Hair Accusations

Eh, this is my first yaoi fic in Naruto. Sasori's thoughts are italicized. Enjoy. ;D

" Sasori ! "

Sasori turned around to see Deidara in his bathrobe with blonde hair with bangs that were unusually sticking up like when it rains. He snickered. " Sup, DeiDei ? "

Deidara scowled as he held up a slender bottle. " Did you put something in my shampoo ? "

Let's see...honey mustard, cucumber juice, a couple of dozen acorns, oh, and some kind of hot dog relish. Expired, I think.

" No... "

" Yeah, why does it smell like something you would eat ? "

" I dunno... "

Deidara shook his head in disbelief. " I found hot dog relish in your underwear drawer. "


''s turning me on right now...

" Hey, don't turn this around and make me the bad guy ! " Deidara snapped. " I've seen a lot of bullshit in the past fifteen years working in this organization, but if you did something to my shampoo... "

" Nope. Didn't do it. Maybe Tobi did it. "

" Tobi's a good boy. "

Tobi killed his entire clan. What the hell are you talking about ?!

Sasori nodded. " Well, it'll probably stay a mystery forever. No harm done. "

At least...for this second.

Deidara let out a high-pitched scream. " My hair ! Somebody did this to my hair, and they must pay ! "

The bottle of shampoo had all of its contents squeezed out like a mustard packet. Sasori sweatdropped. " You know, you don't have to get mad over something so petty. It's just hair, you know. "

" My hair ! " Deidara hissed. " My hair, and it's ruined ! "

Dude, it's blonde. It's been ruined.

" Oh, I am so sorry for you. It must suck. "

-.- " Yeah. Yeah, it does. "

" Do you need a wig ? "

" NO ! " Deidara screamed.

Gotdamn it, my ass is gonna be kicked with Deidara's current attitude, and I have no more bandages. Better go with the romance technique.

" Hey, Deidara. I like your underwear. "

Deidara's jaw dropped. " Man, you're a pervert. "


" And I like it. "

Zur ?

The blonde-haired guy grabbed a pair of scissors and cut his bangs that stuck up in a tall direction. He grinned at Sasori. " Well, my problem is solved. A couple of bottles of gel, and my hair will be A-OK ! "

Sasori let out a sigh of relief. " Well, that's good. Good for you, DeiDei. "

Deidara nodded. " Of course. You know what I'm going to do ? I think I'm going to annoy Pein by beating him in a game of checkers. I'm so glad I know his one true weakness. "

" Yep, yep. Go ahead and give our leader a dosage of board game pwnage. "

" Okay, then. "

Deidara walked out of the room, still in his bathrobe, and Sasori allowed himself a small smirk.

Stupid blonde.

" By the way, Sasori ! " Deidara shouted. " I know you did it, and it's going to be one helluva night for you, 'cause we're gonna thump in the bed, and you're gonna crap your pants ! "


Sasori stood there for a few seconds before scratching his head and sweatdropping. " Why am I paired up with him ? "

I'm paired up with him because I love him.

T.T " I hate my brain...and my hair. "