Chapter One

Konoha Academy for Prestigious Young Adults. As its name suggests, one must meet very high standards to attend. Well, actually just two standards: one must have an IQ of at least 130 and enough money to pay the twenty-five thousand dollar tuition. Now, there are certain exceptions and special cases. For instance, if you are from an, ahem, exceptionally well-off family and offhandedly donate generous amounts of money to the school they might just curve your little prodigy's score. Now, some exceptional students get by with one of the ten scholarships that Konoha Academy has ever given out. In the three hundred years since the Academy was established.

Luckily for me, I just happen to qualify for both. My late father, the Yondaime Kazekage, was the owner of Kazekage Enterprises and happened to donate quite a generous amount to the Academy. As he put it, he wanted to, "Ensure the education of the next leaders of tomorrow." Yeah, I admit it, he was pretty whacked. Of course, if you have the big bucks around here you can be about as messed up as you want. My brothers and I originally came from Suna, land of the wind. Infamous for its near intolerable heat during the days, freezing nights, and the lack of practically any plants or animals.

We lived pretty well when we were in Suna: daddy dearest took care of our finances while we were taken care of by nanny after nanny. Now, the 'we' I referred to before was constituted of five year old me, my four-year-old brother, Kankurou, and my two-year-old brother, Gaara. Truthfully, we'd probably go through about six nannies in one month. Although, this was probably because our sole source of entertainment was driving the poor women out of the house. When nobody in Suna wanted to take care of us anymore, Father decided to go with the brilliant idea of 'going international.' Once that happened, we were moving somewhere new each month and father basically ignored us kids and left us to fend for ourselves. Needless to say, that didn't give us a very trusting relationship with the rest of the world. But enough about me and my problems.

So, the whole reason why my brothers and I are going to Konoha Academy is because Father's last wish was for us to go to this school until Gaara was old enough to take over the family business. Many of you would probably be saying, 'Wait, why would you wait another three years when Temari could just take it over now?' Yeah, well that's one of the many problems with Suna: sexism. So, since I was out of the picture only Kankurou was left. Dad didn't think that Kankurou had the guts, or the heart, to take place in the cutthroat world of business deals, (possible) illegal trading, and backstabbing. So, he decided to make sure he'd have an heir that could run the company when he kicked the bucket.

To do this, Dad got someone to stick a needle in mom when she was pregnant to make sure that Gaara would be a borderline psychopath. Father didn't want Gaara to be completely crazy, because then he wouldn't be able to run a successful business. He also didn't give a crap about Mom because right when Gaara was born she died because of all that poison or medicine or whatever in her system. That shows you how much of a great dad he was. Nobody really knows exactly what is wrong with Gaara, but it's been awhile since his last outburst.

Anyways, enough about me and my family's problems. Back to Konoha Academy. I'm eighteen and going into my senior year, Kankurou's seventeen and beginning his junior year, and Gaara's fifteen and starting his sophomore year. Apparently, the classes are pretty small only about fifty kids per each grade. So, about two hundred kids for the whole school...which averages out to be about the size of one grade at Suna High. Apparently, Dad chose us to go the Konoha because he started keeping tabs on the country, which was quickly becoming a big player in the world of business, before he died. He, of course, also kept tabs on each and every important person in Konoha. I guess he saw a few business opportunities because soon enough he started telling us all about Konoha and it's culture. Apparently, soccer is just as big as beach volleyball is here, some of the major athletes coming straight from Konoha Academy to the big leagues. Konoha's pretty small compared to Suna and has almost the exact opposite climate. It's practically in a freaking rain-forest there. It rains about half of the year, is surrounded by all-things-green, and has tons of wildlife. I've heard there's a few prodigies, a certified genius, three kids from major cooperations, a kid with some mental issue, and a couple of overachievers studying over there. Great.