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Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.
-Samuel Butler (1612-1680)

Chapter One

I took a few deep breaths to steady myself. To let myself relax. This just had to be a stupid idea, and it just had to be mine. It was almost like how I envisioned it. My lone and only nightmare:


A lot of people dread that day (or days); they say it's hell. Homework, drama, learning, and all that goodness. But it'll be more of a hell for me because, first of all, it's called School, just like the School. Talk about your deadly flashbacks. Another, that will always be there as far as I'm concerned, is that someone could find out my secret. And my entire life would turn upside down, well upside down-er. If that's even possible.

Then, there's the sweet escape problem. My sweet escape problem. If there were any Erasers, or Flyboys... I wouldn't really know what I'd do. Probably just run to the nearest window, break it and fly away. Or kill the evil thing.

"I'm Isabella Swan."

So far, no one seemed to be Eraser-ish. But you never know, they can fit in very well. Just look around for some muscly guys...

"I'd like to be called Bella."

I gave myself a name, Isabella Marie Swan. I would need it if I was going to school, Subject Eleven wasn't the best one out there. And once again, deadly flash backs. My fingers fumbled with the hem at the bottom of my adult sized sweater, covering those things on my back. Not that I despised them, it's just that they can be a bother sometimes. And I absolutely loathe looking fatter than I already am, not that I was fat.

"Okay, Bella, go take your seat," the teacher said. He oddly reminded me of a Whitecoat. But only reminded me.

I walked down the mile long walkway between the desks and wall, and say in the far back. People were staring at me, even as I sat. It's as though they never saw a person before.

It was on 411 S. Spartan Avenue Forks, WA, Fork High School sat. Holding a student body with the small (large to me)amount of 300 something-something. The school wasn't big, formed in many boxes placed around the main building. At least that's what it seems to me.

Can you tell me why I was here in the first place? Oh, yeah, to blow off some steam and find something else to do besides running/flying around the world for my life. Yeah, that's it.

I slouched in my seat, closing my eyes as though I was about to fall asleep. Now that I think of it, I could use some sleep. Of course I wasn't far away from reality, my mind entered the unconsciousness and exited as soon as I came. The teacher droned on in a monotone voice, probably not even thinking of what he was saying.

After about an hour and thirty minutes of boring lectures did the teacher actually stop talking. And, thank God, the bell rang. I stood from my seat cautiously (you would do the same too, all these people just stare at you all day. You would think they'd suspect something.) and walked out the door with exaggerated slowness. Just in case I make a sudden movement like, say, falling to my death. Or having to kill someone. Yeah, people would be startled. No, normal people would be startled.

I stumbled my way to my next class, Government.

The rest of my day was pretty much the same: me walking (stumbling) my way down a hallway trying to find my class; teach signing my slip, my almost going to sleep, then the bell ringing. It made me wonder, which is more interesting, school or running for my life. So far, against all odds, I was leaning towards running for my life. And, this also being against all odds, I was making friends. In fact, one of them, Jessie I think was her name, was walking me to the lunch line. (A/N: Okay at my school this is how we get our lunch, grab a tray, put food on it, then pay, easy lol)

Jessica (yeah, that sounded more like her name) handed me a tray and watched with wide eyes as I took about three of everything. What can I say, I had a big appetite. Sometimes annoying, always big. "How can you eat that?" she asked me.

I looked at her tray, which only had an applesauce cup. "I eat a lot?" I answered.

"You'd think. Don't you get fat when you eat all that? I can't imagine what you're like at your house. We'll need to work up a diet for you..." I hummed in my head, waiting for her to shut up. I wonder if she's on a swim team...

I payed for my lunch (stealing has it's rewards wouldn't you agree?) and followed Jessica to her table. She introduced me to Mike, Tyler, Ben, Lauren (who hates me, reasons unknown), and Angela. I sat down next to Angela who seemed nice. Empahsis on the seemed, who knows, she could possible turn into am Eraser right then and there. But thankfully she didn't.

I quickly ate all my food, earning wide-eyed stares from random people around the cafeteria. Wow, good start huh? Having everyone think your a pig. Though I had to admit, lunch food sucks. Not that I was complaining. I've ate suckish food before many, many times before.

"So, um, Bella, how do you like Forks so far?" Mike, the one with the spiky hair I think, asked me.

"It's okay," I answered, "very rainy though."

"What's wrong with the rain," he asked. Was he that oblivious to the fact that some people might just hate rain?

"I just don't like rain, it bothers me. And it's so...wet," I answered.

"And you don't like the wet?" he asked. This guy was annoying the h out of me.

Ignoring him, I looked around the room. I just knew - don't ask how I just did - that a migraine was coming up. Then I saw a group of people, all inhumanly beautiful, just sitting there doing nothing. I know, mysterious right? Then one of them, the most beautiful (to me at least; others would think that the blondie was the best looking) turned slightly to look right at me. His dark onyx eyes staring deep into my brown ones. At that moment, with that connection, I knew I hated him.

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