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A Perfect Blue


"The town that is hidden deep in the valley, is where the Sheikah resides," Impa said looking down at the young faces looking up to her, "It is where we have lived for the past hundred years ensuring the royal family has protection from it's enemies." She paused and looked at the children gathered before her. She smiled at them and continued, "That is what you are to be trained for." The children nodded there heads, a little unsure of what Impa was telling them. One child looked around at the field distractedly. Impa sighed and looked over to the foolish child. "Isn't that right...Link?" she asked moving her red eyes to the boys direction. The boy, Link, startled from his teacher numbering him out, stood at attention.

"Y-yes..." Link said. Impa shook her head in disappointment.

"Link, this is the third time I had to speak with you. What in the name of the goddesses are you looking at?" she demanded. Link shuffled his feet nervously. A long pause filled the training ground as Link stared blankly at the floor.

"Well...I was..." Link trailed off looking at the direction he was looking at.

"Yes..." Impa said.

"Well I mean I was..."

"Go on," Impa said waving her hand impatiently.

"Uh...I don't... know."

The training ground was silent. Link's face was flushed in embarrassment and Impa shook her head again as she walked toward the boy.

"You see Link, you need concentration if you want to be part of the Shadow Eye," Impa said slumping her shoulders and frowning. Link nodded slowly and sighed. He had been thinking about something that was on his mind the whole time he was on the training ground. He was different then the other Sheikah. While most child Sheikah developed their red eyes at around ten, Link's stayed a perfect blue. He had reassured himself that it was because he was a late bloomer, but as every day went by he had some doubts. Almost every Sheikah child had their red eyes. And Link was looking forward to the day he got his. If he ever got them.

Impa noticed Link's sad state and put her hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry Link," she said looking into Link's frail blue eyes, " You will get them." Link nodded and Impa turned around and went back to the head of the class. "As I was saying," she said a little louder, "You will be trained here tomorrow as the bright Red Eye rises. You will be expected to come here on time. You will be sleeping in th dormitories that are near the front of the training ground," she paused, "Anymore questions?" A single hand shot up and Impa pointed towards it, "Yes?" A Sheikah girl stood up with long white hair. She looked up to her mentor and smiled.

"I thought this training ground was for Sheikah only?" she said still smiling. Impa held the small sheikah's gaze and looked at Link briefly. Link saw that single movement and knew that the white hair girl was talking about him.

"It is," Impa replied keeping a solid face. The girl nodded her head and changed her glance to Link.

"He's not a Sheikah," she said smirking at Link. He looked glumly at her and her smile widened. Impa frowned and rolled her eyes. She had no time for child squabbles.

"If he wasn't a Sheikah, Rupa, then how is he here?" Impa asked narrowing her eyes at the youth. Rupa hesitated and looked to Link which to Impa translated a time to dismiss the question. "No more questions?" she asked. The group was silent and Impa flicked her hand away from the group. "Then head for the dorms," she said. The children got up and headed across the field creating small conversations as they went. Impa looked at Link who was making his way through the crowd and towards the sleeping chambers. She sighed and looked to the setting sun in the west.

The next day Link got up bright and early. As Link made his way towards the training ground he was stopped by his oldest friend. Crag ran up to Link and smiled.

"What was all that with Impa yesterday?" he asked looking to Link to see if he had an answer. Link shrugged and continued out to the training ground. He walked ahead of Crag and Crag ran to keep up. "Don't tell me Rupa is on to you again?" Crag asked. Link breathed deeply and stopped.

"What am suppose to do?" Link asked looking at Crag's direction. Crag shrugged and Link turned away from him and continued to walk towards the training ground. He ran up beside him and let out a puff of air.

"Don't worry Link. Once your eyes turn red you will be able to rub that in Rupa's face!" Crag exclaimed. Link smiled slightly.

"If I ever get them," Link added grimly. Crag gave a hurt expression and looked away from Link.

"Why are you so negative all the time?" Crag said. Link looked slyly at Crag and shook his head.

"Your being negative reminding me," Link said putting an end to their conversation. They came to the training ground and the sun was rising, known to the Sheikah as the Red Eye. They all sat around their instructor, Impa, and looked impatiently towards her. The Sheikah waited for a long time and the Red Eye climbed above the valley. Link looked over at Rupa's direction several times and then looked to Impa who stood majestically before the young students. She stood for a moment breathing in the morning air, then with a crack and a blinding flash she disappeared. The young Sheikahs looked around in awe. Link looked around the clearing in search for the instructor. She then appeared...right in front of Rupa. She jumped back in astonishment and Link tried to hold back a laugh. It couldn't be helped as he giggled slightly. Impa turned to his direction and in a blur grabbed Link's collar, lifting him from the ground, and throwing him across the field. The many eyes of the Sheikah watched as Link was thrown many feet away from the session. Rupa smirked, Crag stared back at Link in horror, and Impa maintained a blank stare. Link landed and slid to a stop on the far side of the field. He laid there for a moment and then heaved himself up. He looked back to his peers who, most of them, looked at him in awe. Link groaned and slowly walked back to the group.

Impa frowned as Link took his seat among the sheikah. "That is only one example of what strength you could posses," she said looking among the group. The youths smiled slightly at the fact. Impa looked around and lowered her head. "In seven years you could develop what I just showed you," she said. The children frowned as Impa continued, "You will learn in the coming years patients and loyalty to the Royal family. You will learn the art of the shadow, art of balance, and art of strength." Link sighed and looked over to Rupa, who had her full attention to Impa. Link only continued to stare at her and missed what Impa had said. "Link!" Impa called for the fourth time. Link sat back in surprise and Impa angrily shook her head. "Foolish boy! If I were an enemy to Hyrule you would be dead by now and you would still be looking at Rupa!" Link blushed as Rupa looked Link's way.


