Reality Bites

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Summary: High school. No one said it was easy, so why do we expect it to be? Bullies.

Homework. Dating. Nothing's easy. Eventual SasuSaku, NaruHina NejTen.

Chapter 1: Meeting New Friends

Ever notice how no matter where you go there is always little cliques? You can't escape it. It's like it follows you where ever you go to try and escape it. Sure, in elementary school it isn't so bad, but it is still there. The only place it seems to not exist is in death. Kids. Pre-teens. Teenagers. Young Adults. Adults. Elderly. All have cliques, some just chose to not to care.

Sakura Haruno is one that chooses not to care. She lived her whole sixteen years surrounded by people that put her in a box and seemed to just forget about her. What was her clique? None. She had no friends. She was a loner. All alone.

Her mother and father had sent her to a boarding school hoping it would help, though Sakura knew it wouldn't, though she was willing to do whatever she could to keep from being in the exact same place she had been at her old school. Since she was transferring during the year, there were no on campus dorms. She would have to bunk with five people living off campus in a school apartment. It was a house with three rooms, she had been told.

As Sakura walked down the sidewalk to her house, her cell-phone rang, signaling an incoming text message. Glancing at it, she found it was from Falling, a guy she had found in the school chat room. It was someone who went to this school, but someone she had never met, though that didn't bother her as much as it should. Her parents had given her the lecture how chat rooms were where bad people could find her, but he didn't seem like that kind of person. She had a sixth sense about people, a good judge of character.

Stopping on the sidewalk, she flipped open her red LG, and she read the message:

wut r u doin?

Smiling, she text back:

Heading 2 my new placeā€¦ u?

Pushing the send button, she waited as she shifted her backpack from one shoulder to the other, grabbing her suitcase with her free hand and started back down the sidewalk.

Her cellphone chimed again.

wanting 2 kill myself


i CANT dance 2 save my life

Cant b any worse than me!!

Somehow i think i m

Doubt it - i will talk 2 u l8er. got 2 run


Pushing Falling out of her mind, though it was hard to do since she wanted to ask him who he was dancing with, she checked the address that had been written on a piece of paper by the head master of the school, Tsunade. Discovering the house, she found the door locked. She shouldn't be surprised, it was almost ten at night. Knocking, she waited for someone to let her in.

No one answered. It wasn't so late that no one would be awake. Were the gone? It was a Saturday night, maybe they were all out. Sighing, she searched under the doormat, hoping to find a key but came up empty. Groaning, she trudged back to the school, but she found the gates locked as well.

Oh, what was she going to do? She couldn't keep dragging her luggage around where ever she went. She needed to find someplace to stay for the night and meet up with everyone tomorrow.

Mumbling about her luck, she followed the gate around the campus, hoping to find someplace to jump over. As she rounded the corner to the back of the school, she found a separate building glowing with lights. Music pounded from inside, but she couldn't catch the song. So, that was where everyone was.

The gates were opened, so she walked up to an adult, probably a teacher, who was talking to another adult/ teacher. One was dressed in a green jumpsuit, weird, she thought. It wasn't only his clothes that caught her eye. He had bowl cut black hair and eyebrows that seemed to have legs.

The other adult had messy silver hair- not gray, and beady little black eyes. A mask covered the man's face, all but his eyes, though he had a bandana covering one eye and holding back his untidy hair. He was quite attractive- for an old man, anyway.

"Excuse me, I'm new here; I was just transferred. I tried to get into my place, but it's locked. Do you think you can help me out?" Sakura asked shyly. She hated feeling shy around new people, but it was something she had inherited from her mother. Curse her.

"Sure thing. I'm Guy, and this is Kakashi-Sensei. What's your name?" The guy wearing a jumpsuit jumped to her aide with enthusiasm. He gave her a once over, coming up obviously unimpressed with what he saw.

"Uh, Sakura Haruno," she ducked behind her thick pink hair so that she couldn't see his face when he came up disappointed with what he saw.

"Oh, right. We were expecting you," Kakashi-sensei nodded to Guy, who took her bags from her. "He'll take care of your bags. You just go have fun at the dance."

She raised her eyebrows and tried to suppress the laughter that threatened to bubble to the surface at the very idea of her dancing. Back at her old school, everyone liked rap, and she could never get the dance moves for those kind of songs down. She was more of a slow dance kind of person where you only had to move from side to side.

"I don't dance, and besides, I'm hardly dressed for a dance," Sakura answered when they gave her puzzling looks. Her white halter top and pink skirt would hardly pass as a dress.

Kakashi frowned. "It'll work. Besides, it's a dance the kids put on, not the dance for the school, so you can dress however you want. You won't be the only one not wearing a dress," he nodded his head towards the building. "Come on, it will be a great way to make friends."

Hanging her head, she knew when she was outnumbered. She followed him into the building, and a blast of music welcomed them in. Walking her toward a table of girls about her age, he introduced them to each other. "Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Temari; this is Sakura. I trust you'll welcome her." With that Kakashi left Sakura to fend for herself in a world of which she was utterly unfamiliar.

She knew she wouldn't fit in with any of these girls. All wore beautiful, expensive looking dresses, with their hair done up exquisitely. And, each of them were more beautiful then Sakura.

