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Preludes : The Shinobi Saga

The Hayabusa Clan of Ninjitsu

by Zedrick

The clan of Hayabusa ninjutsu, a secretive band of elite ninjas possessing superhuman abilities
who reside in a sacred training ground known by none.
As [one of] the most powerful clan of ninjitsu, it is their duty to prolong the existence of
mankind by defeating demons who seek to cause chaos in the human world. With aid from the Tengu
spirits, they are nameless warriors who train everyday to hone their skills to a razor edge,
in order to prepare themselves for the time when they will be needed.
Many wonder as to why the Hayabusa feel the need protect humanity, even more wonder as to
what the character of such a superhuman warrior must be like...

Beads of sweat flew into the air as the dark figure practiced a series of thrusting
techniques with it's arms.
"Ryu." came a voice from nowhere. The figure stopped moving.
"What is it Kojiro?" asked Ryu.
"Still practicing, I see." said Kojiro.
"What is it Kojiro?" repeated Ryu.
"Why are you in the dark?" asked Kojiro.
"Sight is not an accomodation you always have." replied Ryu.
"You are taking this too seriously." said Kojiro.
"And you do not take it seriously enough." retorted Ryu.
"Ha, that's where you're wrong." chuckled Kojiro.
"The tournament is tomorrow, you had best practice." said Ryu.
"Practice will not help me. You know as well as I do that there is no one who can defeat
you." replied Kojiro.
"You give me too much credit." said Ryu.
"You are too humble. Very well, I just wanted to see how you were. You had best get some
rest." said Kojiro.
With that, there was silent.

The sun rose the next day, as Ryu got up from his bed. He stretched out his worn muscles
and began to dress.
"Ryu, hurry up! It's almost beginning." came Kojiro's voice.
Ryu arrived at the main hall where others like him were lined sitting on opposite sides.
An old man began to walk up the center. When he finally made it, he sat down in a
chair, wheezing.
"Welcome, my students." began the old man in a raspy voice. "As I have told you beforehand,
we have received news that the demon lord Jaquo is planning to enter this realm of existence.
Thus, you are all here to test your mettle against each other, to determine which of you
is the most suitable for this task. Before the day is done, one of you shall enter the
demon realm to vanquish the demon lord."

As the sun set on the very same day, the main hall was illuminated with candles. The
students were still sitting onthe sides, all except for one. He was standing in the center.
"Ryu, your skills exceed all others. You are best suited for this task. As such, I bestow
upon you the highest honors." said the old man as he got up from his chair. The man then
walked up to Ryu and placed an intricately decorated sash on Ryu's shoulders.
Ryu bowed down. " I give unto you the embodiment of our clan. Now stand, Ryu Hayabusa!"
"Word alone cannot express my gratitude, wise one." said Ryu when he stood up.
"Now Hayabusa, you must venture into the dark realm and defend this world." said the old
man. "Know this. In the realm of demons, magic fluorishes, and that sash, given to us by
the Tengu, allows you to harness that magic and use it to your own ends. Now go, and do
us great honor!"
"I shall not fail." said Ryu. With that, Ryu disappeared in a flurry of leaves, blowing
out all the candles in the room, leaving the main hall enveloped in darkness.

The next sequence will not be explained in this story as it is the events in the [Ninja Gaiden]
series. I apologize to those who have never played the series because it may be confusing.
I myself only remember vague parts of it so I also apologize if some of the information is
wrong. Another note, Ryu Hayabusa is 19 years old in this story when he goes to fight Jaquo.

1 year later.....

"You're back." said Kojiro as he saw the flutter of leaves.
"I have done it. I have sealed Jaquo." replied Ryu.
"You had best meet with the wise one." said Kojiro.
"Indeed." replied Ryu.
"It is good to see you again." said Kojiro.
"The same to you, old friend." replied Ryu.

