Chapter Ten: At the Docks

General POV (SC chambers 12:00 midnight)

Tadase struggled to keep his temper down as Kukai described the confrontation to Sayuri and Kyo. They both nodded in unison and shot a sympathetic look towards Tadase, "We must take things into perspective, it is quite possible that the incident during the concert is connected with the kidnapping" Sayuri said

"I don't think so" Rima said quietly and everyone looked at her, excluding Tadase

Rima then began to explain, "If those were the same men then wouldn't they have taken Amu-chan during the concert when she was defenseless?"

Kukai nodded, "That's a good point then that means we're dealing with two different groups here" Kukai concluded, "The man admitted to killing…Isa Miro…so right now our main concern is finding out who these men are and what they want"

Kukai looked at each face surrounding the table, letting his words sink in, "Tadase, your family has a database listing all of the vampire clans, right?"

Tadase merely nodded. Kukai looked disappointed and was about to speak when Kyo cut him off, "We're doing this to find Hinamori-san, and so far we know nothing of your past all you've told us is that Hinamori-san ran off when she found out you lied to her" Kyo began and everyone fell completely silent including Tadase who was now staring at Kyo with wide eyes, no one ever dared to talk to a pure blood that way, "And this situation may be linked to your past, you are part of a pure blood clan, Tadase, do you really think no one would try to take advantage of that fact?"

"I am not a part of a pure blood clan, I am the founder of the Hotori Clan" Tadase said through his teeth

Rima held back a gasp, Sayuri and Kukai looked perplexed but Kyo expertly hid his expression and continued to hold Tadase's gaze, almost challenging him.

"A pure blood's cycle is different from a normal vampire's cycle" Tadase said as he stood up and left the room, slamming the door.

Rima stood up about to go after him when Kukai caught her hand, "What?" She spat

Kukai raised both hands in defense, "Hey I'm just looking out for you"

"Look at the edge of the table" Kyo said and pointed towards the end of Tadase's desk where she found finger shaped dent marks and blood stains, "I don't think he's up for a friendly chat"


Hinamori Amu's POV (A warehouse along the shipping docks 11:15pm)

I opened my eyes to the metallic taste of blood and I couldn't help but groan in dissatisfaction. My stomach was hurting and I knew I had broken at least two ribs from the blow I took on the stomach whoever did this was going to pay. I blinked a couple of times before getting a clear picture of where I was. There were high fluorescent lights on the ceiling and the place vaguely smelled of salt and the sea. The old warehouse was big and its blue scrapped walls revealed age.

I looked directly above me to see a pair of beautiful violet eyes, this time those eyes looked sad.

"Aimi-sama, my apologies I should have stopped Nikaidou from hurting you" He said as he shook his head, "No, I should have protected you but instead I let him hurt you"

I looked at him dumb founded, I tried to look away from his piercing gaze that's when I found his hand inches away from my mouth, fresh blood was dripping directly from it. I could feel my throat dry and my vision turn a dark red he noticed this and nodded to himself. With his other hand he gently scooped me up even with my protests, "I can see it in your eyes, your thirsty it's only natural after having lost so much blood"

I was leaning against him now, supported by his hand gently pushing me up from his lap. He was now sitting on what seemed to be a metal plated table, "Please" He said as he pushed his hand inches from my mouth, willing me to drink his blood

I would not give in to his request

I refused to do so

I was not like him!

Not like them!

I don't drink blood!

"Don't even bother, she won't drink from you" A voice boomed from the entranceway of the warehouse

"This is your fault Nikaidou if you hadn't inflicted such a hard blow then we would have been sailing across the pacific by now" The boy said protectively, I had to flinch since he was holding me too tight I felt the bruises form around my arms

"Careful now, you might break her" The man named Nikaidou said as he walked towards me

I had to close my eyes in exhaustion, I was so tired…

Why was I so vulnerable?

I could have sworn his grip wouldn't have affected me at all

"You drugged me" I managed to say in a whisper.

"Clever" Nikaidou said as he clapped his hands slowly in mockery

Tadase had told me how to kill vampires, one was to pierce him through the heart by any sturdy material, second was to drain him of all of his blood, third was to starve him and last to feed him dead blood, which could easily weaken any vampire and thus giving the opportunity for others to kill him without trouble.

