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Her face is the lovliest face I've ever seen. Ever since that one afternoon in the Philadelphia diner, her face has been imprinted in my mind.

Every day I struggle with the task of not spilling the blood of the humans I am around. I know that if it weren't for Alice, I wouldn't bother with the struggle.

Of course, Alice isn't the only reason I refrain from the blood of humans. I do it also for the sake of my brothers and sisters, and because I don't really want to be a monster.

But it's mostly Alice. I know she would accept me either way, but I want her to have something to be proud of me of.

Really, I'm nothing to be proud of. I'm not really that smart, I'm not a genius musician like Edward, I'm not super strong like Emmett, not brilliantly optimistic like Alice, not loving as Esme, not a pretty face like Rosalie, certainly not as self restrained and self-sacrificing and compassionate as Carlisle.

I'm just a sour, moping little addition in a nondescript corner of our family. I tried to eat Edward's soulmate. I disgust myself.

It's ok, though. I would choose this life over my former life any day. At least I have a family. At least I have Alice.

Because, truly, Alice is strong enough for the both of us.

And I do try. And I will continue trying.

Just for Alice.

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