Hey guys been awhile, the truth is I sort of . . . forgot about this ^_^;

In truth I've decided that since my writing has improved over the past TWO years that I would rewrite most of my stories (Again sorry if you liked my stories so much damn I feel like a jerk -.-') Anyway, If you have the heart to ever forgive me (believe me I would understand if you didn't) but the thing is that life got in my way (Translation: GRADES), new technology was formed (Translation: I broke my stupid computer and lost ALL of whatever I was working on and after such a traumatic experience happened to me I had already completely forgot about fanfiction . . . you get the picture . . .), and many grand new things happened! (Translation: My life sucks . . .)

Well whatever . . . I still feel horribly sad for the people who ACTUALLY liked my stories and had to wait two years for such to happen, well if you want, think of this as a release of a new game from a company that has gone underground for two years . . . and I'm comparing myself to people with much more money than me ^^;

Just to remind you, you may see either editing from my crappy 3rd grade writing to a new and improved writer!!! (3 exclamation marks to prove a point -.-') If you hate me for thinking this was a new chapter don't worry kick me, slap me, make one of those weird dolls and poke needles in it . . . (make sure I look pretty ^_-) Even my alias could be criticized.

"Hey that LostWonder sure is "lost" huh?"

"Does she think she's some big shot to do this? Hell after all the hits she got on the last chapter and she hasn't even realized it!"

Few years later …

"Wow! I have over 9,000!"

So yeah . . .

. . .

(I can't believe they feel for that)

Lost will see you later(hopefully)!!!! . . .

(Again with the exclamation marks -.-')