Sasuke&Karin NOT

Sasuke&Karin NOT

Review: this is my first story flames definatly accepted and any ideas for more story ideas. Karin and Sasuke shouldn't go out. These are crack response from other characters through out the Naruto story. Rated M for language

Authors note: First story please help me become better. Purely crack story, where characters of Naruto tell why Sasuke and Karin should not go out.

Sakura: OMG how dare that tramp go out with my beloved Sasuke Kun. There is no reason for this that bitch will not go near him she dresses like she has something to show off. Hmph there is no way she has a figure for those kinds of clothes, know on the other hand I have an excellent figure I just don't want to show it off. Yeah when Sasuke Kun comes back he will definatly be all over me instead of the Karin thing.

Naruto: well ya know Sasuke Kun is all mine no one can have him. (Didn't see that coming did you) All those times I annoyed him was just so I could get some attention from him and let him know that I cared about him more than a regular team member should. There is no way in hell that creature is going to get my Sasuke Kun.

Juugo: Sasuke can not go with that tramp of a girl. I am the one that is going out with her if she likes it or not she will do as I say. Anyways who would want to go out with a fuckin antisocial moron that just wants to revenge for his family and kill is stupid as brother that he has no chance of beating.

Rock Lee and Might Guy: They should no go out with each other because there both s-rank criminals and they need to be brought to justice. We will use the power of youth to keep them apart and bring them back to there respective villages and have them courted and thrown in jail. If we can't do it then we will force them to do youthful things until they come home to the many people that hate them for the many things they did wrong.

Orochimaru: He is my vessel know can have him. That fricken slut better stay away from him. He is all mine. KUKUKUKUKKUKKUKU

Authors note: I know this is very short but I don't know what to write and I need help thinking of different ideas I need reviews of this story and ideas for more. Yes I know this is stupid this is my first story and it is purely crack and I also and writing this at one o'clock in the morning not to good to do but what ever. Read and Review. Thank you.

P.S. forgot to do this in the beginning I do not own any of the characters just there cracked up opinions. My mind is twisted to much.