Shadows of Reality

Prologue – So It Begins Again

The fire crackled warmly, sending hues of orange and yellow around the room. It was filled with large, comfy chairs, classy-looking coffee tables, and hundreds upon hundreds of books.

In the large, squishy red chair that was closest to the warm fire sat a tiny, yet over-sized creature. She was small, but had an air of importance around her. She was calm and kind, and loved nothing more than to curl up with a good book. This over-sized mouse was known as Minnie Mouse, the Queen of Disney Castle.

She hummed to herself, enjoying the peace for once. Over the past few years peace was something hard to come by, since one creature after another seemed intent on taking over the universe, but were always stopped. Her husband, King Mickey Mouse, usually left for these fights as well as her dear friends Donald Duck and Goofy, but it'd been over a year so far since any type of threat had occurred.

She flipped the page in the book she had chosen, one of old rules for royalty that spanned across all worlds. It interested her to see what all these worlds, if only one thing, had in common. It was true, she should know most of the things here, but Disney Castle was one of the newer Kingdoms, and no one had yet to call them on any certain rules.

Her tiny black eyes continued down the page, thinking about the friends on other worlds, particularly those that currently resided in a little place called Destiny Islands.

Suddenly she stopped reading.

The small queen did a double take and looked again to see if what she read was actually what she processed. She scanned the paragraph several times before suddenly jumping out of the chair. She held the book close to her, making sure to keep it on that page, as she started running towards the door.

Yes, there were some rules she should have been well aware of, but the reality of it was, she wasn't. And she really wished that she had found this passage a little sooner.


"Please Unca Donald?"


"Aww come on!"




Donald Duck, mage of Disney castle, was breathing heavily and his white feathers seemed to be almost turning red with frustration as he faced his three nephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie. All three were on their knees, with pleading looks on their faces.

"Please Unca Donald, send them back to where they came from," Huey begged.

"They're driving are crazy! Crazier than Webby did," Dewey added.

"You know Webby," Louie piped up. "The little girl that Unca Scrooge's housekeeper brought with her."

"I know who Webby is," Donald snapped. "But I can't send them away! They're visiting Daisy."

"But they drive us crazy," Dewey said again.

"I don't care," Donald said.

"Now, now boys," came the voice of Daisy Duck, the queen's lady-in-waiting and Donald's "super special sweetheart", as Goofy put it. "Be nice."

"But Aunt Daisy…"

"My nieces," she started. "April, May and June, will only be here for a few more days. I hardly ever see them, so please just be nice."


Daisy crossed her arms and gave them a stern look.

All three bowed their heads and, in a very sulky tone, said, "Yes Aunt Daisy." They marched out of the room in a straight line.

"How did you do that?" Donald asked with amazement.

"Easy, it's the same way I deal with you," Daisy said happily.


"Woooohoooo!" Max yelled as slid down one of the banisters in the castle. PJ was on the opposite one, also yelling happily. They both jumped at the last minute with their skateboards and hit the ground evenly while giving one-another high five.

"Maxie!" Goofy, the Captain of the Royal Knights at Disney Castle, yelled out. "Be careful!"

"Aww, it's alright pops," Max said happily while waving his hand.

"King Mickey said that it was alright, as long as guests weren't over, and we didn't break anything," PJ said.

"Well, if the King said so," Goofy said slowly. "Now PJ, you're father is downstairs, and its visiting hours."

"Alright," PJ said with a quick wave to Max before skating over to the stairway. It wasn't long after the incident in Twilight's Destiny that Pete had been found again. This time King Mickey, for actually helping them against Maleficent's wishes, put him in the dungeon, which wasn't actually a bad place. Pete, while he whined about it, didn't seem to care as much. He seemed to think that Malificent's ghost was going to come and destroy him. Plus he got to spend every Saturday with his son PJ.

"Hey dad," Max said. "Are we going to go to any different worlds soon? " When he woke up in Crystal Shards, after his heart was returned to him, he had been amazed at everything he saw and wanted to travel more.

"You know that's not how it works Ma—" he stopped talking as they watched Queen Minnie dart down the hallway quickly, heading towards King Mickey's office. "Well…I guess you never know…"


Mickey, the small king of Disney Castle, held an air of importance to him and despite his small size, adorable and happy appearance, and his high voice, he was still one of the most respected figures in all the worlds.

He sat at his desk reading a book and petting Pluto's, his ever-loyal dog, head. He was attempting to calm himself down, after reading a message that came through from Radiant Garden, but was failing miserably.

That's when Queen Minnie burst in the room.

Pluto yipped happily and started wagging his tail, but stopped when he saw the Queen's serious face.

"What's the matter Minnie?" Mickey asked.

She put her book in front of her and said, "Read that Mickey."

He looked down and read the paragraph and looked up at her oddly. "Yes?"

"Sora," was all she said. "And Roxas."

"This wouldn't apply to--oh my gawsh!" Mickey said, his face paling. "Oh no, this is bad. We have to tell them about this."

Minnie nodded and said, "The only reason that nobody pointed it out yet is because both worlds are only being fixed now."


"Kairi too."

Mickey looked like he was about to faint and said, "They are not going to be happy."


Author's Note

I was just kidding when I told some people the sequel wouldn't be up until September.

I'm starting this story completely different from it's prequel. In Shadows of a Dream everything started darkly, with the bad guys and a rather angry Sora. But this time I wanted to start out with a warmer feel. Why? Well, I think it's obvious since the law of gravity says that what goes up, must come down…

Krystal Lily Potter