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pairing : rileyxdawn hikarixgen ironwillshipping

rating : T

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It already was dark.. The shimmering iron Pokemon reflected the little light that fell in from holes in the rocky walls. The fights were over- but Dawn was left with an indescribable feeling.

It seemed all too easy for Riley, who had been here time after time. His blue eyes scanned every place for any sign of danger easily, and he never tripped even once. He was that one Trainer that could stand this place. For her, it was harder. Her shoes had no grip on the rocky bottom whatsoever, and her hands followed the walls so that she wouldn't walk into a wall. Also, she was tired; the moist air felt strange in her lungs.
For some reason, she didn't want to complain. She had gotten to know this mysterious person better.. Even though he still held secrets.
His eyes seemed deep.. She only had locked eyes with him once, and she couldn't get herself to look away. None of his emotions were shown through his eyes, though he was kind and polite to her. But not friendly.. Why didn't he ask her things? She was doing all the asking..

"Say.. Riley.." she started, looking up at the tall man who was walking next to her. His eyes were cast downwards, his black hair covering half of his face. The blue hat pushed down his normally spiky hair, so that it would stay down. After a few seconds he turned his face to her.
"Yes, Dawn?" he asked, a small smile on his pale face. Dawn quickly thought of what she had wanted to say, but found that she was speechless. A slight blush crept up her cheeks.
"Do you like to be in these caves?". Her eyes looked up at his, and she saw his smile widen.
"If you look around properly, you can see a lot of beautiful things. The Pokemon here are very interesting and strong.." he said, gesturing at the slightly shining walls and a Steelix that was curled up in a corner. Dawn nodded.
"I see.." she mused, looking around better this time. Her eyes had already become used to the darkness, and she recognized another, smaller Steelix next to one he just had pointed out. Riley smiled at her. They walked on, Riley's face a bit brighter and Dawn's expression a bit happier.

A few minutes later Riley stopped. Dawn had been walking behind him, tripped and fell against his back. He turned around, a worried expression on his face.
"Are you okay?" he asked and apologized for stopping like that.
"Why did you stop then? Is there something ahead?" Dawn asked, looking past him and seeing darkness.
"It's become dark outside- it might be dangerous to go ahead.. There are no crystals in the walls to light the way ahead." he explained. Dawn sighed. The temperature had dropped quite a few degrees, and she shivered.
"Should we stay here for the night, then?" she asked, wondering what he would do now. Riley nodded.
"Yes, I think we should. It might be a bit uncomfortable, though.." he said, looking for a softer looking spot on the rocky floor. He found a bunch of leaves and grass a bit behind them. He smiled, wondering if the pokémon who had collected them had left this place already.
"That should be a bit softer." he said, pointing to the nest-like place. Dawn nodded. She stepped towards him and gasped in pain. Bending down, she ran her hands down her left ankle. Riley immediately ran over to her.
"I think I strained it before." she said, quite embarrassed. Riley frowned.
"I'm sorry, I should have warned you before you bumped into me.." he said. "Here, let me help you"
Dawn blushed when he put his arm around her waist, and put her arm around his neck in support. After a few meters, he helped her down.
"Thanks, Riley. I'm a bit clumsy when it comes to being balanced.." she said, giggling slightly. Riley let out a short laugh, which transformed his face completely. Dawn looked at him in wonder for a second, and then looked away again with a blush on her face.
"When I came here for the first time, I was younger.." he started, lost in thought. Dawn smiled when she saw the guarded look fade from his face.
"I was about 15, I think.. A bit younger than you are now. I was a bit different from my friends, who just spent their time fighting with pok?on and boasted about how good they were. I was a bit more reserved, I guess. One day, on a school trip, we went to Iron Island to observe the caves and the Steel Pok?on. I wasn't watching out properly, I guess.. I found myself separated from the others, lone in the middle of no where." he said. A slight frown appeared between his eyebrows. Dawn looked at him, imagining how he looked when he was younger.
"I was close to panicking when I saw a ray of light fall onto something that moved. I walked over to it, almost in tears. It was a Pokémon egg. I sat down and observed it when a blue paw shot out from a crack. A few seconds later, a puppy Pokemon had crawled into my arms, licking my face. It was a Riolu." he continued. He took out his Lucario Pokéball and showed it to her. Dawn smiled.
"So.. Was that your first Pokemon?" she asked. He nodded, a few black hairs falling into his face. He yawned slightly.

"We should sleep.." Dawn said, leaning back against the wall. Riley nodded, leaning back as well.
"Thanks for telling me the story, it was really interesting.. " she told him, and saw his face light up a bit. She still didn't know a lot about him, but at least a lot more than first. She took off her hat, and so did Riley. Closing her eyes, she wondered if she would ever get to sleep like that.

