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Planning Perfection

Epilogue: Reality

Edward's POV

This kiss was like our first kiss which I remember so well. When we entered my hotel suite that night I knew Bella was the one. It was past the stage of lust and had to be love; though at the time there was no way I was going to tell her that, it would have been too soon.

When the door closed behind me she placed her hands onto my chest. The room was pitch black and silent apart from the noise of our heavy breathing. The small amount of light casting through the window shone on the back of her head, allowing me to make out her beautiful face.

Slowly I caressed her cheek and pulled at her bottom lip with my thumb. I had wanted to kiss her for so long that when it finally came down to it I was nervous and felt like a schoolboy all over again having his first ever kiss.

I moved forward, placing my hand on her neck and softly kissed her, feeling her lips move against mine and one of her hands run up into my hair. At first it was slow, careful and I guess you could describe it as sweet but then the lust took over for both of us. We picked up pace and it became demanding, her hands pulling at my clothing and mine running over her body and into her soft brown locks of hair.

That was the best kiss of my life and every kiss since then with Bella has felt like a blast from the past. Each and everyone takes me back to that night, our first night together. Thinking of it that way shows that we really have made it far. We went from two strangers thrust together to plan our friends wedding to becoming lovers.

"I'll be right back." Bella said, breaking our kiss.

I smiled softly at her and watched as she walked through the doors to the room. Turning back round I looked out over the view, watching life go by below. The streets were still busy and the lights from all the buildings were lighting up the night-time sky.

"They're asleep." She whispered in my ear.

Finally they were asleep. My boys, Anthony and Masen.

Bella and I were surprised when we found out she was pregnant. It was amazing news but a bit of a shock. We never even contemplated it being twin boys, just like in our fictional family. That seemed too spooky for words but right enough in that delivery room my two boys were born, crying and covered in gunk looking disgusting but at the same time one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen.

Of course the minute they were born Bella and I confirmed that we would name them Anthony and Masen. She said to me that all things happen for a reason, us having twin boys when the chances of that happening are almost nonexistent is someone trying to tell us that the life we planned is going to be our reality.

The boys had just turned two and even though were twins they were not identical. Anthony, the older of the two, had my hair and eyes. He was basically a mini me, as Bella liked to tell me. Masen was blessed with his mother's eyes and had almost dark bronze hair, though it sometimes looked brown.

That was one of the main ways we could tell them apart, especially since Alice loved to dress them in matching outfits. The two things that made them obviously different were their hair colour and personality. Even at two years old they had striking personalities and it was clear, according to our friends, who was like whom. Masen had Bella's eyes but my bad temper while Anthony had my bronze hair but Bella's kindness. Unfortunately they were both cursed with our stubbornness.

"We have important things to attend to Mr Cullen." Bella said, standing in front of me.

"And what would that be Mrs Cullen?" This time when I called her that it was true.

"We have to make our baby girl, after all that is why we came to Paris." She grinned at me and looked out over the balcony, taking in one last look of the Seine and the Eiffel tower before pulling on my tie.

That was exactly the reason we were here and having baby Roe would be the last piece of the jigsaw for our life together. We had the fictional family and now we're finishing off the real family, the exact way we planned it, to perfection.