The old man's eyes lit up with joy when he saw Ryu.
"You are back. Is it done?" greeted the old man.
"It is done." answered Ryu.
Same as the note above, I won't write down Ryu retelling the [Ninja Gaiden] story to
the old man.
"I am sorry wise one, but I cannot fight anymore." said Hayabusa.
"I see. All who go to the demon realm always say the same thing to me. Do not be ashamed,
you are a hero, not a coward. The demon realm is a horrific place, unimaginable by humans,
you have seen what mortals should not. Worry not, you do not need to fight any longer.
Live your life in solitude, and remember, you bear the name of Hayabusa. Do not dous dishonor."
replied the old man.
"Thank you wise one." said Hayabusa.

In a small grove a few months later........

"I have not forgotten you Irene." Ryu said to himself as he stood by a nearby lake looking into
the sky."Irene, my love, I regret not being able to take you back with me. You have given me
peace, I owe you so much. It is because of you that I was able to defeat Jaquo. You gave me a
reason to fight on. I owe you so much. If only we could have spent more time together. I will
always remember you, and I owe my peace to you." With that last thought, Ryu fell asleep next
to the lake, the grass caressing his body.

Ryu was awoken by the sound of running footsteps. He leapt on his feet and saw a small figure
clad in blue running past him. Then he saw another figure pursuing the previous one.
Ryu immediately began to chase after the figure in blue as it disappeared into a forest of
bamboo. Using his adept skills along with his magical sash, he was quickly able to catch up to
the fleeting figure. When he was above the figure, he leapt down and tripped the figure.
It quickly got up again an threw a punch at Ryu but he countered with a straight palm which
sent the figure sprawling to the ground again.
"Ryu!" came a voice.
"Kojiro?" asked Ryu. Kojiro then jumped down beside Ryu. "What are you doing here Kojiro?!"
"That kunoichi was caught trespassing on out territories, she must be a spy." answered Kojiro.
"She?" said Ryu. The fallen figure was now up again and looking at Ryu. Ryu could see that
Kojiro was right. She was a young girl with long hair tied off into a ponytail. Her dirt
streaked face showing fear.
"Leave, Kojiro. I will deal with her." ordered Ryu.
"What?" asked Kojiro.
"I said leave. I shall deal with her." repeated Ryu.
"Very well then. I leave it to you, but remember, she knows where we are now, she is a threat
to our security." said Kojiro. With that, Kojiro disappeared into the night.
Ryu approached the kunoichi who had her arms in a fighting position.
"Desist, I will not hurt you." said Ryu. The kunoichi still did not move.
"I said to desist, you have my word. I will not harm you." said Ryu again. The kunoichi now
let her arms down and slumped to her knees and began crying.
"Do not worry, you are safe now. Tell me your name." said Ryu.
"My name........my name is Kasumi." replied the kunoichi as she looked up at Ryu with tears
streaking down her face. Ryu could feel nothing but sympathy for her. Then, the kunoichi
fell unconscious. Ryu picked her up and began to walk back to his abode.

The next day, Ryu began to move towards the bed as the kunoichi woke up.
"You're awake." said Ryu.
"Wh-where am I? Who are you?" said Kasumi.
"Here's your meal, eat up. You're exhausted." said Ryu as he handed her a tray. The kunoichi
quickly devoured the food. It was evident that hunger had taken it's toll on her. After she
finished, she handed the tray back to Ryu.
"Thank you." said the Kunoichi meekly.
"You said your name was Kasumi?" asked Ryu.
"Yes." replied Kasumi.
"What are you doing here?" asked Ryu.
"I was just picking some, some........." Kasumi trailed off.
"Just picking some what?" asked Ryu.
"Please don't laugh. I was picking some flowers." answered Kasumi as she blushed.
"Some flowers? You risked your life......for flowers?" asked Ryu.
"I know it seems childish, but I really like flowers, and my sister Ayane said there would be
some very rare blossoms here and I just had to get them." replied Kasumi. Kasumi then looked
up at Ryu with innocent eyes. "What are you going to do with me?" asked Kasumi.
"Under the normal circumstances, you would be dead." answered Ryu. Kasumi shrank in fear.
"Leave and do not come back. Tell no one of this place, or you will direly regret it." said Ryu.
"Oh, alright then. I promise I won't tell anyone. Thank you so much." said Kasumi as she got up.
"If there's ever anything I can do for you th-"
"Leave now." said Ryu sternly. Kasumi nodded and ran out the door. "Good-bye!"
"Farewell." said Ryu silently.