"You fed me dead blood" I said accusingly, but my voice still came out in a hoarse whisper

"It only lasts a couple of days, please endure it Aimi-sama" The guy said as he eased his grip and slowly placed my head on his lap to cushion me from the hard table

"Where are you taking me?" I said but this time I purposely made my voice softer and lower, I needed to outsmart them into thinking I was still weak so that I would be able to gather enough strength to escape before we left the warehouse

"Somewhere, you'll find out soon enough" Nikaidou said as he motioned for his companion and moved to the other side of the warehouse, "Come on Nagehiko"

I could still hear him, of course, and I silently thanked my ability for that

"He's arriving tomorrow, we'll have to sleep in and take shifts" Nikaidou began, "I've got two lookouts beyond those doors, another one above this building, I'll relieve one of my men and both of you can take turns looking after her and sleeping, after your done resting for an hour make sure you go outside to relieve the others"

"What about you?"

"I can last a night, but I'll have to leave mending the boat in your hands, it shouldn't be too much work"

I could barely hear their voices as I drifted off to sleep



I saw myself walking on still water, floating above it, bellow I could vaguely see fishes swimming about all of different variety and color. The scene relaxed me and I felt my shoulders uncoil, for some reason I was tense but I couldn't recall why.

A voice caught my attention her voice was soft yet demanding and all the while vaguely familiar. I looked beyond the horizon but all I could see was water, "Hinamori" The voice continued to call

I walked towards the direction of the voice, it had a sudden pull on me that I had to follow, it was impossible not to, "Hinamori" This time the voice was clearer, louder.

"Who is it?" I called but the voice only continued to call my name repeatedly

Finally, I saw a figure and I ran towards it my heart slamming in my chest as I got nearer and nearer. I stopped mid-step as I looked at the woman standing before me. Her golden hair fell freely past her waist, her eyes glowed a dark red and she wore a loose gown which perfectly shaped her figure. She looked angelic excluding the eyes.

"So what are you staring around for? Aren't you glad to see me?" The girl snapped and I blinked in surprise, the angel had an attitude

I continued to keep my silence as the girl walked towards me, she was higher by a few feet but taller nonetheless, "Hinamori Amu, I do not tolerate rudeness"

"I'm sorry?" I said uneasily looking up at the girl with her familiar blue eyes

The girl crossed her arms and stared at me from head to toe, she lightly shook her head in disappointment, and I suddenly became conscious of myself. I stared at my reflection on the water, and I heard myself gasp. My usual glossy pink curls were unruly while my face reflected that of a sick girl. My eyes had lost their usual cheer and my arms and legs were bandaged in a few places, for some reason I was sure the area around my stomach was bandaged as well.

I wore a white polo shirt which had a few holes in the sleeves and a black checkered skirt but the white polo shirt had a few blood stains and the skirt wasn't in good shape, "What happened?"

"You tell me" The girl before me said and in the blink of an eye we were sitting on the bed inside a bedroom. My bedroom, "Now, start from the beginning, what do you recall?"

I looked at the girl and closed my eyes trying to recall how and why I was in such a state. I felt different emotions boil inside me, "They took me" I said through gritted teeth, "I should have been able to take them"

"Who are they?" The girl asked as I opened my eyes having retrieved each memory

"I'm not familiar with them" I said "By the way, how are you doing this Utau?"

Utau was taken aback, she probably didn't expect me to remember her as well, "Evangeline has established a connection for us, now tell me where your location is"

I shook my head from side to side and Utau looked like she was about to explode, "Why won't you tell us?"

"They have men, you can't win" I said having thought of all the possibilities, "You won't even make it to the warehouse"

"Are you underestimating us?" Utau challenged her voice changing to an unrecognizable tone, "Tell me where you are now"

She was using her pure blood influence over me but I knew better, "No" I countered, "It's hopeless anyways but that doesn't mean I plan on giving in to these people, I will find my own way out of here"

"Your injured" Utau pointed out as though it would explain everything

"I am but if I mislead them into thinking I still am hopeless and disoriented when I'm not, I have the chance of escaping"

After that I deliberately cut off the line, I don't know how I did it but I did, I refused to argue when it was a pointless discussion. I wasn't going to let them do this, this is my problem and I will solve it on my own. I've learned my lesson and I won't depend on anyone anymore.


General POV (Science Building rooftop 1:00am)

Eva grew pale the floor beneath her began to revolve so she opted to sit down. She held her head with both hands struggling to keep it intact, just maintaining the connection was hard enough, but to be shut out from the receiver took a toll on her. She closed her eyes and concentrated but then she hit a hard wall. She gritted her teeth in frustration, Hinamori was one stubborn girl.

