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Before he started going out with Sirius, Remus' favourite thing in the world was chocolate. Now, however, it was a chocolate covered Sirius, which was marginally better than normal chocolate.


"Argh Padfoot get off me!"
"Padfoot, you stink! You need a bath!"
"Sit Padfoot. Sit. Padfoot, sit. Padfoot I said sit! Now!"
"Come on Pads, let's go walkies!"


It was like Remus' name had been ingrained on Sirius heart like tattoo. A permanent one. So no matter what happens, he would love Remus forever.


Sirius' life was like a painting. When he was born, the canvas was a masterpiece; bright, colourful and bold. But as his life went on and his mother landed blow upon emotional blow on him, bits of the painting faded to grey. Then when he started Hogwarts, the friendship of James, Remus and Peter had repainted some parts of the painting from grey to brilliant reds and oranges and greens and yellows and pinks. And when he first touched his lips to Remus', the entire painting was splattered with colour, covering everything. It was a new, fresh start. A new, beautiful painting. Remus had made Sirius a masterpiece again.


"Are you an angel?"
"No baby, but for you, I'll try to be."

6. FUN

"Remus, come on! What are you doing that is more important than what we could be doing in the bedroom?"
"I'm making brownies!"


"Awwww Padfoot, you look so cute with that collar." Remus grinned as the dog infront of him gave him a doggy glare. Sirius transformed back.
"Oh, I'll show you cute!" Sirius pounced.


"My God, you guys fight like an old married couple!"
Remus glared up at James.
Sirius burst into fits of very unmanly giggles.


"Okay, how about...Sugar Muffin?"
"Love Muffin?"
"Chocolate Chip Muffin?"
"No. Why do they all end with 'muffin'?"
"Because. Fine, how about Cookie?"
"Chocolate Chip Cookie?"
"What about...-"
"Will you stop with the nicknames already?"


"Oi! Only Remus is allowed to join me in the bathroom when I'm naked! Get out James!"
"Just let me brush my teeth! I'm not looking at you anyway!"
"Out, you pervert!"


For Remus to laugh is rare. He always smiles or grins, he hardly ever laughs. So whenever Sirius hears Remus laugh, his heart swells.


The only thing that can make Remus drop his books and forget they ever existed is Sirius.

13. EYES

Remus loves Sirius' eyes. They are a beautiful stormy grey. But there is a constant inner turmoil deep in those eyes. The only times Remus has seen them calm and peaceful, is when they are both lying in bed together, simply holding hands, no talking or anything. And then Remus realises that maybe Sirius needs the silence. So he doesn't speak.


Sirius was taking a risk, he knew that. A huge risk. Not only would it effect Remus, it would effect the rest of the Marauders too.
But as soon as he kissed Remus, he knew immediately that this was what he wanted. And as soon as Remus started kissing back, Sirius knew that this was what Remus wanted as well.

15. LOVE

Before he went out with Remus, Sirius had never experienced love. It was like he had a hole in his chest without even realising it. And then Remus had come along and filled that hole, making him complete. But now that he had experienced the glowing feeling only love brings, he couldn't live without it.

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