The next day, while Ryu was meditating by the lake again, he was disturbed.
"Greetings there." came a voice behind him. Ryu instinctively jumped into his guard position.
He turned around to see a young man about his age with neck-long hair and standing beside
him was Kasumi.
"Who are you?" asked Ryu.
"I am Hayate, the brother of the girl whom you saved the day before." replied Hayate.
"You promised you would not come back, nor tell anyone." said Ryu sternly at Kasumi. Kasumi
smiled nervously and hid behind Hayate.
"It is not her fault, I forced it out of her. And you've no worries, No one else shall know."
said Hayate.
"Why are you here?" asked Ryu.
"I came here to personally thank you for saving my sister. She is very important to me. If
you have anything you need in the future then contact me." replied Hayate. Kasumi now
steped out behind Hayate.
"I-I don't even know your name." said Kasumi.
"My name is Ryu Hayabusa." replied Ryu.
"Hayabusa?!" exclaimed Hayate. "That mean's-"
"Indeed." said Ryu. Hayate turned back to face Kasumi.
"Have you any idea whose territory you were passing?! You should be dead!" scolded Hayate.
"I know, Ryu told me. I'm sorry." apologized Kasumi.
"How do you know about the Hayabusa?" asked Ryu.
"Every shinobi faction knows the rank of the Hayabusa, if not anything else." answered Hayate.
"Hmm..interesting. I would like to use that favor now. Please, tell me more about your clan."
said Ryu.
"I am the to-be successor of the Mugen Tenjin Academy." replied Hayate.
"Then Mugen Tenjin Academy. A prominent clan in Japan." said Ryu.
"Umm....excuse me. But can we go home now?" asked Kasumi.
"Very well." said Hayate. "I take my leave now. And thank you again."
"I live a solitary life here. Perhaps you could come again some time and tell me more about
your clan." said Ryu. "I can assure on my honor that I shall keep it a secret."
"I would never consort with others. However, I love my sister that much. And I believe it would
be to my benefit as well." replied Hayate.
"Till next we meet then." said Ryu.
"Indeed." replied Hayate as he turned to leave.
"Here Ryu, take this. It's a violet lotus blossom, as a token of my thanks. Good-bye Ryu." said
Kasumi as she handed him a flower.

For the next three years, Hayate developed a deep friendship with Ryu as the two would meet
occasionally and share tales, information and skills. They developed a trusting bond with
each other, and kept what they learned to themselves as they had promised. The two of them
had become the best of friends.

Ryu was in his hut when someone knocked on his door. He got up and opened it expecting Hayate.
However, what greeted him instead was a figure clad in a dark shroud.
"If you wish to see Hayate again, or to save Kasumi, then you will come." said the figure.
The figure then tossed a letter to Ryu and disappeared. Ryu opened the note.
It read ' Welcome to Dead or Alive - Fame Douglas'.
"Is this.......blood?" Ryu whispered to himself as he saw the red marks.

Ryu later used his stealth and snuck into the Mugen Tenjin Academy where he found out that
Hayate was missing, and Kasumi had become a runaway shinobi. Ryu knew what that meant. He then
remembered something Hayate had once told him. "Ryu, my sister is too innocent, she does not
realize the evils of the world. Promise me, if ever I am unable to protect her, then promise me,
you will."
"I am sorry Irene, but it seems once again that I must fight." said Ryu to himself. Then he
disappeared in a whirlwind of leaves, to find Kasumi.

-----Author's comment-----
So, how was it?
Anyway, something I'd like to say.
1) in the DoA 1 manual, it says Ryu had a love called Aileen, therefore, I decided to
incorporate his [Ninja Gaiden] adventures into it. In [Ninja Gaiden] Ryu encounters a girl
named Irene and there's something of a love story between them, so I decided to make the
reference of Aileen into Irene. Understand? It makes the story make sense, and still leaves Ryu
available to be coupled up with someone. Anyways, I would really appreciate a review, and feel
free to give suggestions. Thanks. (Oh yeah, and sorry about any grammatical errors or misplaced
names and such.)