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181. NEW

"How do they look?"
"They look great, don't they?"
"Then why do you look so surprised?"
"Well, Sirius, I'm still trying to work out why exactly you've painted your toenails red."
"It's the newest trend!"
"Yeah, amongst girls."

182. WAYS

"Happy Birthday Moony!" someone burst through the doorway of the brightly lit flat. Sirius Black grinned at the surprised werewolf and with a flick of his wand the lights went out. Remus squinted through the darkness and spotted a dark figure moving towards the kitchen.
"Stay there, Moony! Don't move!" The dog Animagus yelled. Remus rolled his eyes and closed the book he had been reading.
"Light, Goddamnit! You stupid, fucking, lighter! Useless muggles."
Grinning when he heard the curses echoing from the kitchen, he shook his head and began to get up.
The door to the kitchen opened a moment later and light flooded in. "I thought I told you not to move." Sirius raised an eyebrow at the werewolf, balancing a large chocolate cake in one hand as he closed the door, plunging them into an eerie darkness. The dog Animagus walked towards Remus, the candles lighting up his face so that he looked almost ghostly. "Happy birthday, Rem! I brought you your favourite- chocolate sponge cake, chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles!" Sirius couldn't help but laugh affectionately at the excitement shining in Remus' eyes.
" You shouldn't have, Sirius. I know-"
"Hush, now."
As, Sirius pulled Remus down next to him on the sofa, the butterflies in his stomach he had tried so hard to restrain were let loose. Merlin, what if he had misread all the signs? What if he ruined their friendship? What if-?
No. It had to be done.
He had been trying to show Remus how much he loved him for weeks now, yet nothing seemed to work... or Sirius just chickened out...
That was when inspiration hit.
Remus' birthday cake- what an effective (and yummy) way to get the message across.
Written on the creamy chocolate icing was a certain message that should let the werewolf know exactly how he felt-"I love you, my yummy-like-this-cake chocolate muffin!"-.
He hoped.
"Come on then! Blow out the candles!" The dog Animagus fought to keep his voice steady.
Remus straightened up, grinning. With one quick blow, the candles were out and the two canines were forced once again into darkness.
"Hang on, just let me put the lights on." The werewolf pulled his wand out of his pocket but hesitated when he heard a loud squelching sound. What the hell was that? "Sirius?" With a quick flick of his wand, the lights turned on and Remus' mouth dropped open when he saw Sirius' face and hair covered with chocolate cake...
Damn it all to hell. I blew it.


"Merry Christmas, Moony!" Sirius burst out of the enormous, brightly coloured box in front of the now hyperventilating werewolf.
"Bloody hell Sirius! You scared the living daylights out of me!"
Sirius cackled and climbed out of the box, fixing the shiny red bow on his neck, a smug expression gracing his handsome face. "I'm your present this year, Moony! You are free to do anything to me."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, that for the whole of today, I am your slave. I am completely under your control."
"Ooh... Really, now? Well, then, what should I do with you? Hmmm... So many ideas... But which one...?" Remus smirked at the desire glittering in Sirius' eyes. The werewolf tapped his chin with a finger, face turning thoughtful.
"Hows about I help you with that decision?" Sirius stepped forward and slowly trailed a finger along Remus' bottom lip, his desire growing as the werewolf's amber eyes grew dark.
"Oh please do; I'm ever so confused..." Smiling a cheeky smile, quick as a flash, Remus sunk his teeth into Sirius' wondering finger.
"Ouch! Remus!"
"I'm afraid we'll have to use the sofa, the bed is still broken from last time..."

184. FUZZY

Remus had been through a fair share of intense feelings in his life.
There was the horrible dread as the looming full moon rose up into the sky.
There was the gnawing guilt that chewed his very bones whenever his family were chased away from their home because of him.
There was sadness, hopelessness and general misery.

And then, there was another set of feelings that he had experienced; he had ever-so eloquently named these his 'Fuzzy Feelings'.
There was the extreme joy that he had felt when James, Sirius and Peter had simply asked him whether being a werewolf affected the size of a certain part of the male anatomy when they had found out.
There was the pride that overwhelmed him when a shiny red prefect badge arrived for him in the post.
And then there was Sirius. Pure, warm, loyal Sirius. Whom he felt not only with his heart, but with his head, his bones, his blood and his soul.
He was definitely Remus' favourite Fuzzy Feeling.

185. RULES

"No kissing in front of Harry."
"No hugging- Merlin only knows what that might lead to."
"Okey Dokey."
"No groping, no fondling and no sex whatsoever."
"We understand."
"And you are not allowed to sleep in the same bed with Harry, just in case you- Sirius- get horny."
"James! I may be gay but I'm not a freakin' pedophile!"


He reached out, mouth completely dry. Just a little bit further, just a little bit-
Fingers shook as they trailed over a perfect nose, full lips, defined cheekbones and fluttering eyelids.
And as he moved his hand lower, travelling down the lean neck, Sirius disappated before his very eyes, each and every part of him fading into nothing.
He was gone.
Leaving nothing behind but the trace of a sad smile and a heartbroken werewolf.


"But why can't we get married?!"
"It's frowned upon."
"Why do you even care?"
"I'm already a werewolf; I don't want to give employers even more reasons to fire me!"
"If we got married-"
"Sirius... I really wish...but-"
"No, Moony. If you really wished, then you'd at least try to make it happen!"
"I-...I'm scared..."
"Then let's be scared together. Please, Moony... I know it's not easy, but I want you to be mine. Forever."

188. RIDE

"Isn't she beautiful, Moony?"
"Sirius, not again."
"Doesn't the new leather make her look freakin' gorgeous?!"
"Please, Sirius, I have a headache."
"Do you wanna ride her with me, Moony? She'd enjoy that. Two people riding her at once- doesn't that turn you on?"
"No, strangely enough, I don't find riding a motorbike remotely arousing."

189. FIRE

"Sirius?! Why the HELL IS THE KITCHEN ON FIRE?!"
"I was only trying to make a romantic dinner for you!"
"I don't know how!!"
"Use your wand!"
"I can't find it!"
"Oh, I am going to KILL you!"
"Please don't! I love you!!"


"Sirius, if you really want to have sex in the afternoon that much..."
"Yes? (please say yes, please say yes!)"
Can you at least switch off the lights and close the curtains?"
"Well, it might be slightly traumatising for the neighbours if they're walking past and just happen to look in the window..."
"Let 'em see. Forget traumatised, they'll probably just be extremely turned on by the sight of your sexy arse."
"I thought nobody was allowed to see my 'sexy arse' apart from you."
"Oh. Oh yeah... Wait a minute Moony!! Don't even take off your freakin' socks until I've closed these stupid things!"

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