"Any luck?" Utau asked

"No, she's put up a strong barrier" Eva said exhausted, "I can't connect with her if she doesn't let me through"

"We can't just sit around and wait, call Sanjo-san"


A man wearing a black suit walked through the doors of the abandoned warehouse. He didn't look pleased at all. His eyes were soulless and they beheld a heartless soul within, tortured with a dark past. He looked beside him to find his underlings cautiously following suit, "Is the boat ready?"

"Yes sire" Nikaidou answered "Everything is ready for your departure"

"She's injured."

Both men looked uneasily at each other, "She showed resistance towards our humblest request" Nikaidou responded

"Yet, you still harmed her" The man replied and both stood frozen in place, dreadfully awaiting their punishment

"Leave us"

More then happy for the change in mood, both Nikaidou and Nagehiko left the warehouse.

The man moved towards the metal plated table and swept a lock from the maiden's face. He stood there for minutes waiting for her to wake up, when she stirred he smiled.

She turned lightly to her side feeling the cold plated table, "Who are you, and how are you related to Kairi?"

The man looked dumbfounded, he didn't expect her to catch one so quickly, "I am Kairi"

The response caught Amu's attention and she turned sitting up, if the man proved to be a threat she was ready to take him on, a night's rest was able to restore most of her strength, "Explain yourself"

"I am Kairi but you have yet to see who I truly am"

"And what may that be?" Amu asked her face expressionless

"It would be better, if I showed you" Kairi said as he took off his blazer and placed it on the table, afterwards he began to unbutton his white shirt until it reached his shoulder's length, "You should still have the ability to blood read, as all pure blood vampires do."

Amu looked at him from head to toe, he indeed looked like kairi. He had kairi's blue eyes and dark green hair however he no longer wore glasses and he looked like he was in his early 20s. The black suit emphasized his professionalism and without his glasses his eyes were magnified and restored to their true beauty. But, the kairi she knew was still in Seiyo Academy.

As Amu studied him Kairi did the same. Amu was wearing the Seiyo High uniform, but its state was beyond repair, he had arranged for several clothes to be delivered directly to the boat, there she could have a proper shower and a variety of clothes to choose from. The trip to the island should take long, about a day or two. He had the refrigerator stocked with blood and an equipped kitchen. He had enough men guarding the boat and Nagehiko as well as Nikaidou could act as her bodyguards. His gaze drifted to her wounds, he saw two broken ribs through the bandage and several cuts and bruises caused by Nikaidou's strings. Now he knew who to blame. He'd had a healer in the boat and also maids to care for her. Everything was set and prepared for departure. Once they'd reach the island's perimeter, there'd be helicopters acting as surveillance for the area. Security would be flawless, all precautions were taken.

Amu studied his expression, she knew he was analyzing for Kairi always bore a look when he came to analyze situations. She found herself comparing both characters and finding similarities between them. She softly laid her hands on Kairi's shoulder as she bent down inches away from his neck.

"I could always kill you" Amu said absent mindedly, waiting for his reaction

"I've already gave you my life centuries ago"

Amu did not hesitate any longer. She sank her fangs in his throat. Kairi felt the sting but still stood still knowing that the present Amu would be frightened by the smallest of reactions.

In drinking his blood she was able to access his memories. He did not hesitate. He even laid everything out for her. She found out his true identity, played out the first time they met and their companionship. He was trained by her older brother, to protect and fight. She was able to see the truth, and saw his obedience to her. Even when her memories were erased he still stood by her, hiding behind the mask of an elementary student. He kept his distance though, like Tadase asked however he still continuously watched over her. Tadase was also his master but he only swore allegiance to Amu. The day Amu saved him, he had entrusted his life to her. Through Nagehiko's ability he was able to disguise himself as an elementary student. Even Nagehiko had been there in the background.

Amu stopped drinking from Kairi. She laid her hand where the bite marks were and began to heal it with the ability she took from her mother


Kairi looked up at Amu and smiled, "Yes, Aimi-sama?"

"Is it true about Tsukiyomi?"

"Hai, technically you were engaged to observe peace between the two clans, however Aki-sama died and the vampire society took advantage of that event"

"Aki-nii knew, and had therefore resolved to send me away" Amu said "But Tadashi was still inexperienced"

"He was forced to mature through experience"

Amu absently nodded, "Call in Nagehiko"


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