Okay so this is the first ever shugo chara fanfic I have ever done xD but flames are accepted as long as they're reasonable )) and please remember to read the facts bellow to understand the fanfic thank you :D

Okay so this is the first ever shugo chara fanfic I have ever done xD but flames are accepted as long as they're reasonable )) and please remember to read the facts bellow to understand the fanfic thank you :D

Just a few facts to take note of before you read the story so that you won't get confused:

The Guardians are vampires who protect humans from other vamipres who might try to feed on the students/humans

Vampires are made through inheritance but not direct inheritance i.e. great great grandfather and such so they are rare. They don't come out immediately when they are born but instead they slowly develop their abilities until they start sucking blood. The period where they are fully developed are usually in the adolescence period.

Now that that's clear let's start this crazy fanfic xD

Chapter one: there's a first for everything

Hinamori looked around her eyes a deep red as she crouched down looking for the spicy smell which filled the air. There at the other side of the room she found her prey. A blue haired boy stood still his white shirt unbuttoned soaking with blood. Immediately Amu jumped towards him her fangs showing as she lunged for the boy and ripped his neck.

She started to drink the blood which flowed freely into her mouth but the boy still stood firm, his hands on his side. Hinamori then traced her hand to the back on his hair gripping it unwilling to let go. Her other hand pushed the boy closer to her as he gasped in pain.

It was strange, even though she was drinking the very blood she had craved for in years she still didn't feel contented. She felt empty it hadn't been as delicious as she thought it'd be. She let go of the boy's hair, her hand falling to her side as she backed her head away from his neck looking at the face which she'd drunken from. There starring at her with light blue eyes was the most handsome boy she'd ever seen he had perfect hair perfect skin and perfect body.

But then she also saw other things, like the way his skin seemed paler and the way his face was twisted with sadness. He looked at her his eyes full of pity and regret as he pulled Amu closer this time in a hug. He then softly pushed Amu's face closer to his neck as he whispered, "Drink as much as you want"

Amu's eyes fluttered open as she looked around the silent room. The rays of the sun focused in her eyes as she turned to her side unwilling to wake up. A light knock was heard on the door, "Amu, wake up…its time for school"

She quickly shuffled to her feet as she reached for her clothes in the closet and quickly placed them on. She buttoned her white shirt and placed on the black coat as she straightened her skirt which fell a little above her knees. She looked at the mirror and combed her hair which now fell to her waist. She glanced at the small picture with Tadase, Rima, Yaya and Kairi in their last year in Seiyo elementary. She'll miss Yaya and Kairi but luckily Rima and Tadase will be going to the same school as her, Seiyo high school.

She opened the door and ran down the stairs meeting her parents and her little sister as a camera flash greeted her. Her mother was almost brought to tears looking at her daughter's new uniform, "Amu-chan! You look so beautiful!" She exclaimed as she pulled her daughter in a hug

Her father nodded in agreement, "I am so proud of our Amu-chan!"

"Can you guys cut it out? I'm just going to high school" Amu said as she passed by them and sat on the table. She drank the milk laid out for her and stood up, "I'm going, mama let's go"

"Hai!" Her mother exclaimed happily as she took out the keys from her pocket waving it as though it was a prize she had just won.

Her father pouted as he watched Amu and her mother get in the car and drive out of the drive way. Her sister and father waved goodbye, "Bye onee-chan see you next summer!"

Amu couldn't help but wave as well, "Yeah"

After a few minutes of driving she saw the gates of Seiyo high school from afar. Hinamori couldn't help but chew on the side of her lip. She hated it every time she met new people she didn't know. This time though she wanted to make sure to stay perfectly normal and perfectly unnoticeable. After her car pulled over her mom hugged her for the last time as she kissed her forehead, "Do good in school and keep away from dangerous people okay?"

Hinamori nodded and opened the door she walked to the back of the trunk and brought out her two heavy suitcases full of her belongings and possessions. She dragged them to the side as she pushed the trunk down and stepped aside. She watched as her mother drove away until she couldn't see her car anymore. Amu sighed as she tried to pull one of her suitcases still thinking of the words her mother said, "Keep away from dangerous people ha, that's an absolute understatement"

"Hinamori" A familiar voice called from behind as she turned and saw a boy with blonde hair and a slight build walking towards her, his eyes were warmer then ever, "Need any help?"

"Tadase-kun" Hinamori said this time her expression brighter, "You came early?"

"Yeah, one of the members of the student council wanted to talk to me before the opening ceremony starts" Tadase replied as he carried both of the bags effortlessly

"Oh that's right, Tadase-kun has high grades and a good reputation, probably enough to call the attention of the student council" Hinamori thought aloud to herself as she saw Tadase blush

It's been a long time since she'd seen Tadase, after the graduation from last year they didn't have an excuse to meet up anymore. Rima and her parents took a vacation out of the country and Hinamori was too busy handling the little problem she had. Lately she wasn't able to control her thirst and had to literally lock herself in her room to avoid drinking the blood of her own family.

It was complicated how being a vampire was rarely inherited from ones parents. If that were so then it would make her life easier. Tadase was lucky he had inherited it from his parents and so they understood his needs fully and also he did not need to lie to them every time he had to go out of the house in the middle of the night just to kill a vampire.

Tadase cleared his throat as he looked at Hinamori his eyes full of worry, "Hinamori-san are you alright?"

Suddenly those eyes reminded her of the boy in her dreams and unconsciously she flinched. Tadase dropped the bags and placed his hand on her forehead, "Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

Hinamori jumped at the touch of Tadase's hand on her forehead and shook her head, "No no no I'm fine" Hinamori stuttered as she backed away and tried to smile

"Okay if you say so" Tadase said as he grabbed the bags and placed them in the corner where the rest of the bags were being tagged and brought to the different rooms in the dormitory by the janitors, "Lets go the auditorium the opening ceremony is about to begin"

Amu nodded and followed Tadase he guided her out of the main hall to the corridors which led to a big auditorium where chairs were laid and students seated. Hinamori sat beside Tadase and stared at the stage as they heard the low whispers from behind them, "That's him right? The president of the student council"

The girl behind them nodded and added, "That's Soma, Kukai, he's the youngest student council president to have ever earned that position"

Hinamori and Tadase's eyes followed the girl's stare as they saw a tall figure near the stage with a red coat instead of a black one and slowly they looked at the face to see the brown haired boy they'd known and loved. Hinamori couldn't help but stand up and shout, "Kukai!"


Author's note: and that's the end of chapter one, yeah I know not so good but for the next chapter I'll try to make it more interesting and give out more HinamoriXIkutoXTadase and of course other pairings ;). please R and R :D