Hazelnut Scream

It has recently come to Light's attention that L can be really, really annoying when he wants to be.

"Nearly there – oh, darn. Hmm. Now how do I go about this? Apparently it's much trickier than I thought it would be. I wonder if using pliers would be more effective..."

"Will you cut that out? I'm trying to work here!" He has to consciously stop himself from banging his forehead on the keyboard in front of him – losing his composure and acting violent would only increase L's suspicions of him being Kira, and that wouldn't do at all, not good, calm down. Breathe. He satisfies himself by clattering on the keyboard as loudly as possible (without breaking it, of course), in a vain effort to drown out that stupid detective's noise.

"But it won't come off," L answers, in his gratingly unemotional voice. He gestures at the jar in his palm as if it is the most important thing in the world.

"Well how do you expect it to come off if you keep holding it like that," and there is a great possibility that spit is flying from Light's mouth, but he's so angry he doesn't care.

"Whatever are you talking about?" L keeps his fingers in their pinched position and attempts to open the jar yet again. His fingers slip over the cover uselessly.

"You can't grab the edges of a circular lid – god, why am I even explaining this to you? – because it doesn't even have edges!!" Light clenches his fists and wonders, for the hundredth time, how this man could possibly be the greatest detective in the world.

"Watari does it."

"Because he holds it properly!"

L shrugs. "I have not the slightest idea what you mean." As if to further punctuate his refusal to take some perfectly good advice, he tries to open the jar again, picking at it uselessly with his curved fingers.

"Godammit, screw this –" Light growls, and wrestles the wretched thing away from him. " - screw this, screw this," and he aches to fling it at the nearest computer screen.

"Ah, yes." L's eyes suddenly light up. "Screw the lid off. Precisely."

Light all but rips the lid off the jar, and dumps it back into the detective's hands. He hopes, rather violently, that whatever is in it has already expired.

"Why thank you, Light-kun." L sticks a finger into the jar and swishes it around. "You're very efficient." He lifts his finger and licks it clean. "Mmm. Nuttella's incredibly delicious, wouldn't you agree?"

Screw you, Light shouts, but only in his head – because that would sound wrong, and that would be immature, and a stupid thing like hazelnut is not worth losing his temper over in the first place.

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