Yogi And The Aliens Yogi And The Aliens

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called yogi, everyday she would go to her mum and say

" Mummy I want to be a spaceship driver when I'm older" and her mum would just laugh at her

But she knew in her heart that she wanted to drive a spaceship.

So at school when it was golden time she would draw a spaceship while the other children were skipping they would tease her calling her alien saying she had green skin and to antennas and that's why she wanted to drive a spaceship so much because she wanted to meet her family up in space.

Yogi was very sad because the people who she though were friends teased her, so everyday she would come home crying not speaking to anyone and would run straight to her room shutting the door behind her. Crying and all night, her mum couldn't open the door as it was locked. The next day it was Yogi

mums birthday and she bought a toy spaceship for her mum

"I don't want this" said her mum " it's too babyish and anyway you bought for yourself not me"

Yogi got upset and ran to her bedroom she shut the door and looked out side the window, she saw an UFO, yogi was terrified as she never seen a UFO before in her life.

Chapter 2 " Oh my gosh" said yogi I'm so scared I never this before in my life she ran downstairs to tell her mum " mummy, mummy I saw a UFO it was there I'm not lying" "Oh don't be silly your spoiling my birthday with your lies" said yogi mum

" Oh I hate you mum you never listen to me you always shouting at me every time I bring up the spaceship I hate you I never want to see you again" shouted yogi and loud as she could stomping off

" Yogi were going" sighed mum

"I'm going somewhere were ill never see your face again like they say in school I'm an alien I'm not meant for this family" and she ran out the front door with a slam

" Yogi, Yogi come back I love you for just the way you are it ok it just no one understand, I wanted to drive a spaceship before like you do now but my mum hated me being that she wanted me to be a doctor and I am now and I just cant get over you being a space driver like me and I didn't get the choice so why should you the thing is I LOVE YOU ALIEN OR ALIEN I LOVE YOU FOR YOU so you drive that spaceship and make me proud" cried her mum

yogi stopped and turned around her eyes were red from crying she wiped her eyes and ran to the mum they both gave each other a big hug

"I love you mum," cried yogi

"I love you to bunny" said mum

Yogi went inside and had some food she showed all the family her pictures of spaceship. She told the teacher about the children calling her an alien and they got in trouble……….

12 Years later ……

" Come yogi your going to be late for your take off" said mum holding her space jacket

"Yes mum I no I cant wait to see the planets" smiled yogi

"and if your lucky you might see an UFO" laughed mum

" I will and I will make sure of it"