Almost.

"Do those lives include my own-?"

"Oh yes." the Doctor interrupted emphatically. The boy glared up at him, but read no sign of threat in the taller man's brown eyes, only some inexplicable haunted echo as if he had been to hell and back.

The boy gave him an odd look, "Why do you want to help me?"

"It's what I do." the Doctor said, the haunted look disappearing and he suddenly sounded insufferably cheerful again, but the boy didn't dismiss what he'd seen in those far too old eyes as easily as most might. "I travel through time and space, helping people out of tight situations."

"Not to mention the whole business with averting the apocalypse, a few weeks ago... well- in ten years time..." the woman trailed off, clearly not sure enough of the right tense, it appeared, even though it was obvious she also time-travelled. The boy was aware of the theory behind short-term time-jumps, but had never tried it. And really, ten years?! That was more than he'd ever known was possible for time-travel.

"Ten years?" he asked, "You're from ten years in the future?"

"Well I am." the woman said, glancing at the Doctor hesitantly.

The Doctor saw her look and cheerfully noted, "When I'm from is irrelevant, now where..." he trailed off and the boy saw the haunted look in his eyes again. Quickly he took this opportunity to free himself from the Doctor's grasp, but did not try to run again.

"What happens if I go back?" he asked nervously.

"The war ends within the year." the Doctor said with a definitive nod as if that was all he was saying on that matter.

"War?" the woman asked, confusing evident on her face, "I don't remember a war in this decade?"

"Oh you never saw it on the news." the Doctor dismissed, "You have read about it, though." and he wore a mischievous grin that made the woman distinctly nervous.

"I have?" she asked sceptically.

"This way, please." the Doctor cheered, leading both of them unresisting towards what appeared to all intents and purposed to be a 1950s police phone box. On entering however, the interior was distinctly bigger than the exterior. The boy looked around, but the woman was surprised to note that he was not at all shocked by the proportional difference.

"Dimensionally transcendental." the boy muttered.

"That's right, glad to see they didn't change the terminology I gave them. Welcome to the TARDIS." the Doctor said, proudly, "Time and relative dimensions in space."

The boy raised an eyebrow, "If you invented this concept, you must be over a thousand years old."

The Doctor waved his hand dismissively, "Only nine hundred and four. I don't measure it in the straight line you would."

"So where are you from, then?"

"Another planet." Unlike the interior of the TARDIS, this did surprise the boy, who stared in shock. "Finally a reaction!" the Doctor cheered, "Your lot are so hard to surprise." the boy glared impudently. "Oh don't look at me like that. Here I am offering to take you on a holiday before we go back to when you ought to be, you should be grateful, not pulling that face."

"A holiday?"

"Sort of." the Doctor said with a shrug, already operating the controls on the TARDIS' central column, "We're going back to nineteen forty-four, because I need to see an old friend, and you are coming with me because this takes temporal priority over your safe return. Some things need to be done in order, after all."

A grinding and whining sound signified the dematerialisation of the TARDIS, while the boy peered curiously over the Doctor's shoulder, trying to figure out what exactly he was doing. Soon, the ship stabilised, and the Doctor turned to the other two.

"Oh, I've been rude, haven't I?" he said matter-of-factly, as if it was not a question to which he expected an answer, "This is Martha Jones, she travelled with me a while ago, helped me save the Earth a few times." he gestured to the woman, who smiled and waved a little nervously to the boy.

"Martha, this is Draco Malfoy."

x x x

Meanwhile, back on Earth.

A black SUV skidded to a halt at the location the three had met, and Captain Jack Harkness leapt from the vehicle, running as if his life depended on it, only to reach the spot the TARDIS had been standing, less than a second after it had departed.

x x x