"Never mind I will ask Crag," Impa interrupted. Crag sat up and looked at Impa.

"What were we talking about?" Crag asked innocently. Impa slapped her head and groaned.

"We have a long way to go with this class," she said to herself. Crag and Link looked back at their mentor and exchanged glances. Crag shrugged and made a gesture of defeat. Link sighed and looked back at the angry tutor. Rupa was still a little shocked of Link staring at her. And Impa still held her head in frustration.

"Anyways...the reason I am training you simpleminded twits is so that one of you can defend the royal family as a shadow. Unless your ingenuity doesn't show soon," she said looking at Crag and Link. She shook her head again and her hand left her head. "We will start with a few exercises..."

Link groaned as he stretched for what seemed the thousandth time. Crag sat next to him and didn't seem to fare any better. Sweat ran down both boys face along with the other thirty-odd sheikah in training. Link's legs burned with extortion and his back wasn't any better. Impa looked around the group and smiled.

"That's enough with the stretches," she said still smiling. The young sheikah relaxed after what seemed forever and many sighs of relief went around. Impa's smile broadened, "On to a lap around the field!" Link and Crag groaned along with the other sheikah. They got up and started running around the track.

"So are you hoping to become the princesses guardian?" Crag asked breathing heavily as he continued to run. Link ran faster passing Crag but was still able to hear what he had said.

"I thought the princess had a guardian?" Link asked as he past a slow runner. Crag sped up as Link continued his fast pace.

"No...you never listen to Impa, do you?" Crag asked giving Link a smile. Link smiled in return.

"Nope," Link said and passed a second sheikah. Again Crag tried to come up foot to foot with Link.

"Can you...slow...down," Crag said gasping for air. Link smiled and came to Crag's side.

"Are you dying?" Link asked jokingly. Crag glared at Link and he shook his head dismissible.

"Anyways...the princess, as you ignored in Impa's teachings yesterday, only get's a guardian on her sixteenth birthday," Crag said looking to the sky. Link shook his head and passed the sheikah he had passed earlier, along with Crag.

"I bet Rupa wants that job," Link said looking over to Rupa who was ahead of them, "I mean, I'm not even sure if I am a sheikah." Crag frowned and licked his lips.

"Who knows Link. You could be half sheikah," Crag said. Link looked down at the grass that was now looking like a blur. He wasn't sure who he was. In the small town of the Sheikah, no one knew where he came from. As Crag's parents had told him, he was left to them by a Sheikah. They had heard a crack and a flash and as Crag's parents looked out their door, there was Link. By then Crag himself was a newborn so they took Link up and raised him. Crag was like a brother to Link. Crag noticed his adopted brother's sadness and began to reach out for his shoulder, only to find that it wasn't there. Link had ran, and past Rupa too.

Impa looked about the thirty Sheikah running around the one mile track and again sighed. She felt a presence at her side and turned to face the person. It was the Shaman, she realized, the head Sheikah of the town. She looked to the Shaman and noticed his sad stature.

"Are you thinking about him?" Impa asked looking back at the runners. The Shaman's old form came along side Impa.

"Are you, Guardian of the Queen?" the Shaman asked his red eyes trailing to the thirty trainees. Impa looked at the head Sheikah sidelong.

"Yes, and I worry for him," Impa said looking at the soil near her feet. The Shaman raised his eyebrows.

"Why?" the old sheikah asked. Impa sighed and turned to the Shaman.

"His eyes, Shaman Topas, they will never turn red," Impa said sadly. Topas smiled at the Guardian.

"You never know Impa," Shaman Topas said. Her forehead wrinkled in a confused look.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean," Topas said, "There is another way." Impa looked at him and he nodded. "Yes, the old magic Impa." Impa shook her head and slumped her shoulders.

"But the old magic was never seen in one hundred years! How can you turn a Hylian into a Sheikah?" Impa asked. The old Shaman laughed at Impa's ignorance.

"The old magic is passed down by the Shamans. I admit that it isn't as strong as it was hundreds of years ago. There are some...drawbacks," the shaman slowly looked up and meet Impa's confused face.

"Drawbacks?" Impa inquired her hard red eyes looking at the Shaman, "What drawbacks?" Topas smiled and shook his head.

"Something called love I think. Once his eyes turn red it will be effective until he dies...unless he falls in love. Weird, I know. How easy hope can be lost," the Shaman said turning away. " I will get working on it tomorrow but it will take time." The Shaman Topas walked away from Impa. "Make sure young Link doesn't fall in love anytime soon...or else I will be forced to banish him from the hidden village." Impa looked back at the group who at that moment Link was ahead of. She frowned and nodded her head. Link would eventually find out that he was not a Sheikah and she hoped that in the mean time he would not find someone close to his heart.

I've always wanted to try a romance but I never got a good idea...until now! I got the idea playing Twilight Princess(again) and I was staring at the whistling stone in a trance...well Link was in a trance ;D. I always wondered what it was like before Sheikah were wiped out so I thought of this! Ta-dah! All written and ready for criticism! I hope that you enjoyed this so I can continue this one!(hate writers block)