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The Long Awaited Chapter Seven

My young, minor ears were going to be useless after this little... car accident thing. I'm telling you the next person to shriek, my hearing is so going to be completely petrified. Which would suck. Just then Miss Prissy Blonde back there shrieked, "What was that!?" I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude, but I was thinking. And it's a surprise for you folks reading this. I can't think with people screaming that there's a wolf thing on top of the Cullen Mobile. Yes. I realize that thre is, in fact, a giant wolf thing on the roof of a car, but it's not important. To me at least. I've killed many of these furry bundles before! And as they say: practice makes perfect.

I stared at the ceiling of the Cullen Mobile peacefully, though my face had the all famous frown-of-dismay. Then, as it was about time, I heard gun shots. Though the car was barely affected by them, it was now extremely bumpy. My guesswas that the guy was shooting at the kids. I do mind it, but if it would shut them up for a minute… Hopefully you all understand, having it snowy and claustrophobia and what not, it really gets people upset, so I'm going to be a completely cranky old guy for the rest of the day.

Then, to my most horrifying nightmares pleasure (and all the rest), the filthy Eraser stuck it's fingers into the roof of the car – I think it's a Volvo, nice car though, nice car. While another one jumped in front of our path – causing Alice to skid the car into a stop – and started shooting at the window shield. Cracks the size of UFOs appeared on top of the once shiny glass. The oneon the rooftore the car's roof apart, chunk of metal at a time. You, in the mean time,will be wondering what I'm doing here, just watching. Well let me tell you. I'm waiting for the Cullen family to come to their senses and get their butts out of their precious car. I'd tell them the car's just a car, it is not worth theirlives, but then I'd be lying. Okay, no. I wouldn't, for some reason I don't want them to die. It's odd, but I guess it's my sympathy at work. Or was it…? Mystifying, I know.

Then, finally, the wind shield shattered to a million pieces of glass. One of these days I need to get a car like this, I mean how many rounds did the Eraser use? Like, ten? Wow. But, to mytotal dismay, Eraser-dude kept on shooting. I had enough of these people/Cullens, they needed to go now. Or they'll die, and me being defender of all, said, "Please, just get out of the car!" Edward for some reason started forming an unneeded argument, which I dismissed completely. Word after word coming from his perfect mouth (How did I know this…? let's blame it on teenage female hormones, yeah!) went through one ear and out the other. Whoosh.

At least the other pretties listened. Theygot out the car watching with their mouths slightly opened. Except for Miss. Little-Pixie-Rich-Girl who was yapping away with Edward. Whoa, and just now I realized I stopped calling him by the name he was given. Huh.

For your benefit I'm putting in Alice's point of view, and then you'll understand why Jasper wasn't there and so on.


Oh joyous stuff, joyous stuff! Well, it actually isn't that joyous, I mean people are going to die. Well not really people, beings, sure, but they aretotally not people. "Edward! Pay attention!" I yelled, I mean, he was the one who wanted to know more about Bella, and here it was, information laid out before his face. And he decides to waste this and look at my mind. Ugh, he should really just…. Chill out? Yeah, he was worrying about her, who wouldn't? And yes, he was thinking whether trusting his and my better judgment was a good idea. I don't have to be a mind reader to know that. Oh, and I don't have to be mind reader to know he loves her, it's written beside the worry.

"This is all your fault," he growled at me, though not loudly to attract attention.

"How is it my fault now? Do you want me to think it again?" I smiled at his annoyed expression, and then started bouncing in place. This was a bad idea in a way I suppose. But, I mean, c'mon? He kind of needed this. It's a whole other secret side to Bella, one that we wouldn't have ever found out if we went to Denali for our yearly snowball fight. And I just needed an excuse not to go. The snow would ruin the cashmere sweater I just bought. I saw it. I guess it was a good idea to keep Jazzy at home wasn't it? Blood was about to be shed. Hopefully Edward can keep control….

Thus ends the end of a wonderful chapter! Eh? Well, no. I decided against that. So DO NOT x out of this.


I ducked as another bullet came through the windowless shield. Let me tell you people, it doesn't work like a shield, more like a… a… a group of people being protected from an open fire of a bazookas' canon ball by a wall that wasn't really there, like an illusion I guess. And man, there are a lot of canons.The smell of gun powder coated the chilly air quite nicely, complementing it I suppose in its own way. But the smell was of death and I smelled that many times before. Rotting flesh, crusting blood, those plastic gloves and antiseptic where things that didn't smell all too appealing…. And I had enough of that. My cheeks were pink, my eyes were squinting at the people, my hands groped the head seats to get ready to spring just as the Eraser let his guard down.

My mind was blood raving, I guess that's what adrenaline does to you. It's a disgusting feeling; it made me feel terrible, evil, and hyper like Alice and ready for anything. It made everything go slowly. So in a way it was a good thing. The Eraser on the ruined roof of the sleek Volvo had drool rolling from its mouth in rivers, its eyes were wild. Though the person itself was beautiful, this thing couldn't be called a human. With it's eyes staring at you, it still makes me shudder. The yellow/green color of it's eyes spelled out evil for you by itself. Heck, I could write a book about only these things eyes! It reached forward and swiped at my face with its ugly yellow-clawed hand. Blood flowed from my cheek, where it grazed me. It made me sort of dizzy. Ha! Imagine that, a person who practically swam in the blood of others being faint from a single drop! With my heightened sense of smell, I could detect rust and salt in the sent of blood. It was revolting and made me want to puke, and I hate puking...

With what sense the Eraser had, it figured out you can jump down from up there. He leaped and landed on the seat where I started repeatedly punching it. First the face, eyes, chest. Then I started kicking him as well. But that was harder. Not to mention the gun shots from the other one. The Eraser hit me on the nose twice, I think he broke it. And I didn't really like that, y'know? No one would actually. Sorry for the little side note, let's get back to being punch, shall we? So, the Eraser hit me with lightning fast strikes, I guess they did have a good aim. Punch in the eye, punch in the stomach. But, I have some pretty freaking amazing reflexes myself. After I thought he had enough punches thrown in, I scissored his neck with my fists twice. (This for people who don't know what "scissored" means in the street-fighting form. Scissored: to kick/punch someone with both feet/hands, usually in a cutting motion. Y'know, whenever you're using scissors and stuff. This move just doesn't have any scissors in it, and why would I want to carry scissors?) Hearing its neck break cleanly, I stood up and started assessing my damage. It wasn't much, just a couple of bruises, a black eye, and a broken nose.

Now, to turn my attention to the guy-with-gun he didn't shot for the past, like, five seconds so I suppose I needed to be worried, it might be calling for extra Erasers….

And that ends that!

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