First, there was Ino, who was obviously the leader of the bunch- well except of the one Temari, who looked as though she didn't listen to anyone. Ino's blonde hair was luscious and thick with beautiful blue eyes to really match her Barbie look. She was the girl who thought she was above everyone else, one who always got her way.

Next was Tenten, the brown haired, almond brown eyed beauty. She looked like the girly athlete, probably played some sissy sport like volleyball (A/N: Sorry all volleyball players). Sakura would have bet money that she was most likely a cheerleader as well. Sakura envied athletes with their awesome hand-eye coordination that she had obviously missed out on when the genes were getting distributed; Sakura was a klutz, pure and simple.

Then, there was Hinata. Her dark hair was cut short and styled like a pro; her hair brought out her hazel eyes. She looked to be the shy one of the group, looking down at her hands rather than meet Sakura's penetrating gaze. She seemed almost insecure. How she fit in with Ino and Tenten were beyond Sakura's comprehension, most likely she was more loaded than Ino herself.

Last was Temari, the bad a of the group. She had dirty blonde hair which she had pulled back into two short pig tails, something that Sakura would have laughed at had it been any other girl, but this hair style fit her personality. Sakura could tell she was feisty by her taste in clothes. She wasn't wearing a dress like her friends, but a shot, black spaghetti strapped belly shirt with a red mini skirt. From the outfit she was wearing, she was probably full of money as well. So this clique consisted of rich girls.

They gave Sakura a once over; actually, Ino and Tenten seemed to be the ones that made the judgments. Sakura felt self conscious, wondering if her plaid pink shirt was too much, or not cool enough for them. Why did she care so much what they though? Because she wanted friends, to fit in.

"Sakura, right?" Ino asked, but continued before Sakura could confirm that that was her name. "So, where are you from?"

Sakura took a seat, and took Ino's question as they accepted her. "Oh, I'm from a small town back east. You probably never heard of it," Sakura shrugged.

Ino seemed to have forgotten that she had been expecting an answer because she started rattling off a story about some guy she had dumped last night to Tenten and Hinata. Temari was in her own little world, watching the crowd of overly happy teenagers.

Sakura sighed, thankful that no one started making fun of her attire. She just stared off into the abyss of dancing teens, looking at their faces, watching them dance. No one really caught her eye, they all looked normal, nothing out of the ordinary.

"Oh, Sakura, come on. We'll introduce you to the guys," Tenten exclaimed bouncing to her feet and pulling Sakura after her into the sea of dancers. Ino, Hinata, and Temari following close behind.

Oh no. Guys! As in boys! This was where Sakura had always messed up. She never knew how to act around them. Should she flirt? Maybe act indifferent? Or, she could act like one of the guys? Either way, she always a little more than confused and nervous around them.

Tenten stopped in front of a crap load of guys, though there were only about five main guys. The others seemed to be there just to be on their good sides. Followers. "Hey, Neji," Tenten greeted. Sakura suspected that Tenten and Neji were an item. "We made a new friend, and we wanted to introduce you to her." Tenten pushed Sakura foreword for all the guys to see. Self consciousness set in fast. What if she wasn't pretty enough for them?

"This is Sakura Haruno. Sakura, meet Neji, my boyfriend. That's Naruto, Gaara, Kankuro- they are Temari's younger brothers, Shikamaru, Temari's boyfriend, and that's Sasuke, Ino's boyfriend. Oh, Hinata's boyfriend is over there, next to that fat kid and that tall kid. His name is Kiba. The ones is he talking to is Choji and Shino," Tenten informed me.

Sakura nodded, hoping she would remember all of the names that was being thrust at her. She gave a little half wave as she felt everyone's eyes on her. Suddenly, her hand was in the grip of someone else's and she was being pulled away from the group. Turning, she saw it was boy about her age that looked like a younger version of Guy-sensei.

She raised her eyebrows and tried to pull away, but his grip was firm. "Don't leave. I noticed you from afar and I just had to dance with you. Please, tell me your name."

"Only if you tell me yours first," Sakura countered with a smile. Sure he looked weird, and sort of talked funny, but he seemed like a good guy.

"Rock Lee, the handsome devil of Konoha High," he grinned from ear to ear.

Sakura smiled sweetly back. "Sakura Haruno, just the ordinary teenager," she shrugged as she followed Lee's steps dancing. He was really good.

"Oh, you are anything but ordinary. You are the most beautiful girl that goes to this school." Sakura wanted to laugh at the absurd thought, but his expression was serious.

She blushed a bright red and let him lead her around the dance floor. The dance was over by eleven. Joining Ino and the others outside, they asked where she was staying. Upon telling them, Ino smirked saying, "That's my place! Come on, we'll go together."

Ino led her down the sidewalk to the house, which was only two blocks away and led them inside. "Okay, our roommates are guys. We are rooming with Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Neji. I share a room with Sasuke, so you will be bunking with Naruto. This is your room. The boys will be in in awhile. Sleep tight." With a flick of her wrist, she disappeared down the hall and into her room.

Wait. Sakura had to bunk with a boy? Was that allowed? Sighing, she changed into her pink Pjs and crawled into bed, hoping that Naruto wasn't a pervert.

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