Twenty minutes later, they both were still awake. Dawn was slowly becoming frustrated that she couldn't get comfortable. At this rate, she would be tired the whole day tomorrow- not to mention sore. Riley wasn't sleeping either, he kept shifting around.
"Dawn.." the dark-haired man said quietly, putting his hand on her shoulder. Dawn jumped, and looked at him, even though she couldn't see him in the dark.
"I'm sorry.. I can't sleep like this.." she said, yawning slightly. She heard the cracking of twigs and leaves, and then felt him pull her against his side. A bit unsure, he looked at her.
"Use my shoulder as.. a pillow.." he said, running his hand through his hair in an attempt to hide that he actually felt a bit nervous. Dawn felt heat rise to her cheeks at the close contact. It wasn't unpleasant at all, and a warm feeling rose from the pit of her stomach to her chest. She couldn't describe the feeling.. She leaned against his shoulder and relaxed. When her breath touched the side of his neck, Riley felt a blush creep up his face. He shook the feeling off- just like he tried to shake the feelings he had for her off. He had felt an attraction to the girl from the beginning, and that was not something that happened to him often. She asked him questions, and he answered them happily. It felt nice to talk to her, certainly because she genuinely wanted to know more about him. But she was young, and not just that; he wasn't the most happy and optimistic person in Sinnoh. Not even close to it. He would only make her unhappy, just like he had done with his friends. He felt a strangely sad feeling in his chest. He shook it off again, simply wanting feeling the warmth of her body against his, and her breath against his skin. He shivered.
Their eyes closed.

-- ( - w - )

Small rays of light came from the ceiling and tickled their skin. Riley stirred, his eyes fluttering open. The dark patch that must have been the way out the night before, now was lit up by countless rays of light that reflected on the minuscule pieces of steel that were burrowed in the earth. Riley smiled. He now remembered the girl next to him, whose eyes were closed peacefully. She shifted when light shone into her eyes and dark lashes brushed against the side of his neck when she opened her eyes.
'Oh , was she that close..?' Riley thought, blushing yet again. His heart started to beat faster when she shifted, pressing more against him before smiling slightly.
"Riley..?" she whispered, her hand accidentally brushing against his. Now she blushed, but stayed in the same position, unable to let him go for the time. She looked up, and saw his hair extremely messed up and sticking out in all directions. She raised her hand and felt the urge to brush it down. Riley didn't miss that and grinned.
"Good morning, Dawn. Did you sleep well?" he asked, patting down his hair with his hand. This morning, he decided, he wouldn't show a mask to the young girl. If he wanted to be friends with her, he couldn't hide how he felt.. His face was open, and she saw a playful shine in his eyes. Dawn was pleasantly taken aback by the changes in him.

"Thanks to you, I did!" she said cheerfully, taking a better look at him. He had removed his jacket and necklace, and was now simply wearing a black turtleneck and deep blue pants. His hair hung over his eyes in random places, and made a nice contrast with his pale skin. Dawn felt the urge to touch him again, to feel that skin that looked soft as silk. Her eyes had fallen to his lips now, and she wondered what exactly was going on with her. For now she didn't care, though. She felt like a different person when she was with him; older and calmer than she would usually be.

Riley nervously played with the tips of his hair. He could feel her eyes going over her, and it made him a bit nervous. He, who was always composed and polite. He tried to keep a normal expression on his face, but slowly the blush on his face intensified. His hands tingled- wanting to run his fingers over her face and shoulders and-

Suddenly she threw her arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder. Caught in the moment, the man tumbled backwards and landed on his back with her on top of him. Shocked, he tried to say something.
"D-Dawn?" he asked, his voice quavering and his eyes wide. Her arms tightened around him and her hands gripped the back of his shirt.
"I can't really explain Riley.. I don't know what I'm feeling.. I've never felt this before.. I just want to-" she started with tears in her eyes before he quickly understood and ran his hand over her back and cut her off by putting his hand on her cheek. His pale fingers ran over the blush on her face, and his blue eyes stared into hers.
"It's the same for me.. I think.." he started, leaning in slightly. Sensing that she didn't back away, he softly pressed his lips against hers.

For one second, she thought she would faint at that moment. Her eyes widened, and she froze. Then she became overwhelmed by the feeling of his lips against hers and kissed him back the best that she could because she had never kissed someone before and closed her eyes to feel even more.

He pulled back, smiling slightly and looking at her from the corners of his eyes. His face was completely red, but he looked genuinely happy. Dawn opened her mouth to say something. Not much came out.
"Um.. I.." she started, stammering every time she looked him. Riley smiled at her, and this time his eyes smiled as well.
"Say.. would you like to stay with me a bit longer?" he asked, lifting her chin so her teary eyes could meet his. Dawn smiled, and Riley bent down to press his lips against hers again for a few seconds. A few minutes later they both were walking again, this time her hand was holding his big hand tightly.

"Thank you.."

-- end3

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