Hey! So hi, this is Sarah, and me iz back! I've been kinda getting sick of writing my Jacob fic and thought "Maybe if I take a break and write another fic, I will feel like writing the Jacobness again!" This is a series of one-shots, involving Jacob, Bella, and Edward and perhaps some other characters if I get any ideas. Here goes one-shot number one: Caressing Fingers.

Caressing Fingers

They both love it when her fingers brush over their faces, but for different reasons.

The first, her first love, savors the warmth of her light limbs brushing over his face, soft as feathers. He can feel the blood pulsing hot under her chalk-white skin, blood he yearns for, but blood he does not spill, for his undying love for her. Her fingers brush the hair from his forehead, her lips smiling before she presses her lips against his ice cold ones.

The other loves it too, her other love, although she doesn't know it. They fight often, him trying to keep his shape from blurring in front of her, not wanting to hurt her. He hates yelling at her, but at times she just doesn't see sense. They both sit down silent, but moments later they are trying to comfort each other. He puts his arm around her and dries her tears. Tears so easily triggered. Her fingers brush across his face in turn, while she murmers apologies. She hates hurting him just as much as he her. He closes his eyes so she doesn't see the yearning in them, and to savor the moment while it lasts. Her fingers feel cool against his burning hot skin.

Soon, too soon, she has to leave, for the other. She can't live without him, but can't live with him. Him. They hate each other with a passion, but there's nothing they can do to show it, for it would hurt her. They both loved her too much, more than they hated each other.

And so they both still savor her fingers brushing over their faces, but for different reasons.

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